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Seattle University Students are

  • Jesuit
  • Urban
  • Holistic
  • Thoughtful
  • Caring
  • Challenging
  • Personal
  • Community

About Seattle University

Seattle University students make a meaningful impact on the world. They’re future focused, fearlessly exceptional and brimming with passion and purpose. They balance self-reliance with interdependence. Knowledge with spirituality. And bravely question accepted norms to advance our understanding of the world. It’s all rooted in Jesuit education, which goes beyond just acquiring knowledge—it’s what you do with that knowledge that is just as important.

“At a Jesuit university we believe in educating the whole person—body, mind, spirit—so it is about a holistic approach to education,” Provost Shane P. Martin said. “Our curriculum and character stretch far beyond the classroom and into the world that surrounds us.”

It all begins here at Seattle University. That first class. That first student club. That moment when you and your peers look around and realize that in a city so full of culture and history, you are prepared to make a difference.

Total Student Population Approximately 7,050

Diversity at Seattle University

  • 54% White
  • 29% Asian
  • 13% Hispanic
  • 10% International
  • 6% Black

Top Majors at Seattle University

Seattle University's Jesuit mission centers on helping students develop a mindset of both internal growth as well as building an understanding of the world around you. We believe that the experiences students have as part of our Verto partnership delivers an exciting pathway for students who wish to have a meaningful global experience.

Programs & Organizations