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How do you imagine your first year of college?

Verto Education is founded on the premise that not all students need to (or should) take the same linear path to earning their college degree – when the world is your classroom, your growth is limitless. We offer students accredited, globally-focused semesters designed to help students achieve a more rewarding first year of college. Our curriculum is based on the principles of experiential education to help students gain life experience and academic success as they explore the globe.

Perhaps there’s a specific area of the world that calls to you. Perhaps you’re exploring a potential major or you have an academic focus in mind. No matter which path you choose, Verto students are teamed up with Program Leaders, Academic Success Coaches, and faculty dedicated to supporting and mentoring students during the semester.

The health and safety of our students is always our top priority. We’ve developed stages of planning to address the specific concern of Covid-19. Please read about our Covid-19 safety plan here.

We encourage you to explore our different semesters below and speak with our Verto Admissions Counselors who can help determine whether a Verto semester is the best first year of college for you and your goals. We’d love to get to know you and help you design a meaningful four year plan for college. Let’s get started!

14.5 Weeks • 12-16 College Credits


Semester in Buenos Aires

14.5 Weeks • 12-16 College Credits

Costa Rica

14.5 Weeks • 12-16 College Credits

Czech Republic

Semester in Prague

14.5 Weeks • 12-16 College Credits


Semester in London

14.5 Weeks • 12-16 College Credits


Semester in Dublin

14.5 Weeks • 12-16 College Credits


Semester in Florence

14.5 Weeks • 12-16 College Credits


Semester in Seville

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