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Settling into a new city can be difficult, especially if you’re a student. That’s why we’ve brought together some serious tips for getting the most out of your time in Seville. In this guide, you’ll find advice on how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to food, where the best cafes are located, what sorts of day trips you should think about, and much more.

As you check out this list, keep in mind that Verto will have tons of activities planned for you, so be sure to check in with your Student Life Coordinator to see which of these activities you’ll be able to opt-in to with the group!

Where to Get the Best Instagram Post

Taking plenty of gorgeous pics is one of the best parts of studying abroad — and one of the cheapest ways to snag an awesome souvenir. To keep your friends and family back home up to date on your international experience, we’ve compiled some awesome destinations where you can create the perfect Instagram post. 

The Setas

Also known as the Metropol Parasol, the Setas (it means “the mushrooms” in Spanish) is one of the world’s largest wooden structures and a truly unique place to take a picture. Locals love to post up for a picnic or study session on the steps, and for only €3 you can take a stroll on the top of the structure and take in some incredible views of the city. 

The SetasPhoto Credit:


Plaza de España

When you think Spain, you think tile — and when you think tile, you think Plaza de España. Built in 1929, this massive square is known far and wide as a “spectacle of light and majesty,” and boasts a wide variety of architectural styles, from Moorish Revival to Renaissance Revival. Take your time and inspect the many bridges and alcoves decorated with Neo-Mudéjar tiles. 

Plaza de España de SevillaPhoto Credit: Visita Sevilla


Calle Agua

In the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Seville, you’ll find Calle Agua, a winding street that might not catch your eye at first. But during the spring and summer, the bountiful fuchsia bougainvilleas that hang over the street transform it into a romantic, sweet-smelling tunnel — perfect for a date, or a killer Instagram post.

Calle AguaPhoto Credit: Visita Sevilla


Parque María Luisa

One of Seville’s largest green spaces is María Luisa Park. It’s conveniently located right next to Plaza de España. The beautifully landscaped grounds offer plenty of incredible backdrops — it’s so pretty you won’t want to leave.

Parque María LuisaPhoto Credit:


Real Alcázar

Interested in strolling through a massive royal palace filled with breathtaking architecture and some of the most gorgeous gardens you’ve ever seen? Then a quick trip to Real Alcázar might be the move. Visiting on Monday will get you a free ticket, but whatever you do, make sure to reserve your tickets online ahead of time because the line to get can get truly massive.

Real AlcázarPhoto Credit: Visita Sevilla

Best Outdoor Activities

So you’ve just turned in that big assignment, and now you’ve got some serious free time on your hands. If you’re craving some fresh air, you’ll find plenty of awesome things to do in Seville. 

Go Kayaking

Seville features a famous canal that’s perfect for kayaking. It’s a great way to cool down — plus you’ll see a whole new side of the city from your vantage point on the water. 

There are tons of kayaking companies to choose from, but we recommend Kayak Sevilla. It’s easy to book your kayak online and guarantee your spot. And the best part? It’s just a short walk from the Verto Education Center in the city center!

kayakingPhoto Credit: Kayak Sevilla


Check out an Art Fair

Every Sunday between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. you’ll find an incredible outdoor art fair in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s stocked with local artists showing off their wares, including paintings, drawings, and other handicrafts that make for awesome souvenirs.

art fairPhoto Credit: Seville City Guide


See a Fútbol Game

You haven’t really experienced Spanish culture until you’ve seen a fútbol game. In Seville, you can catch an SFC fútbol game at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium. You’re guaranteed to have a blast — just make sure you’re ready for the crowd to get loud!

Fútbol GamePhoto Credit: SFC Fútbol 


Visit a (Water) Park

On a sunny afternoon, there’s nothing better than a picnic in one of Seville’s many gorgeous public parks, including Maria Luisa Park, which was once part of a royal garden, and Alamillo Park, a sprawling green space that features two lakes. 

water parkPhoto Credit: Seville City Guide


And if those options sound too, well, dry, you can spend a day cooling off at Aquopolis, a massive water park featuring all the classic attractions located just east of the city. 

Take a Hike

For the real nature fans, Seville has a number of great hiking trails that are easily accessible from the city, including the San Nicolas del Puerto trail, as well as several routes that run through the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park, a semi-mountainous nature preserve just north of the city. 

hikePhoto Credit:

Best Budget Eats

Seville, like most places in Spain, is famous for its tapas, which is good news for your wallet! You’ll find more than 3,000 restaurants and cafes in the city serving up the flavorful small dishes, with some of the best concentrated in neighborhoods like La Macarena and Santa Cruz. 

A tapas dish will usually cost you between one and two Euros, meaning it’s easy to fill up fast without sacrificing flavor. That said, there’s more to the city’s cuisine than just tapas, which is why we’ve brought together some of Seville’s best budget eats below. 

El Rincillo

This is the oldest tapas bar in the entire city, dating all the way back to 1670. But that doesn’t mean the flavors at El Rinconcillo are outdated. Cheap and delicious, you won’t want to miss out on this unique experience.

Photo Credit: El Rinconcillo


El Milagritos

Located on Calle Alemanes, El Milagritos has a pretty great deal if you’re looking for a standard meal. For  €20, you can experience a traditional flamenco show while eating a savory local dish and drink. 

Freiduría Puerta de la Carne 

If you haven’t tried Seville’s fried seafood, you haven’t really lived. You can find fry shops all over the city, but for a guaranteed good (and cheap) time we recommend Freiduría Puerta de la Carne. Feeling adventurous? Try the local specialty, boquerones en adobo, a spicy and vinegary treat.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor


Casa Moreno 

Cured meat is a Spanish classic, and Casa Moreno serves up delectable cheeses alongside its caña de lomo. Your best budget option is probably the montadito with tortilla, spicy sausage, and cheese, which will only set you back €2.50. 

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor


Bodega Dos De Mayo 

Bodega Dos de Mayo is one of the most affordable classic sit-down options on this list. The average tapas dish here is under €3, and there are plenty of unique local dishes to check out, including salmorejo, a cold tomato soup.

Bodega Dos De MayoPhoto Credit: ABC de Sevilla


Taberna El Panduro Baños 

Taberna El Panduro Baños pairs a cute, cozy dining room with tapas portions that are some of the biggest you’ll find in the city (the price per dish is around €5). Things are cheap here — like any good budget eat — but you’ll also have the chance to taste some unique, experimental flavors. 

Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo 

For your average cash-strapped college student, Seville’s montaditos are going to be a staple. Sit outside at Abacería de San Lorenzo and try some of the best montaditos in the city for only €3 each. 

Antigua Abacería de San LorenzoPhoto Credit: Tripboba

Best Cafés to Study In

Every college student dreams of the perfect café: fresh coffee, plenty of space to work, and of course, free Wi-Fi. In Spain, café culture is a little different, and you won’t find as many “Americanized” cafés with unlimited Wi-Fi where you can work for as long as you want for the price of a single coffee. If you’re unsure what a cafés policies are, it’s best to feel it out—drop in, see what other people are doing, and follow suit.

That said, you can still find plenty of American-style cafés in Seville with generous work and Wi-Fi policies. To make your search easier, we’ve brought together the best cafés to study in when you’re in Seville. 

Almazen Café

Located at Calle San Esteban 14, Almazen Café boasts sustainable coffee, smoothies, and a wide variety of vegetarian snacks. It’s got a chill interior and a laid-back vibe, and things never get too loud in here. Plus, you can come back after hours, when the café likes to host exhibitions by local artists. 

Almazen CaféPhoto Credit: Trip Advisor


Café Otto

Cafe Otto keeps it simple, food-wise. You’ll have access to great coffee and a wide variety of traditional pastries, but it’s the setting that really counts here. The outdoor seating area overlooks a plaza, while the café’s interior is filled with gorgeous natural light. 

Café OttoPhoto Credit: Trip Advisor


Cafe Piola

Located right in the Alameda, one of Sevilla’s most active and young neighborhoods, Cafe Piola offers tasty tostadas, delicious espresso, and Wi-Fi that’s always on and always reliable. Although the cafe is usually pretty busy — the space’s abundant natural light seems to draw everyone in — you’ll never have trouble finding a place to sit.

Cafe PiolaPhoto Credit: Trip Advisor


El Viajero Sedentario

El Viajero Sedentario is perhaps best known for their wide selection of cakes, but it’s the secluded private patio with its sweet-smelling orange tree that really steals the show. Inside, you’ll find a cozy, quiet space that’s perfect for reading, journaling, or catching up with a friend. 

El Viajero SedentarioPhoto Credit: Bar Business


Milk Away

A home away from home for American students studying abroad, Milk Away is less of a traditional Spanish cafe, specializing in American-style food that’s healthy and fresh. There’s not too much space inside, and it’s pretty popular, so plan to arrive early if you’re trying to post up and study.

Most Epic Libraries

If you’re studying abroad, and especially if you’re starting college abroad, you’ll need to find the perfect work environment where you can hunker down and get some serious study time in. Fortunately, Seville offers some pretty unique libraries that just might fit the bill. 

Casa de las Columnas

The Casa de las Columnas was built in 1780 on the site of a disappeared chapel and has had a history almost as colorful as its bright facade. Restored to its former glory in 1989, the building now houses a civic center and the offices of several municipal departments, in addition to a public library. It’s a quirky, but still beautiful, library that’s a little off the beaten path. 

Casa de las ColumnasPhoto Credit: Turismo Sevilla


The Seville Public Library

The Seville Public Library might not be the oldest library on this list — it was built in the 20th century — but it does offer a clean, modern, open-concept study space. Although a lot of libraries on this list place some restrictions on general use, the Seville Public Library is open to anyone and just might be the best library to get some work done in the city. 

The Seville Public LibraryPhoto Credit: Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía


Hacienda de Montefuerte

The Hacienda de Montefuerte was once a standard olive-growing estate in the 17th century, though now it’s home to the José María Delgado Buiza Municipal Library. Still, evidence of its colorful (and delicious) past can still be found everywhere, including in the building’s elegant facades.

Hacienda de MontefuertePhoto Credit: Turismo Sevilla

Staying Fit

If heading to the gym is part of your routine, you’ll have plenty of options to help you stay in shape while you’re studying in Seville. Plenty of neighborhoods have convenient local sports centers, but we’ve brought together a list of some other great facilities in the area. 

Centro Deportivo San Pablo

Located on Calle Dr. Laffon Soto, this athletic center is a one-stop shop when it comes to exercise. It features a pool, diving, gymnastics, rugby, weight lifting and climbing facilities, and an indoor football field. 

Vida Yoga Center

Located at Calle San Hermenegildo 13, Vida Yoga Center offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, training sessions, and even retreats. With flexible schedules, beginners and pros will find it easy to get into the flow. 

Enjoy! San Bernardo

If you’re looking for spin classes, Enjoy! San Bernardo has you covered. Located on Avenue de Cádiz, Enjoy! San Bernardo is probably the most popular indoor cycling studio in the area. If you’re looking for other options, though, you can check out Supera Guadalquivir, Viding Piscinas, and Century Fitness Gym. 

Fightland Sevilla

Located at Calle Dr. Antonio Cortés Lladó 2, Fightland prides itself on its back-to-basics approach. If you’re looking to get into fighting shape or just interested in a killer workout, this is your best option.

Getting Outside the City

Part of the point of studying abroad is to go, well, abroad. If you’ve gotten pretty comfortable in Seville, it might be time to check out some of the incredible attractions located outside of the city. Below, we’ve brought together some awesome day trips that you won’t want to miss. 

And because Verto’s location is in the city center near a variety of public transport options, you’ll have no trouble getting to the train and heading out of the city. 


Known for its picture-perfect beaches, Cádiz is just a short train ride from the city (you can buy train tickets online in advance). If you happen to be there in February, you’ll also have the chance to check out the Carnival of Cádiz, a continuous street party filled with dancing, gorgeous costumes, and incredible food. 

CádizPhoto Credit: lensfield/Shutterstock


The Alhambra and Granada

One of the most popular attractions in Spain, the Alhambra is a stunning group of palaces arranged on a hilltop in Granada, a city located just a short train ride (roughly 3 hours) from Seville. Dating from Spain’s Islamic, the Alhambra was the royal palace complex of the Nasrid dynasty and features beautiful tilework and elegant stone carvings.

The Alhambra and GranadaPhoto Credit: Chris Hepburn/Getty



For classic old-world charm, it’s difficult to beat Córdoba, famous for its quaint, winding streets, rich cultural history, and historic monuments, including La Mezquita, a grand mosque dating from the 8th century. 

Only an hour and a half away from Seville by train, Córdoba is the perfect day trip for architecture fans and anyone looking to experience the distinctive beauty of Spain’s rich cultural history. 

CórdobaPhoto Credit: Lonely Planet



Situated on top of a breathtaking cliff overlooking El Tajo gorge, Ronda — one of the famous Pueblos Blancos, or White Villages — is perhaps the most scenic day trip available a short distance from Seville. For sweeping views of the Spanish countryside, Ronda can’t be beat. 

From Seville, a train trip will take around 2 hours and 30 minutes, and ticket prices can be a little higher than some other locations, so consider planning ahead and buying tickets a few weeks out. 

RondaPhoto Credit:


By now, you’re probably ready to hit the streets and start experiencing Seville on your own terms. But don’t forget, Verto will have other incredible activities planned for you and your cohort. Your Student Life Coordinators and the team on the ground are eagerly awaiting your arrival!