Welcome parents, guardians, friends, and loved ones!

We are thrilled to greet your participant who has chosen to begin their college journey by studying internationally with us! This guide is to aid you in your knowledge of the Verto experience and help answer common questions.

From first time travelers to seasoned vacationers, your participants’ preparations and upcoming journey to growth, independence, and a launch to college will be a new adventure for everyone involved. Get excited, WHILE you’re preparing! Below are some tips and tricks, and conversation starters to engage your Vertoan (Verto Study Abroad participant)

A note on Verto Community from our Dean of Students:

We are excited to embark on this journey in partnership with you and your young adult! We welcome you to the community that is Verto Education. Together we will create a transformative community through an agenda of common care and grace. We know that your participant will have life changing experiences while at their Verto locations and aim to create a space where our participants discover themselves, ready to tackle their futures. We know the semester may bring anxiety for families as their young adults head on this new and unfamiliar adventure but we aim to be here with you along the journey to transform your participants and connect them to the world around them.

James Lorello,

Dean of Students at Verto Education

The Verto website also has information about admissions, locations, program prices and dates, health and safety, financial services, and more.

How can you support your Verto Participant?