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The applicant or participant (the “Participant”) in a Verto Education, Inc. (“Verto Education”) Study Abroad Experience (the “Verto Experience”), and in the event the Participant is under the age of 18, Participant’s parents and/or legal guardian(s) agree to Verto Education’s Payment and Cancellation Policy (this “Policy”). Participant agrees that Verto Education shall have the right to interpret this Policy in its sole reasonable discretion and any such interpretation shall be binding upon Participant and Participant’s parents and/or legal guardians. All references in this Policy to “program fees” are inclusive of all tuition and fees of any kind associated with the Verto Experience.


    Participant understands that a five hundred dollar ($500) non-refundable enrollment deposit (the “Deposit”) is required to reserve Participant’s spot in the Verto Experience, however submission of the Deposit does not guarantee acceptance into the Verto Experience. If the Participant is accepted into the Verto Experience, the Deposit will be credited towards Participant’s balance. Participant understands and agrees that the Deposit is not refundable under any circumstances.


    Balances for Verto Experience program fees are due on or before the assigned due date, which may be set by Verto Education in its absolute discretion. If Participant wishes to request a payment plan for balance due, Participant must do so before the assigned due date. Verto Education and its Academic Provider, the University of New Haven, retain discretion to provide a payment plan or decline to do so and any such payment plan must be agreed upon in writing. If the program fees are not paid in full, or a payment plan has not been agreed upon by the due date, the Participant’s enrollment may be terminated. Participants enrolled in a payment plan must make all payments by the assigned due date(s). In addition to other remedies specified in the Participation Agreement or remedies available to Verto Education, failure to pay balances when due may result in the inability to enroll in additional terms, transcripts being withheld, and balances may be turned over to collections.


    Participants will be billed additional charges for any damages incurred per any housing agreement applicable to Participant’s housing during the Verto Experience. Participant agrees to pay these charges upon receipt of the billing statement. The foregoing, is in addition to other remedies specified in any such housing agreement, the Participation Agreement, or remedies available to Verto Education. Failure to pay such charges may result in the inability to enroll in additional terms, transcripts being withheld, and balances may be turned over to collections.


    Verto Education reserves the right to cancel, alter, reschedule, or amend any or all Verto Experiences offered at any time. Verto Education may cancel, postpone, or otherwise revise a Verto Experience due to factors beyond its control, including but not limited to political unrest, natural disasters, disease, pandemic, or other safety concerns that Verto Education, in its sole discretion, determines to be potentially harmful to Participant or Verto Education’s employees or agents. In such circumstances, Verto Education will make reasonable efforts to continue the Verto Experience through alternative means, including offering to place impacted Participants in another ongoing Verto Experience to the extent feasible, offering online courses, or otherwise canceling, postponing, or revising the Verto Experience. To the extent that Verto Education cancels a Verto Experience and does not offer impacted Participants the opportunity to transfer to another Verto Experience location or continue classes for credit through another alternative (collectively, an “Alternative Experience”), Verto Education will refund the payments made by an impacted Participant minus the Deposit and minus any payments Verto Education has made to third parties associated with such Participants’ involvement in the Verto Experience, as determined by Verto in its sole discretion (the “Incurred Costs”). If Verto Education offers an Alternative Experience but the Participant chooses to withdraw, the Participant’s right to a refund will be in accordance with Section 5 below. If Verto Education cancels a Verto Experience after the Verto Experience start date and decides to return Participants home, Verto Education reserves the right to remove its staff from the Verto Experience location to ensure their safety. If Participant decides to remain in the Verto Experience location after the Verto Experience has been canceled, Participant does so at his or her own risk and expense.


    Participants wishing to cancel enrollment must do so by the end of the first week of classes. No transcript or official academic record will be issued by a Verto Academic Provider for Participants who cancel their enrollment. Any subsequent departure will be considered a withdrawal and will be reflected in Participants’ transcripts as such. Participants wishing to withdraw must initiate the withdrawal process prior to the final examination period. Failure to do so will result in an “F” as final grade on the Participant’s official transcript.

    Participants who cancel or withdraw may be eligible for a refund or may owe additional program fees based on their cancellation/withdrawal date in accordance with the proration schedule outlined below. To be eligible for a full refund (with no further amounts due), less the Deposit and Incurred Costs, Participants must cancel enrollment at least 60 days before the start date of the Verto Experience (the “Withdrawal Deadline”). Any Participant that cancels enrollment after the Withdrawal Deadline may not be entitled to a refund or may only be entitled to a partial refund, or may owe additional amounts, depending on when the Participant withdraws. Notification of intent to cancel or withdraw must be made in writing as specified below prior to the posted deadlines. A Participant who is dismissed by Verto for any reason during their Verto Experience will not receive a refund.

    Date of Cancellation or WithdrawalParticipant Responsibility
    At least 60 Days Prior to the Start Date of the Verto ExperienceParticipant entitled to a full refund (less Deposit and Incurred Costs) with no further amounts due
    30-59 Days Prior to the Start Date of the Verto ExperienceParticipant responsible for 50% of program fees plus any Incurred Costs that are not covered by the payment of 50% of the program fees
    Less than 30 Days Prior to the Start Date of the Verto ExperienceParticipant responsible for 100% of program fees

    To the extent that Participant has paid the program fees prior to the deadlines specified in the table above, Participant will be entitled to a refund in accordance with the table above. To the extent that Participant has not paid the program fees for which Participant is responsible based on the table above, such amounts shall be paid by Participant upon request by Verto Education.

    For students receiving institutional aid from Verto Education or The Verto Fund (including, for example, scholarships, discounts, grants, etc.), the amount that Participant will be responsible for is based on the full program fees without taking into account any such institutional aid. This could result in a refund of amounts paid that is less than anticipated by Participant, or additional funds being due to Verto Education upon cancellation, withdrawal, or dismissal. However, in no case shall Verto Education be entitled to more than the total program fees that Participant would have paid had there been no withdrawal, cancellation, or dismissal from the Verto Experience.

    Participant understands and agrees that all travel, visa and immigration, and other expenses associated with Participant’s cancellation or early withdrawal from the Verto Experience are the sole responsibility of Participant.

    Prior to arrival on location, cancellation of enrollment must be requested in writing to the Participant's student onboarding advisor.

    After arrival on location, the Program Withdrawal Request Form is required – verbal requests to withdraw / cancel or discussions of intent to withdraw / cancel will not be honored as official requests. To be eligible for a refund based on the refund schedule above, the Program Withdrawal Request Form must be completed and signed by the Participant (and by the Participant’s parent or legal guardian for Participants under 18 years of age) prior to the deadline specified above and prior to the Participant’s departure from the Verto Experience location.

    When the form is completed, it will be forwarded to Verto Education and the Academic Provider. Any voluntary withdrawal from an in-progress Verto Experience, failure to maintain good academic standing, or violations of the code of conduct guidelines resulting in dismissal from the Verto Experience, may have additional consequences including loss of course credit, dismissal from the Academic Provider, and immediate withdrawal of conditional acceptance at Verto Education’s partner institutions.


    Participants are encouraged to obtain travel insurance associated with their travel to and from the Verto Experience location. Participants are solely responsible for the cost of such travel insurance.


    Verto Education may change this Policy at any time in its sole discretion. If Verto Education does make any changes, it will provide prior written notice of the upcoming changes to Participants. The changes will become effective on the date set forth in the notice.