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Crimes may be committed anywhere in the world, even in your own hometown. However, crime in an unfamiliar place can seem much more unsettling to families at home when their loved ones are abroad. While it is also the participants responsibility to keep themselves safe and avoid risky behaviors, Verto supports your participant through:

Advice on preventing pickpocketing, avoiding local scams, and how to navigate local culture by blending in rather than acting like a tourist.


24/7 emergency phones answered by Verto staff in each location and at our U.S. home office.


Experienced, well-trained staff who understand our Vertoans and are responsive to their needs.


Dedicated Health & Safety Director who continuously monitors U.S. State Department (provide link) resources, updates, and international news.


Multiple access points for participants to learn about Health and Safety specific to each city and country.


Individual participant enrollment with AXA/Travel Assist Emergency Services through CISI Insurance.


Review of Verto emergency protocols and emergency plans.


Regular updates as to local conditions and explanations why events may be taking place, e.g. political protests, social justice demonstrations.