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Alum of the Month: December 2020

This month, we sat down with Kelissah, a Fall 2019 South Pacific semester alum, to learn more about how her Verto experience shaped her and where she is now!

Verto: What is your favorite memory from your semester(s) abroad?
Kelissah: One hundred percent sky diving or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef! Having those opportunities and doing them with incredible people are memories I’ll never forget.  

Verto: What have you learned from your Verto semester(s) that you’ve taken into college/work/your life afterward?
Kelissah: Find yourself and your passions and follow them. Traveling has always been something I loved, and it helped me discover my core passions for what I want my life to look like. The trip helped me grow as an individual, and to really appreciate the world outside of my own [perspective].

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Verto: Where are you now? What are you up to? What’s the plan for you over the next few years?
Kelissah: Currently I’m a sophomore at Kent State University with a major of applied communications. I hope to study abroad my junior year, and continue to possibly travel within my career. Hopefully planning to travel again after COVID! 

Verto: Silly one! What will you do/remember/bring with you the next time you travel?!
Kelissah: I would love to bring my closest friends and maybe a disposable film camera. Also, maybe have another adventure or two. 

Verto: What you’re hoping to learn more about over the next few years in college and beyond?
Kelissah: This is a very big question! There is a lot, but I guess one thing I could say for now is how could I bring traveling to my career and how can I continue to do it with ease throughout my life?

Verto: What advice would you give to future Verto students?
Kelissah: Embrace every new and beautiful thing this trip has to offer. The trip has so many opportunities that some may never get in their life. Take in every moment, experience every opportunity, and record your experience. I kept a journal and put little memories or picture from each day or week, trust me you will want to look back on every second. 

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