Semester abroad
in Argentina

Connect to the World
in Buenos Aires


Have you ever envisioned yourself spending a semester abroad in Argentina? If so, you will find your inspiration in Buenos Aires’ vibrant lifestyle, dynamic pace of life, and welcoming people. 

Enjoy an authentic Porteño lifestyle, plus the inspiring courses, one-on-one support, and cultural immersion opportunities of a Verto Education

  • Duration

    14.5 Weeks

  • Accommodation


  • College Credits

    12-16 Credits

  • Country


  • Program Cost

    $18,000 USD
    before scholarships & financial aid

  • Program Dates

    Late August – Mid-December, Fall 2022

Start College With Community

Live with a local family homestay and gain an appreciation for another culture and way of life during your semester abroad in Argentina. Our experienced staff is on-site to support you and guide you towards a transformative semester abroad in Argentina.

Take Verto Courses

The museums, sites, and neighborhoods of Buenos Aires become your classroom as you dive into your semester abroad. Practice your conversational Spanish during a trip to El Ateneo, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, or learn about history while exploring the city’s colonial architecture!

Explore Argentina

Your Student Life Coordinator will set you up with everything you need to confidently explore the city. During your semester abroad in Argentina you can also opt-in to exciting cultural activities and excursions with your Verto cohort—like a trip to the San Telmo Market to watch the Tango street performers, a polo match, or a guided tour of La Boca neighborhood!

Sharpen Your Mind

In all Verto classrooms, you’ll enjoy small class sizes, energetic and caring professors, and hands-on learning.
Going to class will actually become the highlight of your day.

Earn College Credit

Earn college credit through a selection of fascinating courses.

Available Courses

Course List coming in December 2021. In the meantime, check out the other Verto semesters for a glimpse into the types of courses offered.

Discover Yourself

Students walk away from their Argentina semester abroad with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits; through Verto’s one-on-one counseling and mentorship, you’ll build the confidence, self-awareness and clarity to thrive in college and in life.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Work with your personal Academic Success Coordinator and College Counselor to develop your game plan for an impactful college career. You’ll get a head start on how to manage your time, study effectively, and adapt to life on campus.

Find Your Purpose

Get clarity on your future goals as you contemplate what you’ve been learning and the type of impact you want to make on the world. Your Student Life Coordinator will help you reflect on your experiences through group activities and one-on-one check-ins.

Already practicing your Tango moves?

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Travel is a vital part of every student’s education, and Verto is committed to increasing equity, access, inclusion, and diversity in study abroad and higher education—regardless of your financial background.

About half of Verto students receive scholarships, financial aid, or both. Depending on your Expected Family Contribution (determined by the FAFSA), Verto can reduce your Buenos Aires semester tuition by up to 67% through Verto’s Opportunity Grant. You can also apply federal aid, external grants, and scholarships to further reduce your semester cost.

Learn About Scholarships & Financial Aid

 Semester abroad in Argentina details



Homestays are an ideal way to experience Argentine culture and life. Typically, homestays have one host mom – or a couple – who love to host international students (not just Americans!). Students can expect a 30-40 commute by public transit and foot – this is a typical commute for porteños. Homestays include:

  • Most Meals, typically breakfast and dinner
  • 1-3 students per homestay
  • 1-2 students per room
  • Rooms include:
    • Desk, chair, lamp for studying, internet, bed & bath linens, and a fan
  • Limited kitchen access
  • Shared co-ed bathroom
  • All utilities included
  • Laundry or access to laundry

Keep in mind that you’re living in someone’s home, so each homestay is slightly different depending on the hosts. Although, all host families are carefully vetted by Verto staff to ensure student safety and comfort.


Breakfast and dinner are provided by homestays. Students will likely be out of the house for classes and excursions mid-day and are responsible for either packing or purchasing a lunch.


Students responsible for airfare to/from Buenos Aires. Verto staff will meet students at the Buenos Aires Airport on the designated arrival date, and provide transfer to housing within the specified arrival times. 

Students have the option for independent travel within the country pending permission from the Verto team.***

As students will be living in the heart of the city, getting around by foot and public transit will become a part of their everyday experience—as it is with all locals! 


Students are given all the support they need to explore Buenos Aires on their own and will have the opportunity to opt-in to Verto’s cultural activities and day trips.

Sample Verto sponsored excursions may include*: 

  • Overnight to Colonia del Sacramento or Montevideo, Uruguay 
  • Overnight to Mendoza
  • Tigre Delta
  • Polo Match
  • Local Estancia (Cattle Ranches)

*Excursions are subject to change each semester


Students who enroll with Verto should be aware that their workload and expectations for college readiness will be on par with those of a traditional college– but with the added support of a team of Academic Success Coaches and dedicated faculty who will help them develop strong study habits, time management skills, and more. 

What is unique about Verto academics? 

  • Verto courses are highly engaging and put students first. Curriculum is built off the Verto Method which prioritizes hands-on and holistic learning.
  • Verto courses will incorporate real-world experiential learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. 

How do academics work on Verto semesters? 

  • Students on Verto semesters take Verto courses, with only fellow Verto students and Verto faculty
  • Verto students may earn a semester’s worth of college credits (12-16 official college credits)
  • Students choose from a list of courses that vary by semester and location. Each student’s unique course selection may be limited based on their partner college requirements and other factors. 
  • Verto courses are intentionally designed to fulfill colleges’ General Education requirements
  • Credits from Verto courses will transfer automatically to our partner colleges, so long as students earn passing grades. Students who wish to attend a non-partner college should work with their prospective college or university to learn about their credit transfer process
  • The official transcript from a Verto semester is granted by one of our Schools of Record (accredited colleges who partner with Verto to grant official college credit). 

Where are Verto Buenos Aires classes hosted? 

Classes will take place at the Verto Study Center. 

The Study Center will have classrooms, staff offices, s