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Traveling the World Changed You.
Now It’s Time For You to Change the World.

As an alum of  a Verto Education experience, self-discovery doesn’t stop when you return. At Verto, we’re here to help, wherever your path make take you.

Take a look at the resources below and join our Alumni Network to connect with like-minded peers. Share your story with past, present, and prospective participants. Connect with us to stay up-to-date on new resources. Still have questions or ideas about how to make Verto experiences even more life-changing? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alumni Resources

Just returned?

Get help with reverse culture shock. Prepare for jobs and internships. Find support for the rest of your college years and beyond.

What’s re-entry and “reverse culture shock?”
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Connect with other Verto Alumni. Discover new opportunities for travel, internships, and jobs.

Career Resources

Apply your international experience to internships. Connect with future employers. Go abroad and learn professional skills.

Go Abroad Again

Can’t wait to hit the road again? Although your Verto experience has come to an end, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore during and after earning your degree.

  • Volunteer Abroad

    Spend a summer or break volunteering abroad. Find a volunteer program that works with your skills and schedule.

  • Study Abroad

    Speak to your college’s study abroad office about opportunities they offer. You can also check out if they offer any partnerships with other organizations that may allow you to go to additional locations or complete interesting coursework. It is a good idea to narrow down a few destinations or topics before you meet with a study abroad advisor. Read up on how to choose a destination.

  • Internships Abroad

    Consider spending a summer internship abroad. You could learn valuable cross-cultural communication skills and build a global network by applying for experiences like these.

  • Work Abroad

    Maybe you’re ready to commit to a longer time abroad! Check out these Common Overseas Jobs for Americans or read more about how to work overseas with limited experience.

Work with Verto

Check out Verto career opportunities, including Alumni Internships and more.

Career Services

Check out your Verto school of record resources to receive additional guidance! For RBC students, visit their Career Services site for more information.

U.S. Government Resources

Check out scholarship and abroad resources from the U.S.A study abroad site.

Go Overseas Scholarship Listings

Check out scholarship opportunities from Go Overseas.

Transcript & Syllabi Resources

Verto Education is the best way to start your college career – and earn transferrable college credit from our world-class Academic Provider! Click the header to access instructions on how to request your transcript.

Fall 2022 and after

Learn how to request your transcript

Fall 2020 to Spring 2022 semesters

Learn how to request your transcript

Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 semesters

Learn how to request your transcript

How to Request Syllabi

Please reach out to [email protected] to request past syllabi from your semester.

Tell Your Story

You have stories that people want to hear – go out and share them! Check out this guide for how to visit your former high school to share your experience with prospective students. Help expand our community!

Alumni Presentation Guide