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In light of the recent admissions scandal, it is clearer than ever that proactive change is needed in the higher education system to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for students of all backgrounds. At Verto Education we believe that new and innovative models are essential to shifting the educational paradigm. Part of our mission is, and will always be, to increase accessibility for students around the country. We can no longer assume that slow action will solve this problem. Bold, impactful ideas are needed now, and we need leaders to stand up and advocate for action. We are proud to work with partner colleges who understand this and are partnering with Verto because they believe in opportunity and accessibility for all. Verto is just at the beginning of our journey to create a better path to college for students. We vow to keep pushing boundaries and not conflate wealth and privilege with a better education.


– Mitch, Mallory, Ben & the Verto Education Team