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We hope you are doing well and remaining healthy during these challenging and unique times. We recognize that there’s a high degree of uncertainty in many aspects of our lives these days so thought it would be helpful to know what can be expected as we look towards the fall semester at Verto Education.

Currently, we are planning to run all of our fall programs, both campus and field based semesters, as scheduled. Together with our global partners, we remain confident in our ability to provide students with a safe and responsible learning environment. As we’ve all come to understand, the landscape of international travel has changed for the foreseeable future; Verto will be prepared to operate our programs safely and responsibly as soon as travel resumes. 

Already this year, we’ve enhanced our health and hygiene practices to ensure our students, staff, and local communities are fully aligned with health professional recommendations. These enhancements will remain in place permanently going forward. We also took definitive and early action to return our Spring semester students home early and moved our academics online to allow students to complete their courses and earn college credits. We’re prepared to take similar action again should the need arise. 

Now we’re looking towards the fall semester and developing protocols to continue these advancements. This starts with enhanced screening prior to travel to understand individual travel history, potential exposure to illness, and personal wellness at time of departure. Throughout the semester, improved protocols will continually focus on identifying and preventing transmission of illness and increasing medical and mental health support. This becomes particularly significant when interacting with local community members to ensure visitors do not unknowingly or inadvertently transmit foreign illness. While our existing protocols were effective and aligned within industry standards, the current pandemic has given us a deeper understanding and sense of obligation to our larger community.

Verto Education strongly believes in the power of collaboration, cooperation, and engagement to overcome challenges similar to what we’re experiencing currently. We’re actively engaging in discussions with the broader study abroad, Gap Year, and international travel industries.

We will continually update you on these advancements. As of now, we promise to continue to monitor events, remain nimble and open to changes, and make responsible decisions to preserve your semester abroad experience.