Verto Education’s Fall Programming Scenario Plan

In these unprecedented times, we at Verto Education are focused on providing students, parents, and counselors with clear, calm, and transparent communication. Colleges around the world are asking – what will the fall semester look like? Seniors who have missed life milestones, such as prom and graduation, are wondering if their freshman year will suffer the same fate of socially distanced classrooms and remote learning. 

Many students, parents, and high school counselors have asked good questions about scenario planning. If you are reading this, you likely share the same questions. At Verto, transparency and open communication are core organizational values. With that in mind, we are sharing with you our full plan to ensure that students will start college with us, in-person, this fall. 

By this point you likely know what makes college with Verto Education so different: 

  • A better way to start college: Starting college with Verto gives students a leg up on life, both academically and in life experience.
  • College admissions: Applying to partner colleges directly through Verto can increase the chances of admission to your reach school.
  • Affordable semesters: Verto offers the highest-quality college semesters in the world at an affordable price.

What you might not know about Verto, is that we are more likely to safely operate in-person classes this fall than most colleges worldwide. Why?

Many colleges may be forced to run exclusively online courses this fall because of their dependence on brick and mortar facilities on one main college campus. However, Verto Education is positioned to deliver our courses and semesters in varied locations, both within and outside of university campuses. This agility allows us to remain committed to our belief that the most impactful education experiences happen in person, not online or bound by a classroom.

Scenario A: Verto Education Semesters Abroad, as Planned

We continue to monitor the evolving pandemic very closely. There are early trends indicating progress towards stabilization, and we’re cautiously optimistic that this progress will continue. Here are a few reasons why, with nearly five months to go before the semester starts, we are feeling confident in our ability to offer an in-person semester of college. 

Multiple Locations

Verto Education: With locations in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and England, Verto will have multiple options to run our semesters safely. As always, safety is our first priority, and we are closely monitoring progress in particular in partnership with our local campus partners.

Traditional Colleges: A college typically only has one location. If that area is still a high-risk area (NYC, San Francisco or Boston, for example), they may need to cancel in-person classes and provide only a distance learning option for the start of the semester.

Small Class Sizes

Verto Education: With a 7 to 1 staff to student ratio, we have small group sizes. Simply put, we don’t have large halls and auditoriums full of students. Our field semesters, in particular, are mobile units prioritizing immersive education experiences without the need to gather in large groups. If necessary, this will allow us to more effectively implement social distancing and other safety measures fluidly.

Traditional Colleges: College campuses are essentially small cities, and they will likely have a harder time opening up, much akin to concerts and sporting events. Even if they do open up, students will likely need to practice social distancing on campus which could include alternating between days in a lecture hall and online for their courses.

Student Experience

Verto Education: Verto always puts every dollar of tuition directly towards ensuring the best student experience, and we will not make any cuts toward providing the best possible education anywhere in the world this fall. Our investment in the student experience also benefits local economies and communities. 

Traditional Colleges: Keep in mind that many colleges will need to make significant cutbacks for this fall, which has the potential to negatively impact student experience. Many colleges are struggling financially, and this instability is worthy of consideration by students and parents.

Scenario B: Domestic Semester in Hawaii

If at any point, domestic travel is the only possible and safest option, students enrolled elsewhere can join our Hawaii semester. Here are the reasons Verto chose Hawaii as the location for our US semester:

  • Hawaii provides an incredibly immersive and engaging cultural experience, while still being a domestic location. Semesters in Hawaii will allow Verto to continue running incredible programs without the potential and varied concerns of international travel health and safety.
  • Hawaii has maintained very low numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from coronavirus. These numbers are expected to continue to decrease, and our trusted partners feel confident in our ability to run programs here in the fall. 
  • We have an amazing team of program leaders and talented college faculty, in addition to a beautiful basehouse in Hawaii that will provide students with an exceptional experience and learning environment.

All of our normal safety protocols, course sizes, and student experiences will remain in place during our Hawaii semester. Delivering a program within the U.S. allows us to confidently deliver a successful semester if lingering health concerns remain or a resurgence of illness develops internationally.

Scenario C: Verto Global Impact Year (Hybrid Semester)

With Verto’s Global Impact Year, you’ll earn a full year of college credits that will transfer seamlessly to a partner university. You’ll take experiential courses to explore the world’s most interesting and relevant issues. You’ll cultivate a sense of purpose and create community with peers and faculty. And, you’ll travel the world.

The fall semester is about diving into the world’s current affairs, with all of its complexity. With a global pandemic sweeping the globe and the 2020 election front and center, Verto’s Global Health and Truth and American Politics courses are incredibly relevant. Combined with our Critical Thinking and Rhetoric & Composition courses, the Fall online semester challenges you to meet the moment head-on as a thinker, scholar, and dynamic member of your community, your nation, and our world.

For two weeks during this fall semester, take part in the Verto Summit in the beautiful woods of California. Through activities, workshops, and speakers, you’ll grow as a leader, hone in on your passions and motivations, and share with your peers how your identity, values, and beliefs shape your experience. Bring your whole self to the Summit and build relationships with your cohort as the foundation for an incredible spring semester abroad.

The Verto Education Promise

Simply put, Verto Education is the most dynamic and agile college experience in the world. Our guarantee is to always put the safety of our students first, to provide the best 1st-year college experience in the world, and to innovate within higher education. We will continue to communicate with you transparently about our fall plans and remain agile with adjustments as needed. If any institution is safely running an in-person semester of college this year, it will be Verto Education.

Do you have further questions about Verto Education’s Fall Semester planning? Our President and Executive Leadership Team is available and cares. Reach out to us directly, anytime.

– Mitch, Mallory, Ben, Michael, Erin, Steve and Dave


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