with your Verto participant

Have you applied for your passport?

We might need to pay for expedited service if your Verto experience starts in less than three months. If you need help with getting or renewing your passport, check out Verto’s Passport Guide.

Does the country where you are studying require a visa?

Check out the “Details About” section on the bottom of each location page to find your answer (section: visa, passport, and age requirements).

Have you talked with your Verto College Counselor about what schools you are interested in or how to transfer the credits you’ll earn via the Academic Provider, UNewHaven?

Check out the College Counseling, Advising, and Transfer Services page on the Verto Website (Under the Admissions & Financial Services tab).

Have you worked out a budget for your time abroad?

How can I send you money? Do you know the exchange rate or if there are ATM fees? Are you setting aside money for unexpected expenses, such as seeing a doctor?

Have you thought about how to pay for the program? Have you looked at the cost of flights? Will financial assistance cover any of the cost? Do you know when the final payment is due?

Check out the Financial Services and Scholarships page on the Verto website (under the Admissions & Financial Services tab).

Have you thought about what it will be like to live away from home? Have you submitted your housing preferences?

Participants will submit housing preferences in their Student Portal.

Do you need to visit the doctor before you leave?

Do you need any vaccinations or to have your medication(s) refilled?

Do you have copies of your prescriptions, passport, accounts, and passwords?

Please leave me copies of these items if you feel comfortable so that I can help you if needed.

Is your phone “unlocked”? How will you call us?

Verto participants must maintain a working phone with a local number that is NOT dependent on WiFi so Verto can reach any participant in case of an emergency.