At Verto Education, the health and safety of our participants is a core priority. Family and individual preparations play a big role in ensuring Verto participants are able to have life-changing experiences without interruption. So, what can you do now to prepare? Below, you’ll find information about Verto’s vaccination requirements and some suggestions to help you prepare for your abroad experience.

Verto would like to stress that it does not make official medical recommendations, and the information on this page and throughout our website is in no way intended and should not be interpreted as medical advice. We encourage you to consult your own professional medical practitioner with any questions about our vaccination policies.

Pro-Tip: Lead-time is important with certain vaccinations. Some immunizations involve a series of treatments spanning several weeks. We suggest initiating your vaccinations at least eight weeks prior to your departure date.


Policy Requirements

Verto Education aligns its COVID-19 vaccination policy to comply with local laws.

As such, the following Verto abroad locations do not require vaccination against COVID-19 for Fall 2022 – Spring 2022:

The below Verto abroad locations require all participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for Fall 2022 – Spring 2022. Participants must provide Verto proof of their CDC-approved COVID-19 vaccination. Participants must also meet the criteria for being considered ‘fully vaccinated’ as recognized by the governing authorities in the following abroad locations:

Verto is only able to consider medical or religious exemptions to our vaccination policy where country-specific COVID travel restrictions allow. Verto participants and staff are required to adhere to government-mandated COVID-19-related travel restrictions and protocols – specific to their abroad location – throughout the course of the experience.

The CDC strongly encourages all international travelers to ensure their COVID-19 vaccinations are up-to-date. Know that individuals who seek to travel internationally without documentation of up-to-date COVID vaccinations may be subject to changing travel restrictions and quarantine protocols.  In addition, unvaccinated travelers are exposed to the risks of in-country travel restrictions or limitations for unvaccinated travelers.

Background Information

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Studies have shown they prevent severe illness and death from the virus, and greatly reduce the likelihood of virus transmission and spread. Like hundreds of colleges and universities across North America, Verto is following government requirements, local mandates, public health guidance, and the advice of our medical experts. This approach allows Verto to provide safe and healthy environments for our participants abroad.

Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Vaccination is currently required for all Verto staff members who participate in on-site activities alongside participants in global abroad locations.

Verto Education Mask Requirements

Verto will adhere to all local requirements regarding wearing masks in public spaces. In addition, Verto requires face masks to be worn by all participants and staff while using public transportation, or while using private transportation associated with experiential activities. Verto monitors campus spaces and activities throughout the experience, and adjusts mask requirements in accordance with evolving public health guidance.