Last updated on May 19th, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve daily, but there are global signs that the situation is moving in a positive direction. Countries worldwide continue to loosen their internal restrictions through a series of phased stages, deaths from the virus are slowing, and many medical and science experts are expressing signs of cautious optimism. As global citizens, we all have a shared responsibility to continue practicing social distancing, using proper hygiene, and following the advice of medical experts to continue this positive trend. 

At Verto Education, we continue to anticipate our Fall 2020 semesters abroad to run as planned, and we’re working closely with our local partners to ensure student safety remains a priority. We anticipate knowing whether or not we’ll need to make notable adjustments to our campus programs by June 15th, 2020. Since our field programs are more agile, we’re looking to make final decisions on these itineraries by the end of July. As always, Verto Education remains committed to monitoring global events and providing transparent updates to our students and families. Adding to this, we have made a commitment to our students through the Verto Education Enrollment Guarantee to offer courses in the Fall regardless of the mode of delivery. In other words, should any semester be canceled, courses would be delivered in a variety of ways including relocating programs to domestic locations (i.e. Hawaii), delivering online courses, or a combination of both. The point is that all Verto students will earn full credit for their semester(s) allowing them to transfer to their partner college as planned. We are also fully committed to ensuring all our students are on track to enroll at a partner institution where they have been or will be accepted.

On a more reflective and less formal note: If the coronavirus teaches us anything, it’s that human beings are all connected and that we all share responsibility for each other’s well being. Part of Verto’s mission is for our students to grow in maturity, confidence, and empathy, and the current pandemic underscores the significance of these values. As a leader in higher education, we are determined to act responsibly and model a sense of calm, compassion, and care for one another. We invite you to join us in this approach as we continue to navigate challenging times.

Please feel free to contact us directly about our semester programs and safety precautions.