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High Point University Students are

  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Engaged
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Hands-On Learners

About High Point University

Located in beautiful central North Carolina, High Point University is honored and thrilled to have earned U.S. News and World Report’s Best Regional College in the South and Most Innovative Regional College in the South accolades. Our holistic approach to providing our students with the best tools, facilities and faculty to help you reach and exceed your potential is a hallmark of our experiential learning. HPU places a strong emphasis on life skills. In a world where technology changes daily, technical skills won’t take students through a lifelong career. But life skills — the ability to collaborate, communicate, solve problems and create relevant value in a complex situation — are the skills that serve graduates well for the rest of their lives. If you’re looking for academic excellence, an inspiring campus environment with caring people, then High Point University is the university for you.

Total Student Population Approximately 5,600
Undergraduate Students 4,600
Graduate Students 1,000

Diversity at High Point University

  • 22% Students of Color

Top Majors at High Point University

62 Majors and 49 Minors

High Point University is Part of Verto’s Direct Transfer Program

Through Verto’s Direct Transfer Program, you can gain admission to High Point University based on your academic performance with the courses delivered by the Academic Provider during your Verto study abroad experience. While admission will depend on High Point University’s availability and is ultimately up to their discretion, this route tends to give Verto students who meet the college’s academic criteria a higher chance of admission and a fast-tracked application.

Learn About Verto’s Direct Transfer Program

As the Premier Life Skills University, we at High Point University know the importance of meaningful experiences beyond the classroom. We searched for years to find a partner who valued experiential learning, character development, and the important life skills students need for life beyond college as much as we do. It wasn’t until we heard the Verto vision and became the first partner that we knew we had found the perfect match. The students who enroll at High Point University after a semester with Verto have a unique perspective on their studies and bring value to our special community.

Dr. Kerr C. Ramsay III

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