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Access, equity, and affordability are core pillars of Verto’s mission.

We believe that every young adult deserves to have a transformative global education experience on their path toward graduation without breaking the bank.

Roughly 50% of Verto participants receive a combination of scholarships, grants, or institutional aid.

Depending on your eligibility, the tuition for a Semester Abroad Experience may be significantly reduced through Verto’s grants and scholarships.

Participants must submit their FAFSA to our Academic Providers.

Grant & Scholarship Opportunities

In consideration of the family budget, Verto offers abroad locations at different price points and access to the following grants and scholarships:

Accelerated Application Discount

Complete your application (submitted transcript, essay, and completed family admission call) within three weeks and receive a $500 tuition reduction.

Early Enrollment Discount

Secure your spot with a completed application and deposit by December 1 and save $1,000 on your tuition.

The Verto Opportunity Grant

The Fall 2023 Verto Opportunity Grant is available to students demonstrating financial need and scholastic achievement. This award can reduce the out of pocket cost of your Verto Experience by as much as $14,000.

To qualify, students must have:

  • A high school GPA of at least 3.0
  • A 2023-2024 EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of $6,206 or less

The Expected Family Contribution, or EFC, is determined by filing the FAFSA , which opens for the 2023-2024 academic year on October 1, 2022.

To apply for the Opportunity Grant:

    1. File the FAFSA and list Verto’s Academic Provider (The University of New Haven)
    2. Download your Student Aid Report (SAR), which is the document you will receive after submitting your FAFSA.
    3. Upload your SAR and transcript to Verto’s Fall 2023 Opportunity Grant Application (available on October 21st).
    4. Make sure your transcript has been submitted to Verto as well.

Awards are limited so we recommend filing your FAFSA and submitting the Opportunity Grant Application as soon as possible.

*Opportunity Grants cannot be combined with any other Verto grants or scholarships.
*Opportunity Grants cannot be used towards Verto’s London or Florence experiences.
*Opportunity Grants have already been awarded for the Spring 2023 term.

The Verto Scholars Award

Verto’s Fall 2023 Scholars Award is offered to incoming students based on their high school GPA.

Applicants with a GPA of 3.5 or higher will automatically be awarded a Verto Scholars Award in the amount of $5,000.

Students must be admitted to Verto by March 1, 2023 to qualify for this award for Fall 2023.

*This award cannot be combined with the Verto Opportunity Grant.

Verto grant and scholarship recipients must maintain full-time enrollment with the courses offered by the Academic Providers (12 credits or more) in order to maintain their award throughout their Verto study abroad experience.

Verto grants & scholarships are made possible by The Verto Fund.

How to Fund Your Verto Experience

1. Submit the FAFSA to Our Academic Providers

Filing the FAFSA is your first step in order to determine your eligibility for Verto grants. You must add Verto’s Academic Provider (University of New Haven) on the school list.

2. Submit documentation to be considered for Verto Scholarships & Grants

Submit transcripts, Student Aid Report (SAR), and Opportunity Grant Application as seen above to be considered for various Verto Scholarships & Grants.

3. Understand Your Tuition Balance

Review your Verto grants and scholarships to understand your total cost of attendance.

To calculate this:

Verto Location List Price
– Awarded Verto Grants & Scholarships
= Your Total Cost of Attendance

4. Build a Funding Strategy

After you figure out your Total Cost of Attendance, you will need to consider your options for how to pay the remaining balance.

Your additional funding options include:

Learn more about your funding options.

When it comes time to pay your balance, you’ll have options including:

  • Direct Payment– a one time payment for the full amount
  • 5-month installment payment plan– your cost of attendance split up across 5 monthly payments