set expectations together!

Please speak with your Verto Participant about the importance of communication and how they will share information with you.

Do you follow them on social media? How often will you facetime or chat by phone?

Understanding it is natural for young adults to be less communicative as they are away from home and establishing themselves as young adults, families should prepare themselves for less regular or one-sided conversations.

Other times, participants may also take their concerns and even emergency situations back to their family for help before contacting Verto staff for help. Verto considers parents and guardians as partners in supporting their young adult’s higher education journey, however, it is important that young adults learn to advocate for themselves and bring their needs to Verto staff who are there to help (and in the same time zone).

Additionally, It is also important to note that participants gain some new rights when they enter the college setting. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives the right of access to the education records of students attending university to the students themselves, regardless of age. Even if a participant is a minor, parents and guardians may not access participant education records without consent of the participant, or unless an exception to FERPA applies. Your participant will need to choose to sign a FERPA release to gain access to important information but it is even better to set up clear communication with your Vertoan from the beginning.