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Where will Verto students study in 2022?!

Updated August 15, 2022

Verto is proud to announce 2 new International First Year College Programs for the Fall of 2022. In addition to our existing international programs in London, UK; Florence, Italy; Seville, Spain; and Turrialba, Costa Rica, Verto will launch new programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Prague, Czech Republic.

Each of these new locations offers unique cultures, historical landmarks, and amazing access for outdoor excursions.

Buenos Aires street view

Buenos Aires, Argentina

With Costa Rica as our largest program in 2021 and growing student demand for Spanish language immersion opportunities, Buenos Aires was an obvious choice for Verto. As Argentina’s capital and most important historical center, Buenos Aires features charming architecture, a dynamic lifestyle, and warm welcoming people. Student excursions could include trips to the San Telmo Market to watch the Tango street performers, polo matches, or perhaps guided tours of La Boca neighborhood!

Prague city view. Enjoy views of the beautiful Charles Bridge during your study abroad in Prague.

Prague, Czech Republic

For students who want to explore Eastern Europe, Prague has been the destination of choice since the fall of the Soviet empire in the early 1990s. Prague today is a vibrant university town full of history, medieval architecture, and so much art to discover. Imagine walking to class along cobblestone streets that look like they are out of a fairy tale! Local excursions could include Karlštejn Castle, Koneprusy Caves, or perhaps a boat ride on the Vltava River.

Saying Goodbye to Hawaii

With the return of international travel following the COVID-19 lockdowns, we are returning our full focus to expanding our international locations. As such, we will not offer our Hawaii program for the Fall of 2022. A year ago, we made the decision to launch a Hawaii semester as a response to COVID. We wanted to offer students the opportunity to study with Verto at a time when international travel was significantly disrupted. But now that most international borders are open and public health systems have adapted to COVID, Verto students can feel confident that future disruptions are highly unlikely. If you had your heart set on Hawaii, our Costa Rica program offers a similar tropical environment with lush rainforests surrounding our campus and trips to the beach available as excursions.

Where might we go next?

There’s a lot to prepare for our new locations in Fall of 2022, but we’re already thinking about what might follow. Expanding the diversity of our locations and providing access to more unique cultures is our priority for the future. We are exploring new destinations in South East Asia and looking to reopen our South Pacific program. With the largest populations on earth, China and India are increasingly important members of the international community and could make great additions to the Verto family. We believe that there are amazing opportunities for students throughout Africa and the Middle East as well. 

We’d love to hear which existing programs you’re most excited about and where you think we should go next.