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By Matteo Travers, Verto Discovery Manager

You’ve just joined the Verto Community – congratulations! Your self-discovery doesn’t start once you get on-site; it starts in the months and weeks leading up to your departure. Every action you take to get involved in your community will contribute to you feeling more confident, prepared, and focused for your upcoming abroad experience. 

As you complete your checklists, take advantage of these opportunities now, so that you will be ready when you arrive on-site! Here are 5 ways to get involved in the Verto Community:

1. Join the Discussion on the Student Portal Feed:

Once you enroll at Verto, you gain immediate access to our private social media network – the Student Portal. On the Portal, you can post your introduction on the group feed,  check out other people’s introductions, ask questions, respond to the icebreaker question of the week, and more. 

💡Top tip: Download the app so you don’t miss out on the discussion! Search “Verto Education” in your app store.

2. Connect with your peers and start chatting:

Once you’re in your groups on the Student Portal, I challenge you to make 5 connections by first reading the bios of your peers. Who do you have something in common with, who do you want to learn more about?

You might even meet someone that you’d like to request to be your roommate via the Housing and Roommate Preference form!

Once you connect, start a chat and introduce yourself. This is your community – the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it!

3. Attend Social Events and Workshops:

Nearly every week, there is something happening in the Verto Community! All of our events are co-hosted by students, so you get the chance to practice your leadership and facilitation skills before meeting everyone on-site. Most events are in the evening afterschool so you can join – no prep necessary. Just show up, ready to learn more about yourself and your peers. Plus, you can ask any questions about your checklist items to Matteo and the Student Onboarding Advisors present.

Login to the Student Portal to RSVP today!

4. Participate in Connection Programs:

Are you looking for interesting ways to meet folks? Check out these two opportunities:

Verto Pen Pals: Fill out the quick form below and we will match you with a member of your community headed to the same location as you in the Fall.  We will introduce you personally to a new connection via Chat on the Student Portal, giving you a prompt to break the ice. Then, the rest is up to you!  Apply here.

Community Council: A group of Vertoans that organize various virtual student clubs and activities, creating an environment where y’all can connect and build friendships before the semester starts. It’s also great practice for hosting clubs on site and we already have student clubs like Spanish Club and Astrology Café! Apply here.

5. Reach out to Matteo with ideas:

Do you have an idea for an activity we could do as a group? An idea for a volunteer project on-site? A request for a workshop? Let’s chat! . I love meeting new people and I want to support you in your goals.

In short, getting involved in the pre-departure community is key in preparing for your upcoming experience with Verto. You’ll learn more about yourself and your peers, gain confidence to complete your checklists and flex your leadership skills, and build the foundation for friendships that will enrich your experience in our community.

Want to see if a Verto start to college can work for you? Apply today to get started.