An Affordable & Accredited 1st-Year Education

Verto offers the only international first-year experience that partners with colleges to give full class credits so you can graduate in four years.

Guaranteed Admission to Partner Colleges

Once accepted into Verto, you are guaranteed acceptance into at least one of Verto’s partner schools with a reserved enrollment spot the following spring or fall.

An Immersive, International Education Experience

Programs are designed to foster self-discovery through journaling, mindfulness training, mentorship, service learning programs and a homestay experience.

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*Verto only partners with well-respected, fully-accredited universities and those partner schools give full credit for our programs as listed below. Attending another school? Like any college transfer, such as tranferring from a 2-year to 4-year program, credit acceptance is at the discretion of the enrolling school. We’d be happy to make some calls for you.

Verto Education

We help College-bound students find a more rewarding & experiential path to the same destination

The Verto Education program is built on the premise that not all students need to (or should) take the same linear path to earning their college degree – that the world offers these amazing experiential education opportunities that too few take advantage of.

Better yet, Verto uniquely partners with a number of U.S. and international colleges to provide legitimate, transferable* college credits so that our programs’ participants can stay on a 4-year graduation timeline.

The Verto Education Story
Map of Verto Locations

Our Programs

Experiential Education Abroad

Verto Education currently offers unique campus programs in England, Italy, and Spain, as well as field semester experiences covering Latin America and the South Pacific.

While the locations, program focuses and individual experiences are different, the attention to detail, participant safety, education and the overall value of the experiences are not.

Explore Our Semester Abroad Experiences

Semester Options Abroad

traditional to adventure scale

Campus Semesters

  • Structured so that students will create their own study schedule during the week and have the weekend to explore
  • Students will have opportunities to meet locals by joining student groups and clubs
  • Half and full-day excursions planned by Verto staff
  • Students are permitted to plan independent weekend travel pending submission of travel form to Verto staff

Field Semesters

  • Structured so that students become closely connected and create a strong sense of community
  • “Traveling classroom” in which students learn where they are
  • Homestay and immersive fieldwork facilitate unique integration opportunities in the local community
  • Field activities planned by staff
  • Independent travel is not permitted; group travel and excursions scheduled throughout

Campus Semesters Abroad

12 Weeks • 16 College Credits


Campus Semester in London

Explore Our England Semester

Semester Course Options:

  • European History
  • International Business
  • Politics of Britain and Europe
  • Sociology: Identity, Politics, & Equity
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • World Literature

15 Weeks • 16 College Credits


Campus Semester in Milan

Explore Our Italy Semester

Semester Course Options:

  • Roman Art (UC course)
  • A Sociological Perspective on Modern Italian Industries (UC Course)
  • International Development
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • World Literature
  • Comparative Philosophy

12 Weeks • 16 College Credits

Costa Rica

Campus STEM Semester in San José

Explore Our Costa Rica STEM Semester

Semester Academic Focus:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

12 Weeks • 16 College Credits


Campus Semester in Madrid

Explore Our Spain Semester

Semester Course Options:

  • Spanish Economics within the European Union
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Spanish Immersion
  • European History
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • World Literature

Field Semesters Abroad

13 Weeks • 16 College Credits

South Pacific


Explore Our South Pacific Semester

Semester Academic Focus:

  • Identity, Politics, & Equity
  • Environmental Science
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • Cultural Anthropology

12 Weeks • 16 College Credits

Latin America

FIELD SEMESTER IN Costa Rica & Panama

Explore Our Latin America Semester

Semester Academic Focus:

  • Spanish Language
  • Global Health
  • Environmental Science
  • World Literature

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