Please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Enrolled Participants


The Student Portal is an information hub for completing your onboarding checklist, registering for required Pre-Departure Orientation sessions, Community Events, conversing with fellow Vertoans, important updates, and on-site communications.

The My Verto Portal is where you will complete pre-departure forms for your checklist, registering for courses, pay your tuition, viewing your housing assignments, care team, and course schedule, and course add/drop once you are on location.

Once you are enrolled, you will receive an email prompting you to login to the Student Portal using your personal email address and password. You may access the portal from your desktop computer and using your phone by downloading the “Verto Education Student Portal” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Read the Student Portal Manual for login instructions.

For additional access support, contact your Student Onboarding Advisor. If you’re unsure who your SOA is, email: [email protected]

Participants are responsible for booking travel to and from the abroad location. Please plan to arrive on your location’s official arrival day and time window. Review your program start date and arrival windows on the Enrolled Participants Page, Location Resources –  Academic Calendar and Location Arrival Windows.

Verto locations have an official arrival day where your program staff will arrange airport pick-up for on the designated arrival date, and within the arrival windows. To confirm this information for your site, prior to purchasing your flight, check out the Academic Calendar and the Location Arrival Windows guides under the Location Resources tab on this page. You will submit your flight information through the MyVerto Portal to ensure we know when you’re arriving!

Closer to departure, you will receive an official Arrival Guide in your Student Portal. This guide will provide you with specific information about the arrival date and what to expect, as well as information about what to do if your flight is delayed, your luggage lost, or if you plan to arrive outside of the designated date & time to qualify for airport pick-up. 

If you are arriving outside of the designated day and time frame, you are responsible for coordinating and paying for your own transportation to your assigned check-in location (provided by your program staff).

Participants can find location-specific information on their abroad location page. Generally though, Verto costs include:

  • Housing and accommodation
  • Airport reception upon arrival – for participants only
  • Verto Discovery Week, including city tour
  • University registration through our Academic Provider, the University of New Haven
  • Pre-departure advising including guidance on applying for your passport and visa, what to expect onsite, and opportunities to meet your peers before you depart the U.S.
  • Program activities & excursions, and experiential learning activities tied directly to your coursework
  •  Onsite staff support and access to a 24/7 emergency phone
  • Travel Medical Insurance through CISI
  • Books (digital)

Does Not Include:

  • Airfare
  • Airport reception for those arriving outside the abroad experience arrival dates
  • Return airport transportation
  • Travel insurance/property insurance
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses at time of service (insurance included from Verto requires submitting receipts for reimbursement)
  • COVID-19 Testing – when and where applicable as required by local governments
  • Meals (some locations/ housing assignments may include meal plans)
  • Passport fees
  • Student visa or other immigration requirements, or costs incurred while obtaining a visa
  • Course supplies such as laptop, notebooks paper pencils, etc
  • Personal transportation
  • Personal expenses
  • Cell phone and local sim card (sites will assist with getting a local sim) Note: All Verto participants are required to have a working cell phone for the duration of the experience as outlined in the Verto Cell Phone Requirements Policy.

Please be sure to read over the Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policy for any questions pertaining to payment, cancellations and refunds.

Please visit our Location Resources for a detailed packing list for each abroad location.

All incoming Vertoans MUST attend three virtual Pre-Departure Orientation sessions prior to their study abroad experience—the Global Orientation, Location Orientation, and Care Team Circle.

If your pathway to Verto included an invitation from one of our partner colleges, you may be invited to an additional required event to cover details for a smooth transition back to your university after studying abroad.

All events’ details and registration are located in the Student Portal.

We also encourage you to attend our other optional Community Events including monthly hangouts, workshops, affinity groups, and more. See the full event list in your Student Portal.

Passports Visas & Flights

All students must have a valid passport in-hand and uploaded to the Student Portal by the deadline. Please complete the Passport Form in your My Verto Portal asap. Follow our Passport Guide on how to apply for or renew your passport ASAP — passports will take several weeks to obtain. 

For locations requiring a visa (Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain), you must have your passport in-hand by the deadline so you are successful in applying for a student visa. If your passport is not uploaded by that date, you may be required to switch locations. 

All passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the abroad experience (and possibly more depending on your Verto location). If your passport does not meet this criteria, you must renew your passport as soon as possible.

Please see our Passport Guide blogpost for instructions on how to apply for or renew your passport. You can also reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor if you have any questions. 

You need a student visa if:

      • You are a US passport holder and are traveling to the Czech Republic, Italy, or Spain.
      • Participants traveling on non-U.S. passports will likely need a student visa for other locations, including Argentina or the United Kingdom (England). Participants with non-U.S. passports must contact their Student Onboarding Advisor immediately. 

Purchase your flights as soon as you know your location’s official arrival date and arrival time window.

Participants traveling to Italy will need to have a roundtrip flight booked in order to apply for their student visas. 

For all locations, you will want to make sure your flight arrives on your location’s official arrival date during the designated arrival time window so that you will be eligible for Verto’s airport pickup service. 

If you are arriving outside of the designated day and time frame, you will be responsible for coordinating and paying for your own transportation. The location team will be able to provide you with the address of your residence so that you can reach there on your own on official arrival day or after.

Health & Safety

Participant health and safety is our top priority at Verto and we have robust systems in place to address student support, risk management, and emergency response. Verto provides support through the following areas:

  • Advice on preventing pickpocketing, avoiding local scams, and how to navigate local culture by blending in rather than acting like a tourist.
  • 24/7 emergency phones answered by Verto staff in each location and at our U.S. home office.
  • Experienced, well-trained staff who understand our Vertoans and are responsive to their needs.
  • Multiple access points for participants to learn about Health and Safety specific to each city and country.
  • Individual participant enrollment with AXA/Travel Assist Emergency Services through CISI Insurance.
  • Regular updates as to local conditions and explanations why events may be taking place, e.g. political protests, social justice demonstrations.

 Indicate any food allergies on your Health History form, which can be found in the MyVerto Portal under your pre-departure documents section. It’s important that you submit these forms by the deadline and raise any questions or concerns with your Student Onboarding Advisor. The accuracy of this information allows our onsite teams to prepare for your arrival.

Learn about vaccines and COVID-19 safety on our Health & Safety page and Vaccinations page.

Verto enrolls all participants in medical  health insurance coverage provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Verto’s coverage for participants provides comprehensive medical insurance benefits, alongside travel assistance services in the event of emergencies.

Participants may choose to get their own supplemental travel or property insurance as those are not included with Verto.

No, you are unable to opt out of Verto provided insurance. You are welcome to purchase additional insurance, if necessary. Our team can work with you to help answer any questions you may have regarding your Verto provided insurance.

Verto Discovery Week (your first week on-site) emphasizes the importance of self-care for your personal growth and academic success; we’ll cover topics including nutrition, time management, exercise, and rest. This blog post also has some great tips for maintaining mental health while traveling if you want to start planning now. 

Throughout your time abroad with Verto, you’ll have a team of on-site staff who will be there to answer any questions and direct you towards the right resources. 

Participants who experience minor injuries or illnesses will be assisted in seeking immediate medical support or treatment by the SLC, and emergency medical services are available in all Verto locations.  

For Verto’s health and safety policies, read our Health & Safety page and Policies page.

We highly encourage you to bring a sufficient quantity of prescription medication with you for the duration of your time abroad. This is because it may be difficult to obtain your medication while abroad. Please plan ahead accordingly with your doctor and loop in your Student Onboarding Advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

If you need to obtain prescription medications while abroad, you can work with your on-site staff to identify local pharmacy providers.

Your on-site staff will be available to assist you in identifying preferred and English-speaking medical providers, if needed while in-country. You will need to pay costs for medical services up front, and then you can submit a claim with your abroad experience insurance provider (CISI) in order to receive reimbursement for all covered medical expenses. Be sure to keep all receipts for any medical services obtained abroad – keep the physical copies and email yourself photos as well!

Mental Health support is available for participants via on-site and remote support services. Contact your Student Life Coordinator and Academic Success Coordinator while on site if you need assistance. You can also email [email protected] if you would like assistance prior to departure or need anything urgently while onsite.

Participants seeking 1:1 counseling support with a licensed mental health professional are provided local contact information, and assistance with scheduling an appointment. We must be informed of any medical or health concerns well in advance of arrival.

This varies by location. Many Verto locations are in the heart of a public ‘city-center,’ where a cluster of different buildings provide spaces for participant housing and curricular and extracurricular activities. Security guards may or may not be present. All Verto locations and accommodations are screened for safety.

Verto in-country staff are available to accompany participants to medical appointments, and assist them with communication with local medical providers.


Ensure you have completed all of the required Academics items in your Student Portal, including registering for courses and sharing a copy of your high school transcript(s), previous college transcripts (if applicable), and test scores (AP and/or IB). Email those documents to [email protected].  

Review the Verto Attendance Policy and other academic policies, and attend all of the academic orientation sessions leading up to departure.

Please come prepared to put your best efforts into your academics during your time with Verto!

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

Questions prior to departure should be directed to your Student Onboarding Advisor. 

Once in-country you can reach out to your Academic Success Coordinator and Student Life Coordinator for support.

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

After your Verto abroad experience, all participants may request their official transcripts in MyCharger from our Academic Provider, the University of New Haven. Towards the end of your time abroad with Verto, you will receive communication from Verto with further directions to request your transcript.

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.


Incoming Vertoans may complete the Academic Accommodations Form in MyCharger. All academic accommodations must first be approved by the University of New Haven (UNewHaven).

UNewHaven has a holistic approach in determining eligibility for accommodation and will review all information that a participant submits. Once accommodation has been approved, our team will work with you to set up meetings with the relevant faculty to assess what the accommodation will look like in their classrooms.

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

Course selection information and instructions will be provided via the Student Portal. 

Please login to your Student Portal to access and familiarize yourself with the course selection guides (for guidance on course interests by location). If you are attending Verto as part of a program through a partner university, please view the channel partner registration guides for help mapping credits to those specific partner schools. You may also want to take a look at our website to browse course offerings there.  

You will be notified via email and the Student Portal when course registration is open.

If you have questions about course registration, email [email protected]

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

You will have a designated Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) on-site who can provide various levels of academic support and tutoring outside of the classroom. This coaching can include one-on-one meetings, study groups, and more. Your ASC can help direct you to further resources if needed.

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

Add/drops are made during the first week of classes in the Course Registration Portal. Participants must also contact their Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) to make these changes.

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

It is very likely that you will have class every day of the week Monday through Friday, but not guaranteed. Your course schedule depends on course registration and availability, the number of courses you are taking, and the number of course credits you are enrolled in. Please note that in some Verto locations, there may be mandatory experiential learning activities or programming activities that take place outside of traditional class time.

Close to the start date of your Verto abroad experience, all course schedules will be available in the Course Registration Portal.

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

In order to participate with Verto, you must take a minimum of 12 credits. The credits allotted to each course vary, with one course usually counting towards 3 or 4 credits on average. Participants typically take 4 or 5 courses. If you want to take more than 5 courses, you must seek approval from the Verto academic team by emailing [email protected].

All courses, credits, and transcripts at Verto locations are delivered by our accredited Academic Provider, the University of New Haven.

Your Experience Abroad

Participants are permitted to travel independently during periods when required classes and activities are not being held (e.g., weekends or holidays), unless otherwise indicated by local staff.

Whether participants travel internationally or within their host country, all participants must submit an Independent Travel Form (online-digital document) prior to departing their program site. This information allows program staff to contact students in the event of an emergency. extended absences from their site.

Academic and attendance policies remain in place regardless of visitors; Verto participants are expected to attend class, complete coursework, examinations, and assignments as scheduled in order to receive credit through our Academic Provider, the University of New Haven. If you are planning to visit your student while they’re abroad, we strongly recommend doing so at the end of the semester, once they’ve concluded their academic and program obligations. 

Keep in mind that if your student is on a program that is less than 90 days and they are in-country on a tourist visa, they may be required to leave their host country on the program end date to avoid any violations of their tourist visa. 

To help families gain insight into your participant’s transformative experience abroad with Verto, join our staff and fellow Verto family members at mid-semester to share best practices for student success as your student prepares for a strong finish in their first semester.

We will host 2 sessions: Hour 1 is Academics, and Hour 2 is Student Life. We will provide you with valuable insights and resources to support your student’s academic journey and matriculation process as they approach the second half of the semester.  We will also review the theory of self-authorship and then break into parent discussions on this topic that underpins our programming at Verto. 

If your family plans on visiting, please adhere to the guidelines as outlined in our Location Resources.

No – except in the case of our foreign language courses, all courses will be facilitated in English. It helps if you’re able to speak a bit of the local language, so it’s in your best interest to learn a few key phrases in advance of your experience!

You will require a laptop or tablet for your courses. If you do not have one, please complete the optional “Laptop Loaner Form” found in your MyVerto Portal.

Please note that, due to limited availability of laptops, we may not be able to satisfy all requests. Get your request in early!

You will be required to sign an agreement to borrow the laptop, and you may also be asked to make a cash deposit (returned to you, once the laptop is returned to Verto).


Packing lists per location are available on our Location Resources page.

Only Service Animals are permitted on Verto study abroad experiences. Service Animals are entirely location-dependent and subject to the local laws of your abroad experience.

Requests to bring a Service Animal should be made by emailing: d[email protected].

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are not allowed on Verto study abroad experiences.

You will receive housing details including your address, roommates, and general expectations approximately 14 days prior to your departure date.  This information will be posted in your MyVerto Portal along with your Care Team assignment. 

This depends on the location and housing type (e.g. homestay, residence hall, or apartment), but generally speaking, yes. Participants typically have 1 or 2 roommates, but may have more roommates, or more apartment-mates. In locations offering apartments, some may accommodate upwards of 6-8 students, but spread out over 2-3 rooms within the apartment. 

If you wish to request a specific roommate, you can indicate so, along with other preferences, on your Roommate Preference Form in the MyVerto Portal.

If for any medical reason a participant requires a single room, you must request this in advance by starting the conversation with your Student Onboarding Advisor. Please note that we can only accommodate this in some locations and in some cases. You may be required to pay any fee associated with having a single room.

Some Verto locations include partial or full meal plans, and others include access to a kitchen or kitchenette within your housing where you can prepare your own meals! Check out your unique location abroad page to find out whether or not a meal plan is available in your preferred accommodation at your location of choice. 

Regardless of where you’re going, or where you’re staying, you will find amazing food options from delicious cheap eats to award-winning restaurants! And, if you’re eager to hone your culinary skills, you’ll find many fresh markets and grocery stores to choose from. Talk with your local program staff once you’re onsite to get the inside scoop on how to feed yourself like a local, and on a student-friendly budget! 

Most dietary options can be accommodated across Verto locations, however do keep in mind that some cuisines may work better for you than others. It is important you specify your dietary needs on your Health History Form in your MyVerto Portal, and reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor with any questions or concerns.


This varies depending on the location. Please check out our Location Resources for more information on your Study Center.

Your on-site staff are available for any help you may need. You will receive the local emergency phone number for your program prior to departure, and again onsite. Once onsite, you will save this number in your local cell phone! 

If you or your family would like to escalate any questions or concerns, please email the team of your respective location: 

If there is an emergency: 

Contact the local 24/7 emergency phone number for your program. You will also receive the local emergency services phone number for your host country, and can call them as appropriate based on the situation.  

If a family member needs to reach Verto in case of an emergency they can contact Verto’s general emergency phone number: (971) 801-0955.

All Verto locations have public transportation options, and in many locations Verto includes a local transportation pass. However, this is dependent upon your site location. Some sites will not require you to take public transit as the city center is very walkable, and in some cases not accessible by public transit (think narrow old streets that don’t even fit a car!). Check out the location abroad page for your site to see if it’s included.  You’ll learn tons of info and even receive guided practice in taking the public transit in your location during Discovery Week, your first week onsite. If you have additional questions, reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor. 

Check out our Location Resources for information on how setup your phone for usage abroad. If you have additional questions, reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor.

The Verto Student Community is centered on 4 core values: Compassion, Transformation, Responsibility, and Vulnerability.

  • Compassion: Empathetic care for others, and for yourself
  • Transformation: Positive growth and change, adapting for the better. 
  • Responsibility: Owning your experience and your impact on those around you. 
  • Vulnerability: Openness and authenticity in sharing one’s true self.

Discovery is the way we create our community experience on Verto study abroad experiences. It is also how we support students on their developmental journey towards self-authorship (Baxter Magolda 2001) More specifically, Verto Discovery is:

  • A community framework anchored in self-discovery.  Vertoans develop deeper personal, community, and global connections through curated activities and interactions with staff, mentors and one another.
  • Any and all activities/conversations/events created for staff to guide, and students to take agency of their experiences and develop skills as part of the Verto Discovery Learning Outcomes.
  • Unique programming that considers the location and student development journey towards learning about yourself and the world around you.

Financial Services & Billing

In order to be departure ready from a financial services perspective, you must have either paid any balance due in full, have a loan secured and posted to your account,  or set up a payment plan and made timely monthly installments according to due dates.

If you have questions about financial services, billing statements, or payments please reach out to: [email protected]

Looking for further assistance? Schedule a meeting with Financial Services.

Please view Financial Grants & Scholarships page for information about funding options and get in touch with our Financial Services team to learn more about your eligibility. 

If you have a remaining balance after any scholarships or grants, your options include:

  1. Applying for a student loan.
    Use Sparrow, a trusted portal, to research and compare your loan options.
  2. Setting up a payment plan
  3. Paying your balance in full 

If you have any questions about private loans or setting up a payment plan, please contact Financial Services at [email protected].

Billing will open via the MyVertoPortal in May. Communication will be sent to both students and parents when tuition statements are available and payments are due. 

Payment due dates are reflected on the Dates & Deadlines page. All outstanding balances must be paid by the due date listed, or the participant must follow any instructions to set up a formal payment plan.

Inclusion of meals varies by location. Please see location pages for each location’s details.

Looking for additional resources?

Check out our Packing Lists, Arrival Details, and more for your abroad location.