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Through the mentorship and support of Verto, I remembered my love of learning. Regaining my curiosity and excitement for the world is something for which I cannot thank Verto enough.

Jade, Verto Student, Latin America—Fall 2019 + South Pacific—Spring 2020

From Participants

Jade’s Review

Latin America, Fall 2019

South Pacific, Spring 2020

I found my senior year of high school to be quite stressful and discouraging. I felt as though I was the only one who didn’t have a concrete idea of what they wanted to do or where they wanted to go. I didn’t get that “feeling” that every college tour guide describes, I had felt lost. When I was just about ready to give up on my ideal college experience I was introduced to Verto Education. Hearing about Verto, I felt that it was way too good to be true and that there must have been some kind of catch. However, almost a year and 2 college semesters with Verto later, I can confidently say the reality of Verto is better than I could’ve imagined. After traveling to 4 beautiful counties with Verto and meeting amazing students and even more phenomenal program leaders not only have I found confidence and clarity in myself but the world around me as well. I cannot thank Verto and its staff enough for giving me my excitement for the future back.

Sadie’s Review

Costa Rica, Fall 2021

One of the most amazing parts of this experience is how much confidence it’s given me in myself and my future. After living in a foreign country for 3.5 months, I’d like to think that I can do pretty much anything. I wanted to come here to figure out what I want to do with my life, and even though I still haven’t, I think I’m closer to finding out what it is. So, moral of the story is, if you ever get an opportunity like this, take it. It might be hard at first, but without uncertainty, life would be pretty boring, so take advantage of the adventures that are in store!

Nicholas’ Review

Southeast Asia, Fall 2019

This was my first time traveling outside of the U.S. and it was life changing. This trip was a great way to make new connections because you never know who you will meet along your journey. I had met individuals that were all so unique in their own ways and so full of knowledge whether they be my teachers, my cohort, guides, or even natives. Taking into account what these amazing people have taught me, they left me with a new purpose. Because of this trip I now have a new initiative which is to start my own business that will make a change.

Kelissah’s Review

South Pacific, Fall 2019

This semester not only gave me the incredible opportunity to see the world, build relationships, and life experience, but gave me the educational side that most gap programs do not offer. This program gave me adventures such as sky diving, white water rafting, and meeting and learning about the indigenous people and their culture. Within this program, experiential learning was applied, and this gave me the opportunity to see the effects of global warming in person, and the visual of what I had been learning in class, seen in real life. While doing a reef survey on the island on Beqa in Fiji, I had reminded myself that this was my freshman semester of college! I would not trade this experience for the world, and will continue to recommend this program for years to come.

Sutton’s Review

Latin America, Fall 2018

Verto education is a great first year abroad program for anyone that loves traveling, learning, and even maybe getting out of their comfort zone. The experiences that we had with NGO’s, homestays and hikes really showed us all about the country and taught us more. The site visits really tied to our classwork and helped us learn about what we learned in class but with hands on. Verto Education is a very hands-on experience when it comes to classwork and learning but they also have many fun trips throughout the semesters we are abroad. Highly recommend this gap year program to anyone. The group leaders are also very helpful with school work and want you to be successful throughout the semesters. They are always there to help you and make you better at what you’re struggling at.

Emily’s Review

South Pacific, Fall 2019

In Fiji, I experienced different cultures and ways of life that have impacted the way I view the world today and forever. The semester was filled with adventure and personal growth. I loved the experiential learning aspect of the trip- we were not sitting in classrooms but rather experiencing and learning at the same time. I learned a lot about the environment by actually putting myself in different settings and learning how to create a more sustainable world. I found that I gained so much knowledge about myself, my perspective on the world, and ultimate understanding of the universe.

Hannah’s Review

Italy, Fall 2023 & Costa Rica, Spring 2023

Looking back on the person I was before leaving on my first semester with Verto, I am so completely amazed at how I’ve changed into the person I am now. I’ve become more patient, a better problem solver, more out going, and more. I love the person I have become.

Connor’s Review

Argentina, Fall 2022

I love the atmosphere that everyone in the program contributes to. The Verto staff and professors are so open and really care about how you’re doing. It’s comforting to know that I’m surrounded by people who are also interested in traveling and that Verto encourages discovery. I also really like that being a part of the Verto community abroad makes you feel like you really are immersed in another country. After the first few weeks you don’t really feel like you’re just visiting and I think that is such an enriching experience as well.

Mariana’s Review

Hawaii, Spring 2021 & Costa Rica, Fall 2021

A special quote that I was told during my time with Verto that says ‘You are a river, not a rock. Practice adaptability, flow.’ Practicing this mindset while adjusting to the challenge of living abroad led to personal growth and ultimately made my experience with Verto an incredible and unforgettable one. Being with Verto has equipped me with the skills and strengths I need to navigate through the challenges of life. I feel a newfound sense of excitement to explore the world, am adaptable to whatever life throws at me, and am ready to grow from every opportunity.

Nayeli’s Review

Southeast Asia, Fall 2019

This was my first time traveling out of the country, let alone to spend three months with people I’ve never met. At first, it was intimidating, adjusting to the environment, and getting to know everyone. When I got back from this trip people asked how it went. What I found was that this wasn’t just an ordinary trip. My experience abroad with Verto was unique. And what made it unique was the people, my personal journey, and the cultural experiences. I loved my cohort! The professors were amazing, fun, and interesting people. Not only did I learn from them during class but also out of class they taught me a lot. Our guides were all around the best!

Ruby’s Review

Latin America, Fall 2019

Join us in this alumni presentation to hear more about alum Ruby’s Verto semester.

While you’re here, check out her 1-second-a-day video from her Latin America semester.

Samantha’s Review

Latin America, Fall 2018

My experience with Verto Education was a life-altering one and an arduous one. However, I could never be more grateful for what it has taught me. I realized things about myself that I didn’t know before. I plan on returning back to my initial homestay, the Dominican Republic has a place within my heart. I learned a tremendous amount from the NGO’s and really felt that I was intellectually fulfilled. The classes touched every aspect that interested me. I want to acknowledge my leaders Jackie and Brian for truly caring for my self-growth and well being as a student. Verto Education actually fulfilled my lifelong dream of staying with an indigenous community! I work with Aboriginals from Australia and loved learning about the Bri Bri culture. I would 110 percent recommend this program to someone else.

Sarah’s Review

Latin America, Spring 2020

I found out about Verto Education at a time in my life when I really needed to know that there was another way for me to begin life after high school. I feel so lucky to have been able to travel with Verto as it was a truly challenging and rewarding experience that made me a better and more educated person. Not only is it great for earning college credit and learning in new and strange environments, but it’s extremely fun and you’ll meet so many great people that become so important to you. Every experience is probably one you’ve never done before and one that you’ll remember forever.

Bayan’s Review

South Pacific, Spring 2020

The Verto team was very supportive and fun the entire semester, I had so many crazy and immersive experiences when we got to visit villages in Fiji and white water rafting in New Zealand. The classes and teachers were very interesting and informative. One of my favorite memories was being in Nausori village with my host family and learning all about the Fijian culture and traditions. One day we woke up at sunrise and hiked to the top of the mountain with our host brother, on our last night there he took us to his farm and we had a bonfire on the edge of a cliff, it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

From Parents


My daughter has grown from Verto by being able to see and experience different cultures that she hasn’t been exposed to previously. She has had the opportunity to live and cohabitate with different personality types and it has shown her how to live in the real world. With this she has been able to collaborate on different subjects from humanitarian issues to social issues amongst her peers. First and foremost she has made an amazing group of friends that she will have for the rest of her life. Being able to experience and live amongst other cultures, she will be able to appreciate other viewpoints and social issues of others. She can also use this experience to appreciate her own cultural diversity and background. She had gained valuable real-life lessons on living independently as an adult and the freedoms and challenges it presents. I think this is an amazing experience for high school seniors who aren’t quite sure of where their next “steps” toward their collegiate career should be.


My daughter matured more in one semester than I expected her to in four years of college! She was so reticent at first but is now completing her third Verto semester! She is living her best life and doing it for pennies on the dollar for what she otherwise would be at a traditional US University. She is now a global citizen with awareness, sensitivity, and education to the larger issues facing our world. She has friends across the globe now and is unafraid to take on big tasks or new adventures. She is forever changed, on a soul level, by this incredible and wholly unique experience that Verto offers. Her mindset and worldview are now larger than most people reach in a lifetime (who don’t have experiences like this). I am beyond grateful for the gift of Verto.


My daughter was in Fiji, when COVID-19 became a worldwide concern. The staff at Verto handled the situation beautifully. 100% concern was for getting all of those kids home safely. I was communicated with during every step and they made us feel as comfortable as possible! In addition, when she got home classes continued as planned and every effort was made to provide virtual experiences. There was a unity provided by Verto team; They made lemonade out of lemons. I know my daughter truly enjoyed her experience. She made an incredible connection with many of the staff members and students. She was very sad when she had to come home and even sadder the day virtual classes ended. She has always had a love for travel, but this has made her more eager to travel the world.


Excellent program for our daughter that was focused on both academics and service. We are very happy and it’s definitely an experience we would like to give our younger kids in the future. Awesome work by the leaders on teaching college-bound students on life skills and time management. I was one of those parents that knew very little about the program but was reassured by High Point University that the program was safe and transformative. I’m glad I decided to embark my daughter on this trip for her first semester of college. She is ready to continue her studies in a college environment with a different perspective of life. For all the parents that are hesitant on sending their child to study abroad, do not be afraid. It is a supervised program with great leaders.

From Education Professionals

Suzanne Crossman

Director of Transition and Guidance, Landmark School

In this time of uncertainty and the prospect of more virtual, Verto education provides students with the opportunity to continue their education in a live format. I work with students who do best with hand-on learning, interactive classes, and project-based assignments. Students who are concerned about the prospect of beginning or moving to online classes in their freshman year are considering other options. Verto provides a great option while also allowing students to stay on track for meeting their educational goals. The wide range of colleges that has partnered with Verto makes it a great option for a wide variety of students at various levels and with a wide range of educational needs and goals. As a parent of college-age students myself, I appreciate the great attention that Verto has placed both on student experience and student security.

Blair Parker

Assistant Head of Upper School, Riverdale Country School

Even before many of our seniors started to consider taking a gap year, I was already a proponent of gap years. That is what led me to suggest Verto to some of my students. With Verto students can have their gap year and the college credit to graduate in four years. The credits and the available scholarships have made this a financially responsible option for my students. Given the many uncertainties of the next school, Verto’s strong and in-person program is now also a safer option. I have supported Verto since its founding and have been excited by its growing number of partner colleges and universities. Students benefit in so many ways from a gap year, and Verto offers that meaningful experience with college credit.

Nicole Cote-Croskill

Post-Secondary School Counselor, Fryeburg Academy

With so many uncertainties and questions in today’s world, should a senior delay his or her post-secondary education? An excellent alternative to selecting direct college entry as a freshman is to continue one’s education in a small setting, where limited interaction with others can be provided. Completing first semester or an entire year of college at Verto, provides an opportunity for learning away from large groups of students, offers direct instruction rather than online learning, and human connection with supervision. It is a wonderful way to consider other opportunities for a year while our world recalibrates to the changes that have been thrust upon us. This is the time to brave uncertainty and open yourself to an opportunity of leadership, creativity and innovation that Verto can provide.

Jason A. Vallozzi

Founder, Campus to Career Crossroads

I have the utmost confidence in recommending Verto Education to my clients. Verto Education’s unique concept in providing unparalleled international gap year experiences while simultaneously allowing students to earn college credits has eclipsed the bar set by other gap year programs. Verto has selectively and strategically built its consortium to progressively partner with over forty highly respected colleges. Students can be on pace to graduate in four years while having direct admissions to a partner college. Another reason for my strong confidence in recommending Verto Education is because of Ben Welbourn’s commitment to student-centric successes. Ben is dedicated to placing the student’s best interest in the forefront while providing an innovative gap year program. I have personally witnessed the respect Ben receives at affiliate colleges because he connects engaged students who positively impact their campus. If you are considering a gap year program, Verto Education needs to be at the top of your list!

Danielle Jakob

Associate Director of College Counseling, United Nations International School

As a college counselor, I work with students every year who are looking for a traditional four-year college experience but may want a little more time after high school to travel and explore before beginning that adventure. Verto offers exactly this — in a much more innovative and affordable way. Students can still have that traditional college experience, with a built-in semester of travel and self-exploration in one of many amazing locations. I joined Verto’s board because I see tremendous value in experiences that prioritize access and inclusivity, and that empower students to tackle a “typical” college experience after their time abroad—with direct  admission afterward, at that. It’s truly the best of all worlds.

Dean Jacoby

Director of College Guidance, Albuquerque Academy

Many students choose not to take a gap year because they want to stay on track to graduate from college and they are concerned about the costs. Verto has hacked the gap year—providing all the benefits of time away from classroom learning while eliminating the downsides. I am a big believer in Gap Years. Research has begun to confirm what I have found through my own gap year and decades of working with students: taking time between high school and college to experience the world, connect to learning through experience, and spend time in self-reflection leads to higher GPAs in college, greater satisfaction in choice of majors, lower incidences of disciplinary issues, and increased likelihood of graduating in four years. When I learned about Verto, I invited them to come present to our entire junior class. I think everyone should consider Verto as they are going through their college search.

Beverly Low

Director, Guidance & College Counseling, Manchester-Essex Regional Middle High School

At a time when there is endless chatter about the college search and whether or not some universities will be open in the fall, Verto Education provides a safe harbor in this storm of speculation. I have been a fan and supporter of Verto since it’s beginning – excited to see a unique higher education option take hold and offer college bound seniors a safe, meaningful, and growth-enhancing experience while earning college credit and enhancing their learning in partnerships with 45 different colleges and universities. The team at Verto invests energy and attention to each student, ensuring that he or she understands the application process, is aware of available scholarships, and stays connected throughout. We are enthusiastic about two of our seniors pursuing a college plan with Verto this fall. My only regret is that I cannot go with them!

Jeff McAdam

Associate Director of College Counseling, Kents Hill School

As a current secondary school counselor, I know that finding the right gap year experience is just as important as finding the right college; it is all about fit, and I advise my students accordingly. As an educator, I chose to join the advisory board for Verto Education because I believe in the mission of the organization and I have faith in its ability to deliver transformational experiences for students that will end in all of the qualities that I previously noted and the added benefit of college credits wrapped in a global perspective. My own gap experience delayed my college start by one year, which is common for many programs, and it is a decision I will never regret. The Verto difference is that students have the opportunity to gain all that a gap year can provide while getting a jump-start on their college path. Verto does not delay or defer higher education, it provides alternate starting points with a world of possibilities and even greater outcomes.

Monica Andrews

Independent Educational Consultant

As a college counselor, my goal is to help students map the next steps in their lives, starting with understanding themselves better. Those eighteen-year-olds who have figured out their strengths, their vulnerabilities, and what motivates them, make the transition to college in a much better position to have a successful and meaningful experience. Verto Education’s combination of enriching cultural experiences, college-level instruction, and a devotion to student’s personal growth is a real stand-out among programs for high school grads who will benefit from a semester outside of the classroom. Verto is an exceptional program for its experiential education with high-touch support, while also partnering with numerous colleges to provide academic credit. Verto students go on to college with the focus and tools to succeed.