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Determine whether a Verto experience is right for you with the help of Spring 2022 student Talaith Campbell. 

***This is an example of a student’s experience from Spring 2022. Specific programming and activities are subject to change semester by semester.


When applying to Verto, you might have questions about whether or not it will be a good fit for you. I won’t lie, I think Verto really can be a good experience for everyone. Verto has something to offer for all different types of people and can appeal to many personalities and interests. However, you will only get as much out as you put in. So, who is Verto for? People who care about their education, growth as an individual, and being part of a supportive community. If that sounds like you, you’re good to go. Still unsure? See if any of these resonate with you…


Are you working towards a college degree?

If you’re going towards an undergraduate degree, Verto is the ideal stepping stone from high school to university. With a multitude of partner schools, your Verto college counselor will support you in finding a best fit school and help you continue your academic career even after your program ends. Verto offers courses covering a variety of subjects ranging from Environmental Science to Political Science. With growing class offerings, you can take a well rounded course selection that allows you to explore all of your interests. Verto is also partnered with digital bootcamps and internship programs for students not interested in attending a four year college right after Verto. 


Do you like to travel?

On a Verto semester, not only will you be traveling to your chosen destination, you will also have many opportunities to venture out on your own. On top of Verto scheduled and sponsored trips, at many destinations you will be able  to travel internationally on your own. If you are on a Verto semester in Europe, how about a trip to Paris? Or a tour of Scotland’s highlands? With every location so accessible, it’s hard to say no to a weekend trip. If you’re in Costa Rica, you’ll get the opportunity to travel around the country and have first-hand exposure to the unique and flourishing culture. 


Are you a social person (or trying to become one)?

It’s more than easy to make friends while on a Verto semester. With so many people in the same place it would be hard not to find some people you relate to. The beauty of the Verto program is that even if you’re from different backgrounds, you and your peers fundamentally share some things in common; we all chose to start college abroad. Travel is such a unique bonding experience! Plus, the local community is yours to explore. If branching out isn’t typically your thing, try reaching out to some people at a local university. Don’t be afraid to go up to people when you’re out or try looking up local university open days, it’s easier than you think!