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Verto Family Week Re-cap

On October 18-20,  Verto Education hosted Verto Family Week –  three engaging days of culture, connection, and all things Verto. Engagements included live sessions to learn more about highlights from this semester, academic updates, and best practices for planning for the rest of the semester. Each day also offered an asynchronous activity that students and families completed together.

During the Welcome and Academic Highlights event on Monday, Mitch Gordon, Verto Education President and Co-Founder, reflected on the growth that the students have experienced at this mid-way point of the semester, mentioning, “It’s a privilege to witness so many of our students developing the independence, emotional awareness, and maturation that happens in college – on an even deeper level over the course of our semester”.

Family Week included a Health and Safety Webinar to support students, as well as a College Persistence and Career Readiness Panel hosted by the Verto Parent Advisory Council, where families learned about how to support their student through the recently-launched College and Career Plan. For more info, visit this blog.

When asked about Family Week, Pura Vida student Mariana Steiner mentioned, “Verto Family Week gave students an amazing opportunity to share their new experiences with their families and connect through engaging activities. I am so excited to deliver my ‘Letter to the Future’ once I get home in December!” 

Students and families concluded the week by writing letters to one another that they will share upon completion of the program. It is hard to believe that the semester is nearly halfway through!

Students and families also contributed to the conversation through the Family Week Social Media Guide  – you can contribute through the hashtags #vertoeducation and #vertofamilyweek on social media platforms.

Did you miss Family Week, or want to re-watch some of our live activities? Check out the recordings of some of the top sessions below!

Finally, are you a Family Member and interested in getting more involved? This semester, Verto launched the Verto Parent Advisory Council to support our students by collaborating with Verto Education and the Verto Fund* to improve, promote, and advance our commitment to student success during the Verto program and beyond. If you’d like more information or express interest in getting involved, contact Michael Goldstein at [email protected].