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Clark University Students are

  • Unconventional
  • Globally Minded
  • Kind
  • Curious
  • Passionate
  • Hard Working
  • Responsible

About Clark University

Changing the World Since 1887: Clark is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, but our students and alumni can be found all over the globe. Here on campus, there’s one lesson they all learn: Those with the courage to challenge convention are the ones who change the world.

At Clark, we believe deep learning moves from the classroom to the world. This is why we structure our curriculum around Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP), which connects classroom learning with action through world and workplace experiences.

Every Clark undergraduate benefits from LEEP, which takes a rigorous liberal arts curriculum into the world at every stage of a student’s academic experience. Clark’s liberal arts curriculum will provide you with vital skills, meaningful opportunities, and the chance to define—and pursue—your ideal career and life path.

Total Student Population Approximately 3,000
Undergraduate Students 2,200
Graduate Students 800

Diversity at Clark University

  • 25% Students of color
  • 12% International students at undergraduate level

Top Majors at Clark University

Clark is excited to partner with Verto because they connect us to students who share our appreciation for the value of global experience and exposure, understanding that these are vital components of higher education in the 21st century.

Meredith Twombly, VP Admissions and Financial Aid

Programs & Organizations

  • 17 athletic teams
  • 9 athletic club teams