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Support your student as they prepare.

Welcome to the Verto Community! We are excited to work with you as Verto Parents and Family Members to ensure your student has the best start to college abroad. Verto Education is a place where everyone belongs, including you!

By joining Verto, your student is now on their path to self-authorship. Starting in pre-departure, our goal is to accompany your student as they learn more about themselves and the world around them. 

We share resources below to guide your support to your student at various stages of the experience and engage in our 4 values: compassion, responsibility, vulnerability, and transformation.

Enrolled Family Resources


Responsibility is one of our community values, and students take responsibility for their pre-departure preparation by completing their checklist items accessed through their Student Portal. You can support them by:

Developing a pre-departure plan
Completing Checklists & Meeting Deadlines
  • Login alongside your student to the Student Portal to review their progress on their checklists. They will submit various forms to My Verto, as detailed in the checklists. For more information about these platforms, visit the Enrolled Participants page.
  • Read through the FAQs and Location Resources to find answers to your student’s questions
    • If you don’t see the answer, have your student reach out to their Student Onboarding Advisor


  • For Channel Students: Login to My Verto with your student and visit Channel Resources to find your student’s Channel FAQ and Course Registration Guide
  • For Traditional Students: Login to PACE with your student to access College Exploration resources and develop the best fit, post-Verto plan
Getting Involved In The Community
  • Attend Family Circles to connect with our team and fellow Family members
  • Encourage your student to make connections with their peers on the Student Portal
  • Family members, reach out to Dr. James Lorello, Dean of Students, with any questions you have at [email protected]

On-Site Support

Once on-site, the transformation begins as your student learns about themselves in a new context! While abroad, the way you support your student from a distance will change. This will be an adjustment for you, too!

Here are tips on how to accompany your student as they embark on their academic and self-authorship journey.

Refer your student to on-site staff
  • Our on-site staff are trained and equipped to directly support your student in their academics, as well as day-to-day matters like homesickness, budgeting, and figuring out how to use the washing machine. As your student reaches out to you, redirect them first to their on-site staff so we can assist in a timely manner.
Ask them about academic progress, keeping in mind the following:
  • Only students will have access to Canvas, our learning management system; please ask them directly about their grades.
  • We are unable to release student account information if they haven’t submitted an updated FERPA release form. 
  • Check out the Academic Calendar on Location Resources page to be aware of important moments in each Part of Term, particularly midterms and finals.
  • If your student is struggling with any parts of their academics, encourage them to set up an appointment with their on-site Academics team. We’re here to help them succeed!
  • Encourage your student to work closely with their on-site Academics team to ensure development of best fit post-Verto plan and successful eligibility
Planning a visit to your student? Consider the following:
  • While you may have time off for U.S. holidays, your student will not. Please wait until they are onsite and have received a program calendar, and reviewed their course syllabi before booking any travel.
  • Be mindful of midterms and finals. Your student will be busy with studying and completing course work at these times.
  • Discuss the attendance policy with your student. They are expected to attend class and will be held accountable for absences.
Contact Dean of Students
  • Reach out to Dr. James Lorello, Dean of Students at [email protected] for any questions about your participants’ experience. The Dean supports on-site teams and will work with you directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Community and Engagement

Stay in touch with your community! We hope you’ll engage with us.

  • Follow us on social media. Join in on the social conversation! Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Tiktok. 
  • Share photos and stories. Can we highlight you and your student via a blog, social media post, or interview? Contact Matteo ([email protected]), Community Manager, to be featured – thank you! 
  • Refer a friend. Use our referral page to share this opportunity with future Vertoans


The self-discovery for your student continues after their Verto experience!

Events for Enrolled Families

Family Circle, Welcome Call

We invite you to join the Verto Student Life Team to attend this event and learn how to support your student as they prepare to have the BEST academic experience with Verto Education! During this event, Verto team members will share more about:

  • Meet Dr. James Lorello, Dean of Students
  • Learn about pre-departure onboarding , including checklist items/timeline(s)
  • Support Services available onsite (Mental Health, Accommodations, etc)
  • Prepare for Passport and Visa Application
  • Time for Question and Answer

Who should watch the recording? All Fall 2024 enrolled Verto families.

Watch Recording
June 13, 4pm PT

Next Chapter College Expo – June 25 – 28

Join us for Next Chapter: College Expo, a dynamic week-long event designed to help students explore various aspects of the higher education journey.

Over three days, participants will learn to navigate the college experience, connect with Verto alumni and direct transfer partners, and discover strategies to thrive as transfer students while building meaningful campus connections.

Who should register? All Fall 2024 enrolled Verto families and students. RSVP for Next Chapter College Expo:

RSVP Today

Missed our last event?

See the recording of our last meeting below. For our full Pre-Departure video playlist, click here.