Campus Semester
in London, England

Connect to the World
in London, England

Watch your coursework in world history, business, and politics come to life in this fast-paced and culturally-rich urban environment.

Enjoy an authentic London lifestyle, plus the inspiring courses, one-on-one support, and cultural immersion opportunities of a Verto Education.

  • Duration

    14.5 Weeks

  • Accommodation

    Student Residence “Flat” Style

  • College Credits

    12-16 Credits

  • Campus Host

    Global Learning Center

  • Program Cost

    $20,000 USD before financial aid

  • Program Dates

    February 19th–May 17th, Spring 2021

    August–December, Fall 2021

Start College withCommunity

Live in apartment-style housing alongside other Verto students and befriend the nearly 1 million local and international students in London. Our experienced staff is on-site to support you and guide you towards a transformative semester.

Take VertoCourses

The museums, sites, and neighborhoods of London become your classroom as you dive into Verto’s experiential learning courses. Study Modern European History while standing inside the Parliament, or about the Politics of Britain directly from records in the British Library!

ExploreLondon &
Greater England

Your program leaders will set you up with everything you need to safely and confidently explore the city independently. You can also opt-in to exciting study tours and excursions with your Verto cohort—like a day trip to Stonehenge, evening at the theater, or British ‘football’ matches!

Sharpen Your Mind

In all Verto classrooms, you’ll enjoy small class sizes, energetic and caring professors, and hands-on learning—going to class will become the highlight of your day.

Earn College Credit

Earn college credit through a selection of fascinating courses including:

Available Courses

Please note that course offerings and programming are subject to change.

Rhetoric and Composition

Strong writing is one of the most important skills for college success and a highly sought-after skill by employers. Get ready to write essays that ‘wow’ and use writing as a tool for deeper reflection, exploration, and analysis of the subjects you care most about.

British Literature

Find yourself through the stories of others and learn what it means to be a global citizen as you dive into British Literature, travel writing from around the world, and writing from global diaspora groups. Enjoy day trips to the real-life backdrops of these writers and their stories, and watch literature come to life before your eyes.

Modern European History

How has modern Europe developed as one of the most important world centers for historical change and development?

Explore the formation of European power, identity, and geography since the 18th century. You’ll dive into the UK’s warehouses of all-things-history—including the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, and the British Library—and discover the primary resources and important artifacts that help uncover Europe’s past.

International Business

As globalisation has led to more and more international business activity, most products consumed daily have become dependent upon the intricate links and alliances that are a feature of doing business in a global economy.

Dive into the complex intersections of the global economy, international banks and development institutions, and political influence. You’ll gain context on the forces that both drive and limit globalisation, and examine questions concerning the sustainability of current models given the pressures that appear to be emerging in a post-Covid 19 world. As one of the world’s centers of commerce and international business, London is a fascinating case study for these themes.

Introduction to Cultural Geography

Using the vibrant and dynamic city of London as your landscape for discovery, you will learn to describe relationships between people, environment, and resources; recognize economic, global, political, and urban organization of space; and describe and analyze the basic patterns of human geography.

You’ll analyze patterns of population, cultural characteristics, agricultural and rural land use, and industrial and economic development—in one of the most densely populated and diverse cities in the world.

Politics of Britain and the European Union

Engage with London’s historical landmarks and museums—such as the National Maritime Museum, the Imperial War Museum, Westminster, Bank of England, Guildhall, and the Old Bailey—in order to unpack themes of imperialism, war, the creation of political, economic, and legal institutions, and more. You’ll also explore the current political challenges facing both Britain and Europe, including Brexit, migration and populism.

Discover Yourself

Students walk away from their London semester with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits; through Verto’s one-on-one counseling and mentorship, you’ll build the confidence, self-awareness and clarity to thrive in college and in life.

Get College Ready

Work with your personal Academic Success Coordinator and College Counselor to develop your game plan for an impactful college career. You’ll get a head start on how to manage your time, study effectively, and adapt to life on campus.

Find Your Purpose

Get clarity on your future goals as you contemplate what you’ve been learning and the type of impact you want to make on the world. Your program leaders will help you reflect on your experiences through group activities and one-on-one check-ins.

Already practicing your
English accent?!

Details About Verto London Semester


Students will live in flat-style housing. Flats are no more than 30 minutes by public transit from the AES study center.

  • Shared flat with 4-5 Verto students
    • 2-3 students per room
    • Single beds
    • 1 wardrobe per student
  • Shared common areas: kitchen/dining & living room
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Fully furnished
  • Includes
    • Wireless internet access
    • All utilities
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Washing machine
    • Linens


There is no meal plan in London. Students have the option to cook in their student residence in shared kitchens or enjoy the diverse culinary scene of London.

During Orientation, staff will ensure students know how to operate all cooking equipment in the flat and will develop programs to help students cook simple, nutritious meals.


Student responsible for airfare to/from London and any internal airfare.

Students have the option for independent travel within the country pending permission from the Verto team.

Oyster card included in semester fee; staff will help students obtain a student metro card and learn how to navigate the metro system during orientation. This provides access on London Underground (Zones 1-2) as well as City Buses.

As students will be living in the heart of London, getting around by foot and on public transit will become a part of their everyday experience—as it is with all Londoners!


Students are given all the support they need to explore London on their own and will have the opportunity to opt-in to Verto’s extra-curricular activities and day trips.

Verto sponsored programming may include

  • Day trip to Stonehenge/Bath
  • Day Trip to Brighton
  • Museum/study tours: British Museum, British Library, Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Theater trip to West End show
  • Tour of Parliament
  • Double Decker Bus City Tour
  • British Football or Rugby match


Recommend between £500-800 GBP/month.

Food, travel, laundry, & other personal expenses. This could be more or less depending on personal habits and independent travel plans.

Included With the Cost of Your Semester

  • All accommodation while overseas
  • All scheduled events
  • Metro card for transportation within the city
  • Books and other course materials

Not Included With the Cost of Your Semester

  • Internal Airfare
  • Meals and snacks
  • Fruit shakes, soft drinks, additional drinks at mealtimes
  • Souvenirs and gifts
  • Medical insurance and treatment
  • Laundry
  • Visa fees
  • Optional activities and associated equipment
  • Food, travel, and accommodation when traveling to, from, or between programs
  • Airline change fees or new tickets for flights to and from programs
  • Any costs associated with early departure from the program


Students must be 18 years old by date of departure to participate in the Verto England Semester.

US passport holders do not need a visa to participate in the London semester.

All passports should be valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the program. If this is not the case, students should renew their passport as soon as possible.

Non-US passport holders should check with the local consulate and will need to obtain the proper visa to participate in the semester.*

*Verto Education is not responsible for any students’ inability to obtain the correct visa for any given semester, and cancellation fees will apply if a student is denied the proper visa. Verto Education cannot overturn any decision made by any Consular or Embassy official. Each student will receive support from Verto’s visa and passport partner, G3 services.

Safety & COVID-19

The health and safety of our students is always our top priority. We’ve developed stages of planning to address the specific concern of Covid-19.

Review Verto’s Covid-19 Safety Plan

We remain committed to the highest quality programming and success of our students. Please see Verto’s Programming Scenario Plan and Enrollment Guarantee for more details.

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