Last updated on March 27th, 2020

Looking ahead, we anticipate our Fall 2020 semesters abroad to run as planned. As the safety of our students is always our primary concern, we continue to monitor the COVID -19 situation closely and to take an abundance of caution concerning the well-being of our students. We have made a commitment to our students through the Verto Education Enrollment Guarantee to offer courses in the Fall regardless of the mode of delivery. In other words, should any semester be canceled, for any reason, we are committed to ensuring that Verto students are college freshmen in the fall and earn full credit for their semester, allowing them to transfer to their partner college as planned. We are also fully committed to ensuring all our students are on track to enroll at a partner institution where they have been or will be accepted.

In the interest of student well-being, we made the difficult decision to bring our current Spring 2020 semester students home early from their semesters in Costa Rica and New Zealand. Based on advice from our Director of Health and Safety, Dave Dennis, we made this decision in an effort to avoid potential border closures and travel restrictions. Our students will continue their Verto semester electronically and will still gain full credits for the program to stay on track to graduate in four years. We rely on expertise from International SOS, the Center for Disease Control, the US Department of State’s country-specific travel, and guidance coming from the World Health Organization.

On a more reflective and less formal note: If the coronavirus teaches us anything, it’s that human beings are all connected and that we all share responsibility for each other’s well being. Part of Verto’s mission is for our students to grow in maturity, confidence, empathy and other important life skills. We believe this semester’s students will emerge more confident, independent-minded, and able to handle a complex world. We are using this as a teaching moment, and encouraging students to reflect, stay calm, and treat each other with compassion. Although we would never have wished for this situation and the negative impact it is having on so many lives, we will use this as an opportunity to improve ourselves and do our part to create a better future. Our response to our surroundings is all any of us can control. As leaders, we are determined to act responsibly, and model both calm and care. We invite you to join us in this approach, in each of our daily lives.

No matter how this global situation is impacting you, everyone here at Verto is sending you our best wishes. We are here, we are with you, and are working tirelessly.

Please feel free to contact us directly about our semester programs and safety precautions.