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Campus Semester in London

Welcome to England

Students on the England semester with Verto Education will be based at an AES Study Center in Russell Square with other international students. They’ll take courses with local faculty trained in the Verto method and explore the vibrant city of London through classes and study tours.

In their downtime students can travel to the British countryside, have a curry on Brick Lane, cheer for a local football (soccer!) team, or just relax at one of the many pubs or cafes. England is the perfect destination for artists, history buffs, sports fans, and everyone in between.

The Semester At-a-Glance


12 Weeks

College Credits

16 Credits

Program Cost

Starting at $20,000 USD


Student Residence "Flat" Style


Student responsible for airfare to/from

Academic Partner

Anglo Educational Services, UK (AES)

Anticipated Course Selection

  • Modern European History
  • International Business
  • Introduction to Cultural Geography
  • Politics of Britain and the European Union
  • Rhetoric & Research
  • World Literature

Upcoming Program Dates

* Limited Availability *February 19th—May 17th, Spring 2021 Semester

September—December, Fall 2021 Semester


Location Focus


The International Capital

Your course will use the vibrant city of London as your classroom. You’ll examine one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world through faculty-led study tours and seminars to dig deeper into the rich history and dynamic present of London.

London is a truly global city, and you’ll have the opportunity to discover on your own the treasures (literally) and hidden gems of this dynamic city. An extremely student-friendly city, more than 400,000 University students live and study in London, not to mention the 250,000 international students that choose this city for a semester or full degree program.

*Please note students must be 18 years old by date of departure to participate in the Verto England Semester.*

Arrive in LONDON

ORIENTATION: Get to know London & Your Verto Classes

When you arrive, you’ll have 5 days of on-site Orientation with Program Leaders and Academic Partner staff and faculty. You’ll be led on a neighborhood walking tour, learn how to use the Tube with your Oyster Card, practice your commute to class, meet your instructors, get to know your classmates, and so much more!
Our Program team will make sure your basic needs are met, from operating the laundry machines to navigating a British kitchen.

Navigating Classes + Life Abroad

The first few weeks of your Verto semester will challenge and excite you in new and different ways. You’ll be presented with your syllabi for the semester, map out your assignments, and incorporate study time into your weekly schedule – all while exploring the vibrant city of London! Program Staff will make sure you know about all the opportunities available to get involved with Verto students as well as locals via the AES partnership with University of London.
You can look forward to things like a Double Decker Bus Tour, a visit to Parliament, and a Graffiti tour in East London.

Establishing Your Routine

Soon, you’ll get into a groove and your Verto semester will be off and running! Between studying, going to class, and hanging with your roommates and new friends, faculty will take you all around the city on study tours to museums, exhibits, and workshops.

Soon, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the fabric of the city as much as any local. You’ll start to gain confidence to explore new and different parts of the city independently. With your Oyster card, the city is yours to discover.

Academically, your faculty and Program Team will be there to support you as you prepare for your mid-term assignments and examinations – your first collegiate assessments!

Pondering Life After Verto

Toward the end of your program, you’ll want to decide what your next steps are after Verto. What have you learned about yourself and the world around you? What have you gained? What do you want to explore further? What impact do you want to make on the world?
Verto Program Teams and Central Academic Advisors will be sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision about attending a Verto Partner Institution or doing another Verto semester.

Wrap Up: Review & Reflect

Spend the last few days of the program completing your final assignments, having one last high tea, and putting your experience in England into perspective.

Academic Focus


College Readiness Curriculum Seminar

In collaboration with Verto faculty, Program Leaders will facilitate workshops to help students develop study habits to help them be a successful college student. They’ll learn how to manage their time, study efficiently and effectively, read academic text, prepare for exams, and build confidence in their academic capabilities. Activities in the College Readiness Curriculum are hands-on and directly related to creating strong academic habits that will serve students well beyond their Verto semesters.

Purpose-Finding Workshop

Throughout the semester, Program Leaders will facilitate small group workshops to help students discover their purpose and create an action plan for how to follow through on their goals. Each student is assigned an individual Program Leader mentor who helps students set goals for the program and meets with the student regularly to provide feedback and support around the challenges associated with being abroad. This workshop will help students understand culture shock, cross-cultural communication, mindfulness, and help put their semester abroad into the context of their life and the future.

Community Building

Verto Program Teams will create purposeful activities to build a strong community amongst Verto students. The connections you make during your Verto semester will last a lifetime! In addition to the College Readiness and Purpose-Finding workshops, Program Teams will cultivate a community of acceptance, connection, openness, and support amongst Verto students. There are built-in opportunities for students to learn and grow together as a group with an emphasis on peer relationships and teamwork.

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Important Information

Details about Verto London Semester:


Students will live in flat-style housing. Flats are no more than 30 minutes by public transit from the AES study center.

  • Shared flat with 4-5 Verto students
    • 2-3 students per room
    • Single beds
    • 1 wardrobe per student
  • Shared common areas: kitchen/dining & living room
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Fully furnished bed- and common rooms
  • Includes: 
    • Wireless Internet access
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • “Cooker” (stove)
    • Refrigerator
    • Oven
    • Microwave
    • Washing machine
    • Utensils
    • Crockery/cutlery
    • Linens


There is no meal plan in London.

During Orientation, staff will ensure students know how to operate all cooking equipment in the flat. Staff will also develop programs to help students cook simple, nutritious meals.

Grocery shops are all on nearly every corner in London including Tesco, Asda, Lidl, and co-op markets. Londoners make frequent market trips for food rather than one large weekly trip as refrigerator space is also less than we are used to in the US.


Student Oyster card included in semester fee. This provides access on London Underground (Zones 1-2) as well as City Buses.

As students will be living in the heart of London, getting around by foot and on public transit will become a part of their everyday experience – as it is with all Londoners!


Examples (not all of these will be part of the Verto semester fee, but students can always do them on their own!):

  • Day trip to Stonehenge/Bath
  • Day Trip to Brighton 
  • Museum/study tours: British Museum, British Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, 
  • Theater trip to West End show
  • Tour of Parliament 
  • Double Decker Bus City Tour
  • British Football or Rugby match


Recommend between 500-800 GBP/month

Travel, food, laundry, & other personal expenses. This could be more or less depending on personal spending habits and how much independent travel a student chooses to do.

The Cost of Your Semester Includes:

  • All accommodation while overseas
  • All scheduled events

The Cost of Your Semester Does Not Include:

  • Internal Airfare
  • Meals and snacks
  • Fruit shakes, soft drinks, additional drinks at mealtimes
  • Souvenirs and gifts
  • Medical insurance and treatment
  • Laundry
  • Visa fees
  • Optional activities and associated equipment
  • Food, travel, and accommodation when traveling to, from, or between programs
  • Airline change fees or new tickets for flights to and from programs
  • Any costs associated with early departure from the program
  • Books and other course materials


All classes will take place at the AES Study Center in Russell Square. Classes delivered in London are, in no particular order: 

  • Modern European History
  • International Business
  • Introduction to Cultural Geography
  • Politics of Britain and the European Union
  • Rhetoric and Research
  • World Literature

Safety & Covid-19

The health and safety of our students is always our top priority. We’ve developed stages of planning to address the specific concern of Covid-19. Please read about our Covid-19 safety plan here.

We remain committed to the highest quality programming and success of our students. Please see Verto’s Programming Scenario Plan and Enrollment Guarantee for more details.

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