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Get an overview of Verto’s immersive course structure from Spring 2022 student Talaith Campbell. 

***This is an example of a student’s experience from Spring 2022. Specific programming and activities are subject to change semester by semester.

Class on your semester will not just be an introductory college course but an immersive experience in your given location. Verto takes care in finding professors that prioritize your cultural immersion and are skilled in bringing it into the course content. Professors are aware that you are on a study abroad experience and do their best to incorporate experiential learning at all times. Now, don’t worry, course content is still the priority and your lecturers are sure to be very proficient in their subject matter. The immersive experience Verto provides simply adds context and complexity to the in-class experiences.

Whether you’re spending class time in a museum, at a play, or on a walking tour, your understanding of course material is sure to increase. Class might also look like an overnight excursion or day trip to a relevant location. While you may not be sitting taking notes and listening to a lecture, course content is always being shared. For example, your art history professor might ask what you can draw from the architecture of a certain cathedral, or your theater professor may ask about the production style of a certain play excursion.

In my two semesters with Verto, my favorite excursion was to the Alhambra Palace in Granada. The Alhambra Palace is one of the most famous monuments in Spain and was Charles V’s fortress. It is often recognized as the most important remnant of the Islamic period within the Iberian Peninsula. While the Verto excursion to Granada wasn’t all class focussed, the morning spent in the Palace greatly expanded my understanding of Islamic artifacts and building styles as discussed in previous art history lectures. An important part of your Verto semester is making connections both inside and outside of the classroom. With all of the new experiences you will have, focus on drawing conclusions and a greater depth of understanding, that way you make the most of your semester!