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Learn about Verto’s Costa Rica student care teams with Fall 2022 student Keri Henry.

***This is an example of a student’s experience from Fall 2022. Specific programming and activities are

subject to change by semester.


Finding community can be challenging for anyone, especially when you’re entering a completely new environment surrounded by new people. As humans, we naturally gravitate towards what is familiar to us, choosing to step out of your comfort zone is a victory in itself. How do common feelings of uncertainty bring us closer together? How can we create community in a natural and comfortable way?

For my first semester of college, I am studying abroad in Costa Rica with Verto Education. I’ve always dreamt of traveling the world, so I knew this was a perfect opportunity for me. Leaving my home was exciting and nerve-wracking, but my anxiety was quickly relieved once I arrived on campus. As soon as we arrived, we were all assigned care teams. Verto care teams consist of about 30 students, as well as 1 ASC (Academic Success Coordinator) and 1 SLC (Student Life Coordinator). During the first week of the program, we participated in a series of ice breaker activities with our care teams. These activities allowed us the opportunity to get to know each other; and very quickly, we all became pretty comfortable with each other.

In our care teams, we had the chance to explore Turrialba, the town that our campus is located in. Our guides showed us some cafes and restaurants to try, as well as essential places such as the pharmacy, hospital, etc. We discussed how to navigate town and they gave us many tips on how to travel off campus safely. 

Traveling to a new country and meeting a new group of strangers all at once is difficult, so having a care team to help create a sense of community is vital to ensure that students thrive in their new environment.

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