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Verto students learn from local experts from around the world on their Hybrid and in-person semesters.

We get it. This year is not what anyone expected. Zoom classes just aren’t the same and you’re worried about missing out on making new friends, joining clubs, and having an exciting first year of college.

We don’t blame you and that’s why we’ve created an engaging virtual semester that will not only keep you coming back for more; but set you up for future college success, by building the knowledge and skills necessary in your personal, professional and academic life. Just like our Verto team, you’ll become family with people you’ve never even met, IRL, in no time.

You may have heard about our Global Impact Semester, where students will take experiential courses to explore the world’s most interesting and relevant issues, using the Minerva platform. We’re so excited about this semester where you can earn a full load of college credits that meet general education requirements and keep you on track to graduate in four years.

Anyone who knows Verto knows that our philosophy centers around building community and a sense of belonging. We know that community is central to an optimal learning process and the way we see it, our semesters simply cannot exist without it. That’s why we’ve taken our Global Impact Semester to the next level, by prioritizing innovative ideas that will help you build profound relationships and get the support you need.

Our cohort learning structure, in addition to being an awesome method in-person, works just as beneficially for virtual learning. We have some amazing plans for how to take advantage of our close-knit learning communities in order to create deep bonding experiences and a ton of fun!

Here’s what we have in mind:

community building

Verto classes, whether virtual or in-person are designed to foster a sense of community through discussion and project-based learning and the creation support networks.

Small Class Sizes and Immersive, Project-based Learning

This is not just another Zoom call. Through our partnership with Minerva, Verto Education classes will be hosted on a state-of-the-art forum designed with student engagement in mind. 

Forget about long hours and pre-recorded lectures. With Verto, there are no boring lectures. No easy answers. All of our learning, both virtual and in-person, is active, engaging, and relevant. Our commitment to discussion and project-based learning means the focus is always on YOU and what skills, passions, and interests you bring to the classroom. 

Rather than navigating learning on your own, you’ll work on team projects where you will get to know your classmates through meaningful collaboration. The intense focus and self-discipline that is usually required for virtual learning are replaced by accountability and fun through exciting team projects and encouragement from your peers. Plus, our accomplished faculty won’t be just voices on a screen, they’ll be actively guiding you to think globally, creatively, and critically through thought-provoking discussions and personal reflection prompts. Our professors love to be involved in extracurricular exploration as well and are available and excited to meet with you one-on-one. It’s always a team effort in Verto classrooms. 

And unlike the virtual courses that will be running from typical colleges, students won’t be one in a huge crowd of people in the call. With classes of 25 students or less, there is no back-row in a Verto classroom. No leeway to space out or multi-task. Your presence is critical to the success of the entire class. 

Built-in Support System Through Coaching and Mentorship

Verto offers unprecedented levels of support during your first year of college. Our dedicated faculty goes above and beyond to get to know you personally and help you reach your highest potential.

As a Verto student, you’ll meet regularly with:

  • Program Leaders, to explore topics such as life skills, mental health, goal-setting, planning and reflection.
  • Academic Success Coaches, to identify learning tools and plans to optimize your academic success.
  • Professors, to dive into class material and its real-world applications and build skills to thrive in the classroom.
  • College Counselors, to learn about college-readiness and prepare for campus life.

Unlike other virtual semesters, Verto students are never alone. There is a whole team of people dedicated to supporting you in every way possible.

Exposure to Diverse Organizations,  Individuals, and Cultures

We are committed to helping you gain diverse perspectives and global knowledge through classes that will incorporate incredible projects all over the world. You’ll gain exposure to diverse organizations, leaders, and cultures through guest teachers, community engagement projects, and immersive discussions.

We’re especially excited for “Lunch & Learn,” a weekly speaker series that will expose you to different topics and industries, help illuminate various pathways to success, and inspire curiosity, passion, and commitment.

Interested in philosophy? Robotics? Media? We have tons of incredible experts ready to share insights with you.

As part of a Verto cohort, your community will extend far beyond the confines of the classroom and out into the world.

students jumping

Verto students let loose with their instructors and locals on last year’s South Pacific semester.

Incredible Extracurricular Opportunities

At Verto, we know that learning doesn’t end in the classroom. That’s why we’ve developed exciting extracurriculars to keep our students exploring, creating and connecting around the clock.

Student Clubs

As a Verto student, you’ll be mastering global citizenship and leadership skills, so we’ve created platforms for you to start utilizing these skills right away! Through our student-led clubs, you’ll have the opportunity to meet more students outside of your learning cohort, engage in your passions, and pursue meaningful projects. From language, to media, to fantasy sports… we’ve got tons of ideas, but more importantly, we can’t wait to hear what topics most excite you!

Hands-On Study Hall

With regular study halls throughout the week, you will always have a community to study with, get help from, or explore your curiosities further. You’ll be able to hop into a virtual room to collaborate with your peers or work directly with your Academic Success Coach to keep excelling in your coursework.

Friday Funday

We think Friday’s are an awesome excuse to celebrate, so we’ve created Friday Funday where students can end the week with a bang! You’ll go beyond the virtual classroom by engaging with your community through virtual events specifically catered to your cohort.
Dance class, language class, movie nights – we’ll facilitate fun, relaxing events where you can unwind and connect to your peers on a deeper level.

tea ceremony

Students participating in this year’s summit will learn the art of tea with their classmates.

The best part? Your experiences building this community lead up to an amazing in-person Verto Summit in California’s San Bernardino National Forest and better, yet, a Verto Spring Semester abroad!

During your virtual learning, you’ll have grown in your understanding of yourself and your capacity as a leader and creator of change. You’ll have done this all alongside your new friends, with the support and encouragement of the Verto community.

Our summit is the perfect opportunity to explore the themes you’ve been learning about through meaningful in-person connection. Through facilitated discussions and adventure activities like ropes courses and team-building challenges, you will amplify your ability to work as a member of a team and create even stronger relationships with the peers you’ve gotten to know virtually.

And for those of you continuing to learn with Verto in the spring, the deep bonds you’ve forged will be the perfect catapult into an incredible spring semester abroad!

Whether you are headed for a spring semester in the field with Verto or on a college campus, you will have built a robust network of support dedicated to your growth before you even depart! With your close-knit community already established, you can jump into your next education experience with confidence and joy.

At Verto Education, we want to help students put their best foot forward when it comes to success in college and beyond. We’d love to chat if you want to learn more about how we can make a Verto semester possible for you.