• Complete Participant Portal Checklists

    Help your participant upload documents, complete pre-departure modules, receive important information, and communicate with their Verto peers in the Participant Portal.
  • Apply For or Renew Passport if Needed

    Help your participant acquire or renew their passport ASAP. Passports must be valid for 6 months after program end date for all locations except Spain, which requires 12 months after program end date. View our Passport Guide here.
  • Stay Up-to-date with Health & Safety Requirements

    Understand how Verto works to safeguard your participant while abroad via our Health & Safety page.
  • Financial Grants & Scholarships

    Don’t miss key payment due dates and more at Financial Grants & Scholarships.
  • Academic Credit Compliance Status

    Participants are required to enroll in 12- 15 credits per semester delivered by our Academic Provider, the University of New Haven. This is a full course load typical for a first year university student.
  • Review the Verto Policies Page

    Review the Verto Policies Page on the website with your participant.
  • Consult our College Counseling, Advising, and Transfer Services Team

    Start to formulate what is next for your student after their experiences abroad with Verto. Let’s brainstorm or pin it down together! Email your college counselor. If you do not know who your college counselor is, please email [email protected].