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Verto Education marks its largest academic cycle yet, with nearly 800 students participating in the first-semester or first-year college experience at one of our locations around the world.

A Note from Mitch Gordon, President and Co-Founder of Verto Education

Today is an exciting day – today we officially mark the start of the Spring semester for the Verto Class of 2022! 

We’re thrilled to be celebrating Verto’s largest academic cycle yet – reaching 800 Verto Students across our Fall and Spring semesters.  Our Community has demonstrated determination, flexibility, and teamwork to make this year possible.

Students- whether you are joining us for your first, second (or third, or fourth!) semester, by joining Verto you have chosen to trade in your comfort zone for an experience that will radically transform your perspective.  Choosing to take the path less traveled took courage and you should feel proud of yourself for making that choice. I encourage you to approach this time abroad with the curiosity and empathy that led you here. 

I’m also incredibly proud, and grateful, for the contributions from each and every member of our Verto Community. Thank you to the Verto Family Members who have empowered their students in preparation for this semester. Thank you to our 60+ Partner Institutions who recognize that Verto prepares global leaders to make the most of the college experience. Thank you to our global Programs and Academics teams that foster an environment of academic excellence, curiosity, and compassion with our students. 

Last week, we held the Verto Semester Launch to commemorate the start of the semester. During the Semester Launch, students dedicated the semester to a person or cause they care about. I share with you two dedications:

Raul (Spring 2022, Sevilla), mentioned, “ I want to dedicate my semester to workers and all working-class people around the world. [..] I want to use the many privileges I have to stand in solidarity with those at the intersections of marginalization and push towards a more just and egalitarian society where more people have opportunities to find their own fulfillment in life.”

Srijana (Fall 2021, Sevilla, Spring 2022, Costa Rica), shared, “I dedicate my semester in Costa Rica with Verto to my family, who’ve continuously supported my ambitions, no matter how unordinary they are. I also dedicate my semester to the Verto staff, who’ve always made sure to beautifully assist and guide me through the process of studying abroad, which can be overwhelming at times. The experiences, to me, are valuable and transformative because of such amazing individuals. I really look forward to more of these beautiful experiences in Costa Rica!”

If every student started college with Verto, and learned to see the world through another culture’s eyes, we’d live in a different, and more empathetic world. Let’s build that world together. Stay tuned and more to come from us!

P.S. Do you know a high school junior or senior that would benefit from starting college with Verto? Nominate them here – our Admissions team will be in touch.