Please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Ensure you have completed all of the required Academics items in your Student Portal, including registering for courses and sharing a copy of your high school transcript(s), previous college transcripts (if applicable), and test scores (AP and/or IB). Email those documents to registrar@vertoeducation.org.  

Review the Verto Attendance policy and other academic policies, and attend all of the academic orientation sessions leading up to departure.

Please come prepared to put your best efforts into your academics during your time with Verto!

Questions prior to departure should be directed to your Student Onboarding Advisor. 

Once in location you can reach out to your Academic Success Coordinator and Student Life Coordinator for support.

All participants are responsible for requesting their official transcripts from their Academic Provider – Verto cannot do this for you. Towards the end of your time abroad with Verto you will receive communication from Verto with directions to request your transcript.

All academic accommodations must first be approved by University of New Haven (UNH) . Verto participants can begin that process by completing this form. Students must also complete the ‘Academic Accommodations’ form in the Verto Student Portal. 

UNH takes a holistic approach in determining eligibility for accommodation and will review all information that a participant submits. Once accommodation has been approved, our team will work with you to set up meetings with the relevant faculty to assess what the accommodation will look like in their classrooms.

Course selection information and instructions will be provided via the Student Portal. 

Please login to your Student Portal to access and familiarize yourself with the course selection guides (for guidance on course interests by location). If you are attending Verto as part of a program through a partner university, please view the channel partner registration guides for help mapping credits to those specific partner schools. You may also want to take a look at our website to browse course offerings there.  

You will be notified via email and the Student Portal when course registration is open.

If you have questions about course registration, email courses@vertoeducation.org

You will have a designated Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) on-site who can provide various levels of academic support and tutoring outside of the classroom. This coaching can include one-on-one meetings, study groups, and more. Your ASC can help direct you to further resources if needed.

Add/drops are made during the first week of classes.  Participants must contact their ASCs to make these changes.

It’s very likely that you will have class every day of the week Monday through Friday, but not guaranteed. Your course schedule depends on course registration and availability, the number of courses you are taking, and the number of course credits you are enrolled in. Please note that in some Verto locations, there may be mandatory experiential learning activities or programming activities that take place outside of traditional class time.

In order to participate with Verto, you must take a minimum of 12 credits. The credits allotted to each course vary, with one course usually counting towards 3 or 4 credits on average. Participants typically take 4 or 5 courses. If you want to take more than 5 courses, you must seek approval from the Verto academic team by emailing courses@vertoeducation.org.