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Verto is on a Mission to Make Higher Education Accessible,
Affordable, and Achievable for All

Portland, Oregon – (November 7, 2019) – Today, Verto Education, a company that has created a new freshman year abroad college program, announced $6.3 million in funding. The company will use the funding to pursue its mission to bring international education to all students, with more affordable tuition, coupled with a character building travel experience. Investors include First Round Capital, GSV Ventures, 10xImpact, Box Group and strategic investors.

Founded in 2018, Verto has re-imagined a freshman year in college, getting students out of the classroom and into the world for a once in a lifetime educational and cultural experience, without derailing or delaying the full four-year college path. Verto is the only international freshman year experience that partners with colleges to give full class credits so you can graduate in four years. That admission to partner colleges flows directly through Verto. Verto’s goal is to positively impact student outcomes including 4-year graduation rates, while also developing student character, resilience, and emotional maturity.

Verto was created on the foundation of three principals:


Verto provides students of all different types of backgrounds, income levels, and academic performance with an innovative path towards higher education. Completing a Verto semester or year program, helps students gain admission to highly sought after universities.


Verto was designed to give students the opportunity to see new countries while graduating in four years at the same cost, if not less, than a typical semester of college. The tuition that is collected goes directly back into the programs and students.


Verto helps students gain a fresh perspective on the world. Spending a few months abroad helps students gain a better understanding of themselves and what they want to do with their lives.

I am a first generation college student, and the decision to attend Verto was the best decision I could have made to start my college journey,” said Nayeli Hernandez from San Pablo, California. “I am currently overseas in Asia exploring and immersing myself within the different cultures here!”

Acceptance to Verto Education also streamlines acceptance to one of 27 Verto Partner Colleges. Students apply to the Verto program and partner colleges and universities simultaneously through a single common application. Programs are designed to foster self-discovery through education both in and out of the classroom. Verto semester components include service learning, homestays, and a life skills curriculum that helps accelerate students growth to be able to flourish on a college campus. Weekly structured reflection gives students a sense of who they are and want they want from their university career.

“We believe strongly that we need a fresh approach to college and that the current model prioritizes wealthy students and has artificial barriers,” said Mitch Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO, Verto Education. “Through our innovative approach to a freshman year at college, we help our students mature, build emotional awareness, empathy, learn, and gain admission to a great four-year college. This is transformative not only for their college experience, but for the rest of their lives”

“We have been blown away by the Verto team’s passion and commitment to revolutionizing how higher education can be experienced,” said Phineas Barnes, Partner at First Round Capital. “Higher education has needed a new, innovative approach for a long time, and we are thrilled to be a part of accelerating Verto’s growth.”

“Verto brings much needed innovation to the Higher Education system,” said Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner at GSV Ventures. Their model delivers a high return on education by lowering costs, and increasing access while enhancing learning outcomes and experiences for incoming freshman college students.”

The funding will be used to support growth of new programs/locations, fund scholarships for more students, and the development of life skills programs. To learn more visit:

About Verto Education:
Verto Education is the company reimagining the 4 year college degree by uniquely offering freshmen year study abroad programs. Verto is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a shared passion for education and travel. The company’s mission is to make higher education accessible, affordable, and achievable for all by providing an innovative, enriched way for students to incorporate travel and learning into a four-year college degree. Hundreds of students have already graduated or applied to Verto and are currently pursuing degrees at 27 partner schools. Verto is backed by prominent investors including First Round Capital, GSV, 10xImpact, Box Group Verto gives out numerous college scholarships each year, to apply visit

To learn more visit: