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Experience the rich cultural heritage of Florence with Spring 2022 student Emily Wange! 

***This is an example of a student’s experience from Spring 2022. Specific programming and activities are subject to change semester by semester.

It is crazy to think that two months ago I was working my many jobs all across Dallas, Texas. Now, thanks to this amazing opportunity, I am here studying in the culturally rich city of Florence! I chose Italy amongst the many wonderful locations that Verto offers because of the ample amount of art, architecture, and fashion here, not to mention how easy it is to travel through Europe on the weekend from where we are located. Traveling around the city is just as easy! Almost everything can be accessed by foot from my apartment. The best thing is that there is so much to see here, even on your walk to class because Verto’s program is in the historic district of Florence. 

I am so fortunate to walk along the riverside and pass by historical world-renowned landmarks that have been there even long before my hometown in Texas was founded. I am only a ten-minute walk from the stunningly gorgeous Duomo sitting next to the cathedral and bell tower. Verto even took us one day to the bell tower to climb the many stairs and see a breathtaking view of the sunset. The ticket price was also covered by the Verto staff we had to do was show up and enjoy! 

Since being here, I have had more gelato than in my entire life and feel that I am a true gelato connoisseur now. The Verto staff told us all the tips and tricks on how to identify if the gelato shop is a tourist trap or an authentic gelateria that is natural and worth the euros. Verto has taken us to various gelaterias and all have been paid for by Verto! I love how fresh the food is here, thankfully the government has cracked down on the use of preservatives and MSG so that the food is always guaranteed fresh and much more natural than how it would be in the states. One of the best restaurants here is just around the corner for me and I was able to experience it when the Verto staff took us to lunch during orientation week. 

We had various plates of pasta that were made to order fresh. The Verto staff has been very helpful with any questions we might have whilst adjusting to the new lifestyle here and are just a call away if we need them. I am so thankful for how approachable the Florence team is and am excited every time they inform us of the next event they have planned for us. I am so excited to see what the rest of my Verto Florence experience has in store for me!