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Navigating the complexities of designing and building faculty-led programs can be daunting; but the outcomes of hands-on learning is irrefutable. Whether it’s Florence’s art history, London’s business landscape, or Buenos Aires’ cultural mosaic, students and faculty will find inspired learning at every turn. Let us help you and your students find their inspiration.

At Verto Education, we simplify it. We handle the intricate details, safeguard students’ well-being, and provide student & faculty support all with an eye towards cost-effectiveness. Empower your faculty and achieve your institution’s internationalization goals with our help.

Why Verto?



Program Development &

Pre-Departure Support

  • Programs designed to align with student learning outcomes
  • Access to Verto’s existing infrastructure such as classrooms, student support, housing, and local connections
  • Biology, Chemistry, and Physics labs within the Study Center (location dependent)
  • Flexible pricing options for your budget
  • Student pre-departure advising and document collection
  • Onsite leadership to finalize program details and itinerary

Onsite Support For You

And Your Students

  • Airport pickup on designated arrival date for students and faculty
  • Onsite orientation, including health and safety and cultural adjustments
  • Technology equipped classrooms at a Verto’s Study Centers
  • Co & extra-curricular activities that support class learning and social-emotional learning
  • Excursions and field trips to sites of interest
  • Cultural activities and group meals
  • Diverse housing options for students and faculty
  • Logistical support from permanent onsite staff
  • Student-centered approach to special accommodations
  • Risk management and 24/7 emergency support
  • Liability, medical, emergency, and evacuation insurance coverage

Health, Safety Support,

& Risk Management

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. All Verto Education locations have established emergency response plans and safety protocols that align with the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practices. Additionally, we rely on resources from the U.S. State Department, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Overseas Security Advisory Council, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization.

All program participants (and faculty) are enrolled in a mandatory medical insurance and emergency support plan through Verto. This uniform policy ensures that students and faculty have the appropriate coverage while abroad, fulfill the university partner’s risk and liability requirements, and allow Verto’s staff to respond expediently and consistently to any emergencies that arise.

Academic Support &


Verto Education’s study centers are managed by highly qualified, locally knowledgeable academic directors and managers, with decades of experience and training in the Standards of Good Practice in Education Abroad. The University of New Haven serves as the Academic Provider for courses taught at Verto’s study centers.

You can take advantage of our academic expertise and local knowledge to enhance your program with guest lecturers, organized site visits within the city and surrounding areas, and access to local academic resources.

Designed to support a breadth of subject areas, Verto Study Centers provide access to biology, chemistry, and physics labs and equipment in our Florence, Buenos Aires, and Seville locations; and a dedicated drawing room with views of the skyline and Duomo in Florence.

The University of New Haven serves as Verto’s Academic Provider partner by delivering courses, credits, and faculty to Verto’s semesters abroad.

Explore Culturally Rich


Located in academically significant cities across Europe and South America, our Verto Study Centers provide classrooms, instructional technology, office space, STEM labs (location dependent), Internet access, study areas, student and faculty lounges.



Octavio Di Leo

Program Director, Argentina

With over a year of dedication to Verto Education as the Center Director in Buenos Aires, Octavio boasts a rich tapestry of international roles. Directorial positions in esteemed institutions across Rio de Janeiro, Rome, and Barcelona, complemented by an academic background from Yale University and the University of Buenos Aires, underscore his vast expertise.
Claire Kibblewhite

Program Director, England

As Verto’s London Program Director, Claire brings extensive experience in international education. Over eight years with CAPA The Global Education Network (now CEA CAPA Education Abroad) and nearly as long with IES Abroad highlight her profound knowledge in shaping global educational journeys.
Cristiana Gallai

Program Director, Italy

Steering Verto’s Florence program, Cristiana builds upon her impactful tenure at the Florence University of the Arts, where she played pivotal roles in student affairs and institutional relations. With academic achievements from the University of Michigan and a focus on leading educational innovation, she fuses academic insights with hands-on experience.
Oscar Ceballos

Program Director, Spain

Oscar has been overseeing Verto Spain programs since 2021, helping cultivate a supportive learning environment. Verto Spain offers a blend of curriculum-based and outside-the-classroom activities, allowing students to connect more deeply with the Seville community. Many students look back on their time in the program with appreciation, reflecting the positive experiences under Oscar’s guidance.
Jill Cefalo

Program Director, Czech Republic

Jill, serving as Verto’s Program Director in Prague, is both an international education champion and an entrepreneur. Having co-founded FriendShip Prague to support the city’s homeless, and with her tenure at Northeastern University, she demonstrates her commitment to global education and community betterment.


Ahmad Refky

Vice President of Global Programing & Operations

Ahmad Refky is a seasoned VP of Operations and Programming with deep expertise in study abroad operations. As Vice President of Global Operations & Programming at Verto Education, he’s instrumental in developing and operationalizing programs across Europe and Latin America. His tenure at CEA Study Abroad (now CEA CAPA Education Abroad) saw him as Director of Custom & Faculty-Led Programs, and later the Vice President of International Operations. Ahmad’s dedication extends to championing access, inclusion, diversity, and equity in international education. He holds a BA in Political Science-International Relations from The American University in Cairo and pursued International Studies at DePaul University.
Paige E. Butler, Ed.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Paige Butler is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Verto Education, bringing a wealth of experience from her tenure as a professor and academic leader at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. With a comprehensive background in international education, Dr. Butler previously held the position of Director of Academic Affairs and Director of Custom Programs at CEA Study Abroad (now CEA CAPA Education Abroad), in addition to numerous administration and faculty positions at Arizona State University and Middlebury, where she also designed and lead her own study abroad programs with students in her courses. Dr. Butler’s career is distinguished by her expertise in curriculum development, academic operations, and a strong commitment to student success and assessment.
Sara Troy

Senior Director of Global Programming

Sara Troy has a distinguished career in program development and operations in the field of international education. Currently, she spearheads program designs and operations as the Director of Programming & Operations at Verto Education. Prior to joining Verto, Sara spent nearly 11 years at CEA Study Abroad (now CEA CAPA Education Abroad), where she played pivotal roles including Director of Program Development, contributing to the ideation and launch of numerous study abroad experiences, including development of STEM-based curriculum. A graduate of Miami University with a Masters in Educational Leadership, her foundational academic background also includes a BA in French from the University of Central Missouri.
Andrés “Fofo” Zúñiga

Program Operations Manager

Andrés “Fofo” Zúñiga serves as the Program Operations Manager at Verto Education, bringing nearly 12 years of experience in managing international programs. His on-the-ground experience spans across regions such as Costa Rica and Eastern Europe, in countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Having spent three years as Verto Education’s Director of Operations in Costa Rica, Fofo has transitioned into overseeing Verto’s Custom Programs in Latin America and Europe. In this role, he actively applies his expertise in student travel to enhance the overall program experience. Hailing from Costa Rica, Fofo holds a Masters in Environmental Management and Ecotourism, specializing in the Design of Recreational Systems from the University of Costa Rica.

Your Verto Experience


We understand how much planning goes into creating a successful study abroad program – and we handle the details, so you don’t have to.

We’ll walk you through the program lifecycle, including Verto’s approach to program development, pre-departure, arrival, and post-program support. You can get started today by contacting our Programming team to discuss your program ideas. If you are a faculty member, please contact your Study Abroad Office to obtain any required approvals from your institution.

Determine Program Duration And Term
  • Summer
  • Maymester
  • Intersession
  • Quarter
  • Trimester
  • Semester
  • Academic year
Select Program Location
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • London, England
  • Florence, Italy
  • Seville, Spain
Determine Classroom Needs
  • Assess classrooms at each location
  • Compare STEM labs and technology
  • View dedicated study rooms
Choose Academic Enhancements
  • Guest Lectures
  • Business and Site Visits
  • Service Learning*
  • Volunteer Opportunities*

*Availability depends on location and program duration

Explore Housing Options*
  • Shared Apartments
  • Student Residences
  • Homestays
  • Hotels or Hostels

*Housing options vary by location

Explore Beyond The Classroom
  • Day Trips
  • Overnight Excursions
  • Cultural Engagement
  • Social Activities

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