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We’re looking for the independent thinkers:

We seek college-bound seniors who want to do a little something different after high school — the independent thinkers who are interested in connecting with the larger world before diving into a traditional college experience. As educators, we recognize that standardized tests can often show only a limited snapshot of a student’s potential, therefore we place heavy emphasis on leadership abilities and community service. If you are an achiever who is world curious and wants to make a difference, Verto is the place for you.

The Application Process:

Step 1: Complete our application

Through Verto Education, you can apply directly to any of our partner schools, similar to the Common Application. Simply fill out our application and indicate the schools you are interested in. If the school you are interested in is not a Verto Education partner school, don’t worry! We will work with you to determine how course credits will transfer to your university.

Step 2: Receive a joint admissions decision

After applying you will be given a joint admissions decision for Verto Education and our partner schools within 2 -3 weeks. No need to wait until May to know which school you’ll be attending next year.

Step 3: Complete one or two semesters abroad

You’ll complete one or two semesters abroad with Verto Education, earning 12+ college credits each term. After your program, you’ll arrive on the partner college’s campus as a 2nd-semester Freshman or 1st-semester Sophomore.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Verto International Leadership Award is designed for graduating high school seniors who have expressed or demonstrated service in their community, an appreciation for diversity, leadership qualities or direct interest in global economic, health, education or humanitarian issues, as recognized by their high school counselors or teachers.

How many students will earn an International Leadership Scholarship?

Verto Education will provide twenty students with a Verto International Leadership Award scholarship which will cover $5,000 toward tuition for either the fall semester or full year program. Five runner-up scholarship awards will be granted in the amount of $1,000 each.

Why School Counselor Nominations?

There is no substitute for the personal insight from school counselors and teachers about their students. The relationships that counselors and teachers build with students ideally positions them to identify potential and talent that is an appropriate fit for international experiences that will benefit the student as well as the country and community in which they are helping.

What is the Eligibility and Criteria for the Scholarship?

As educators, we believe that traditional standardized tests are only snapshots of a students potential. Therefore we weigh student test scores against achievement outside the classroom and rely heavily on the recommendation of the school counselor to inform our decision. By nominating a student for this award, the school counselor has recognized that the student has immense potential, demonstrated service in their community, an appreciation for intercultural diversity as well as an interest in global economic, health, education or humanitarian issues.

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