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Fijian Sunset

At Verto Education, we aim to provide meaningful international education with fewer of the barriers. In the spirit of inclusion, affordability, and enrichment, we model our programs and partnerships to ensure that students are positioned for academic success and will graduate in the traditional four-year timeline. 

Despite this season of uncertainty in our world, Verto has not wavered from this mission. We continue to focus on the health and safety of our students as our primary concern. We also continue to plan for the futures of our students – now more than ever – to ensure that students are on track to achieve their higher education goals. 

To that end, we would like to share our commitment to seamless direct enrollment. 

It is our pledge to students that we remain committed to ensuring they are on track to enroll at a partner institution where they have been or will be accepted. 

Although higher education institutions and incoming students around the globe face many challenges, we want to assure you that Verto is well-positioned to launch programs abroad. Verto offers operations in multiple countries which allows us to be flexible if for any reason one location is unavailable due to public health status. In the case that a student would need to select a different available program, Verto would do everything possible to ensure the accessibility of that alternative; whether that be through reimbursement of the difference for a lower-cost program or striving to make the program more affordable for families. In the unlikely scenario that alternative program affordability is an issue, the direct enrollment commitment ensures that the family would be fully refunded. 

Furthermore, Academic Provider courses will be offered regardless of the mode of delivery. Our commitment to ensuring high-quality academic experience is integral to our mission. That includes securing students’ futures by honoring partner college acceptances and keeping students on track to graduate as planned. Although it is extremely unlikely, in the case that all locations around the globe were canceled, courses would be delivered in a variety of ways including domestic programming, online courses, or direct matriculation to partner colleges. As always, should Verto have to cancel any programs and not have a suitable and equivalent international experience replacement, the deposit and all tuition would be fully reimbursed. 

With our commitment to seamless direct enrollment, there is little risk in moving forward with students’ enrollment in the program of their choice. We have an entire team in place that is devoted to safety, run by experts in travel and risk-management. 

As we all grow in our adaptability through this global pandemic, we continue to encourage our students and staff to act with empathy, patience, and understanding. In fact, our combined experiences with international education are what have taught us the value of making choices through this lens of shared humanity. More than ever, Verto believes in the purpose of international education and we encourage incoming freshmen to embody that purpose by forging ahead and planning for a better future. 

Please feel free to contact us directly about our semester programs and safety precautions.