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Verto Education offers the onlyfirst year abroad experiencethat keeps you on-track to graduate in four years with world-class academic providers and 70+ partner colleges.

Our Mission

Verto prepares global leaders and transforms access to higher education through a coming-of-age first-year start to college abroad.

Our Values

Verto Education was founded to make travel the path of least resistance to a college education. We believe in inclusion, transparency, access, equity and, above all, the power of travel to foster empathy and kindness across cultures.

What Verto Education Offers

Photo: Two students talking, smiling and laughing in class

An Accessible, Global Academic Year

Verto Education helps participants discover themselves and the world around them by making education abroad a foundational and accessible part of a four-year college plan.

With Verto, students can begin college with a study abroad experience with world-class academics offered by our Academic Providers, while having the option to gain admission to Verto’s 70+ partner college.

Verto participants walk away with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits; they gain the confidence, self-awareness, and global perspective needed to thrive in college and in life.

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Direct Admission to a Verto Partner College

Students can use their Verto Application to gain direct admission to our 70+ partner colleges, where the credits earned from our Academic Providers during the Verto experience will transfer seamlessly. Students have many available options after their time with Verto, allowing them to stay on track for a 4-year college graduation timeline.

Photo: Verto Education students surveying meals served in tropical jungle leaves and grass roof hut

A Well-Rounded Cross-Cultural Experience Focused on Personal Growth

Semesters foster self-discovery through journaling, mindfulness training, mentorship, service learning programs, and—for some locations—a homestay experience. Weekly structured reflection gives students a sense of who they are and what they want from their university career.

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Meet Our Team

Executives & Leaders

Mitch Gordon

President & Co-Founder

Ben Welbourn

Chief Enrollment Officer & Co-Founder

Michael Kabbaz

Senior Vice President of Strategy & Chief of Staff

Emily Sauey

Head of People Operations

Nataly Huff

Vice President of Marketing

Ahmad Refky

Vice President of Operations

Sara Troy

Director of Program Development

Aline Parnagian

Director of Digital Product

Tatiana Kweder

Vice President of Finance

Rick Silvestrini

Chief Operation Officer

Paige Butler

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Michael Goldstein

Executive Director, Verto Fund

Faculty & Program Staff

Blaire Modic

Country Director, Costa Rica

Andrés “Fofo” Zúñiga

Program Director, Costa Rica

Andrea Bravo

Senior Student Affairs Coordinator, Costa Rica

Fabricio Arguedas

Clubs & Community Coordinator, Costa Rica

Yesenia Obando Diaz

Faculty, Spanish, Costa Rica

Leslie Jernigan

Faculty Support Coordinator & Teaching Faculty, Costa Rica

Edgardo Arevalo

Faculty, Environmental Science, Costa Rica

Manuel Ramírez Cordero

Program Coordinator, Costa Rica

Johel Chaves-Campos

Academic Manager, Costa Rica

Carmen Hutchinson Miller

Faculty, Costa Rica

Valerie Hernández

Academic Success Coordinator, Costa Rica

Maia Diaz

Student Life Coordinator, Costa Rica

Alexis Sinder

Student Life Coordinator, Costa Rica

Ana Lucía Jiménez

Faculty, Costa Rica

Maria Batista

Faculty, Social Problems, Costa Rica

Stefanie Ramírez Brenes

Program Coordinator, Costa Rica

Laura Moreira

Faculty, Costa Rica

Gemma Miller

Faculty, England

Faissal Hameed

Faculty, England

Laura Ludtke

Faculty, England

Scott Mclean

Faculty, England

Niccolo Salvatori

Faculty, England

Piero Corcillo

Faculty, England

Eliza Wilton

Senior Student Affairs Coordinator, England

Yana Kolpakova

Academic Success Coordinator, England

Cecilia Onwochei-Garcia

Student Life Coordinator, England

Sarah Hutchinson

Academic Success Coordinator, England

Oscar Ceballos

Center Director, Spain

Cristina Gonzalez

Housing Coordinator, Spain

Amanda Cummings

Senior Academic Success Coordinator, Spain

Rubén Díaz López

Faculty, Spain

Elisa Fernandez

Faculty, Spain

Emily Woerfel

Student Life Coordinator, Spain

María Esther Beltrán

Academic Success Coordinator, Spain

Michaela Hill

Student Life Manager, Spain

Miguel de Lucas

Faculty, Spain

Antonio Barneto Ochoa

Faculty, Spain

Dan Manuel Serradilla Avery

Faculty, Spain

Manuel “Manolo” Rufete

Academic Manager, Spain

Nadia Sousa Garzón

Academic Success Coordinator, Spain

Samantha Wasek

Student Life Coordinator, Spain

Fran Pascual

Program Administrator, Spain

Fran Aguado

Student Life Coordinator, Spain

Alejandro Varela

Faculty, Spain

Rosario Sivianes

Faculty, Spain

Carlos Pineda

Faculty, Public Speaking, Spain

Mayara Pereira

Academic Success Coordinator, Italy

Maia Wellington Gahtan

Faculty, Italy

 Federica Di Sarcina

Faculty, Italy

Emanuele Tognelli

Faculty, Italy

Rossana Ungaro

Faculty, Italy

Johanna Mae Indias

Academic Success Coordinator, Italy

Cristiana Gallai

Program Director, Italy

Alice Cini

Academic Affairs Manager, Italy

Leonardo Giustini

Faculty, Italy

Diego Palombi

Academic Success Coordinator, Italy

Lori de Lucia

Academic Director, Italy

Laura Romero Calero

Student Life Coordinator, Italy

Dario D’Ambrosa

Faculty, Italy

Marco Di Manno

Faculty, Italy

Mattia Rondinelli

Faculty, Italy

Shauna Kavanagh

Student Life Manager, Italy

Giulietta Molinari

Student Life Coordinator, Italy

Kristi Bauer

Administrative and Operations Assistant, Italy

Paolo Monetti Lucianer

Housing Coordinator, Italy

Anneka Stevens

Academic Success Coordinator, Italy

Umberto Gori

Faculty, Italy

María Fernández Bascones

Student Life Coordinator, Italy

Kiara Stucchi Prinetti

Student Life Coordinator, Italy

Octavio Di Leo

Center Director, Argentina

Matias Ilivitzky

Faculty, Argentina

Andrew Roberts

Faculty, Argentina

Ayelen Pagnanelli

Faculty, Argentina

Jiovih Augustave

Academic Success Coordinator, Argentina

Juan Franco Pecora

Academic Success & Student Life Coordinator, Argentina

Veronica Hopp

Faculty, Argentina

Jill Cefalo

Program Director, Czech Republic

Natalia Polito

Faculty, Argentina

Kesed Haglund

Resident Peer Mentor, Czech Republic

Michael Zaharczuk

Academic Success & Student Life Coordinator, Czech Republic


Our Regional Admissions Counselors frequently present at all-school assemblies, college fairs, High School lunchrooms, community events, and we even offer home visits for prospective Verto families (we’ll bring the coffee). Schedule a presentation with one of our regional admissions counselors using the links below.

Josh Sadagursky

Associate Director of Admissions, West Coast

Amy Wruck

Regional Admissions Counselor, Midwest

Edward “Ned” Liggett

Regional Admissions Counselor, NYC

Kaylee Koenig

Regional Admissions Counselor, Florida

Emma Tillman

Regional Admissions Counselor, Atlanta

Janet Currier

Regional Admissions Counselor, New England

Neal Crosson

Regional Admissions Counselor, VA/D.C.

Dan Quick

Director of Enrollment Operations

David Dillard

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Daniel Marion

Enrollment Operations Manager

Hillevi Johnson

Associate Director of Admissions

Mimi Eglin

Senior Admissions Counselor

Gabriela Granote

Senior Admissions Counselor Team Lead

Shaunene Edwards

Senior Admissions Counselor Team Lead

Hannah Swangler

Senior Admissions Counselor

Michelle Korczynski

Senior Admissions Counselor

Kristen Korkowski

Senior Admissions Counselor

Elisabeth Smith

Senior Admissions Counselor

Bradley Good

Senior Admissions Counselor

Rob Castillo

Senior Admissions Counselor

Krista Flagg

Senior Admissions Counselor

Marla McLeod

Senior Admissions Counselor

Dianna Jennings

Senior Admissions Counselor

Deanna Young

Senior Admissions Counselor

Student Onboarding

Brittni Weimer

Senior Manager of Onboarding Operations

Stuart Robbins-Butcher

Student Onboarding Advisor

Grace Kim

Student Onboarding Advisor

Kara Dudley

Student Onboarding Advisor

Josh Ferry

Student Onboarding Advisor

Academic Success & Advising

Janice Johnson Shephard

Program Director, Academic Success & Advising

Escely Marr

Assistant Director of College Counseling

Uyen Yasmine Vu

College Counselor

Analee Giordano

College Counselor


Karen Masters

Director of Academic Affairs

David Collier, Ph.D.

Sr. Associate Director

Colleen Dutton

Registrar & Assistant Director

Steven Mockler

Academic Affairs Manager

Programming & Operations

James Lorello

Dean of Students

Claire Kibblewhite

Director of Operations

Nicole Horvath

Director of Student Life

Stephanie Collens

Assistant Director of Student Life

Matteo Travers

Verto Discovery Manager

Jessica Willis

Strategy and Operations Manager

Partner Relations

Stephanie Espina

Director of College and University Relations

Clark Brigger

Associate Vice President of University Partnerships

Lakota Bowen

Assistant Director of Partner Relations Operations

Nicole Holmberg

Associate Director of College & University Relations

Digital Products

Akilah Arthur

Technical Lead, Systems Administrator

Hilary Peterson

Senior Product Manager, Digital Product

Nicoholas Holly

Technical Systems Lead & Developer

Sheridan Gill

Senior Salesforce Developer

Christopher Lappe

Engineering Team Manager

Syed Ali

IT Manager

Andrew Dunkle

Technical Program Manager


Brynna Rao

Director of Brand & Content Marketing

Sarah Ford

Senior Marketing Operations Manager

Meaghan Conly

Marketing Lifecycle Manager

Elaine Diekroger

Senior Partnerships Marketing Manager

Jeff Geisinger

Senior Graphic Designer

Samantha Nani

Marketing Coordinator

Allie Chatas

Social Media Manager

Steven Radabaugh

Full-Stack WordPress Developer

Parker Thompson

Senior Analytics Manager

Amanda Rankin

Lifecycle Marketing Specialist


Brandi Turner

Head of Student Financial Services

Maurissa Miller

Billing and Scholarship Coordinator

People Operations

Nicole Simonds

Associate People Partner

Jeremy Cantu

People Operations Generalist

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board guides Verto on its initiatives for student services, equity, inclusion, and access, curriculum, partnerships, and student recruitment.

Verto’s Advisory Board members were each selected for their demonstrated commitment to college access, their leadership in the field, and their expertise in educational advising.

Lucas Frankel

Shady Side Academy

Jeff McAdam

Director of College & Academic Advising, Saint Dominic Academy

Danielle Jakob

Associate Director of College Counseling, United Nations International School

Blair Parker

Head of Upper School, Friends Seminary NYC

Tara Miller, M.Ed.

Lead College Counselor, Stephen F. Austin High School

Suzanne Crossman

Director of Transition and Guidance, Landmark School

Beverly Low

Director of Guidance & College Counseling, Manchester Essex Regional School District

Sophia Bazile

Founder, F.L.Y.P Coaching and Consulting

Melissa Nipper

Director of College Counseling, Andrews Osborne Academy

Dean A. Jacoby

Director of College Guidance, Albuquerque Academy

Jason Vallozzi

Founder, Campus to Career Crossroads

Kyle Kane

Educational Consultant, LD Specialization

College Consulting Collaborative

Sawyer Earwood

Co-Founder, Virtual College Counselors

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