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Stetson University students are

  • Resilient
  • Diverse
  • Kind
  • Future-Leaders
  • Open-Minded
  • Dedicated

About Stetson University

At Stetson, the art of teaching is practiced through programs solidly grounded in a tradition of liberal learning that stimulates critical thinking, imaginative inquiry, creative expression, and lively intellectual debate. The art of learning is enhanced through small interactive classes, close student-faculty alliances, and collaborative approaches that provide the foundation for rewarding careers and advanced study in selective graduate and professional programs. We embrace diverse methodologies to foster effective communication, information and technological literacy, and aesthetic appreciation. We encourage the development of informed convictions, independent judgment, and lifelong commitments to learning that are characteristic features of the enlightened citizen. In bringing together learning and values, the University encourages all of its members to demonstrate personal integrity; to develop an appreciation for the spiritual dimension of life; to embrace leadership in an increasingly complex, interdependent, and technological world; and to commit to active forms of social responsibility.

Total Student Population Approximately 4,341
3,150 Undergraduate Students
1,191 Graduate and Law Students

Diversity at Stetson University

  • 43.8% Students of Color
  • 6% Undergraduate International Students

Top Majors at Stetson University

Programs & Organizations

Our inclusive environment welcomes you, and we are excited about how we can learn and grow together. We have a wide variety of opportunities and resources to offer you, so everyone can find their place for fun, learning, and development. Campus Life and Student Success (CLaSS) is about building bridges – from the learning you do in the classroom to the experiences you have in our community and from the success that brought you to Stetson to the life of significance you will lead after you graduate.