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SCHOOL TYPE: Private LOCATION: Jackson, MS SIZE: Small PARTNER TYPE: Direct Transfer
Belhaven University Logo. In partnership with Verto and Academic Provider, students can start college traveling abroad.

We are thrilled to extend an admission offer to Verto participants who meet our outlined eligibility requirements. This unique opportunity provides a global, transformative learning experience designed to help you begin your college journey on a high note. The curriculum encourages both personal growth and academic achievement, setting the stage for success at the Belhaven campus.

2.0 GPA 12 Credits 1 Semester
*All eligibility requirements listed below
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How does the
Direct Transfer Program Work?
Earn guaranteed admission to Verto’s Direct Transfer Partner Colleges through Verto’s free Partner Application.

Each Direct Transfer Partner has specific requirements for students to earn guaranteed admission through their Verto experience. If a college sparks your interest, but you’re worried about meeting their requirements for the Direct Transfer Guarantee, don’t be discouraged. While these partners offer conditional admission by meeting their specific Direct Transfer requirements, many also conduct a holistic and comprehensive review of applicants. Colleges are always looking to identify academically promising students who enhance their campus communities.

After Verto, Your Next Stop is Belhaven University

Welcome to Belhaven University! We are excited to show you why Belhaven is continuously named to America’s 100 Best College Buys and as one of America’s Best Christian Colleges; is 1 of 36 schools in the United States accredited in all the arts; is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the Top Regional Universities in the south; is selected as one of the top Christian Business colleges in the country by Business Reform Magazine and also received special recognition as an editor’s pick for most biblical curriculum and focus. Select the program you are interested in to find out why Belhaven is an outstanding Christian College.

"We know that Verto’s students transfer to us after an abroad experience that has given them opportunities to mature personally, as well as academically. They are ready for college and the transformation it brings."
-Michael Hawkins, Director of Traditional Admission
Belhaven Students Are:
student body
student to faculty ratio
years of academic distinction
students of color

Best Colleges: Social Mobility Belhaven University has earned accolades from U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges for Social Mobility for advancing social mobility by enrolling and graduating disadvantaged students who were awarded with Pell Grants.



Every academic program reflects a thoughtful, loving, and biblically based Christian worldview—to inform your thinking, to strengthen your faith, to empower your calling, and to motivate your service. Challenging preparation equips your mind and heart to engage the world of ideas, achieve career success, and honor God through excellence. Explore 80+ areas of study, including:

  • Business
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Education
  • Film Production
Transfer Student Support

Seamlessly transfer from Verto by taking advantage of our transfer credit policy that works with your individual situation.

Roughly 33% of college students transfer before graduation. Students often gain valuable insight after taking college courses or gaining life experience. As a result, goals come into focus and at Belhaven we look forward to supporting you in reaching them. You deserve a haven as you answer your calling


College can be affordable. We start with c​​​​​​ompetitive tuition rates. Then we add a range of financial aid programs, including grants and scholarships. In fact, 98% of undergrad students receive some type of aid. We work with you and your family personally to create a custom aid package. With these resources, you can make Belhaven your Haven.

Student Life

Connect with your classmates and grow in the process. Build your servant leadership skills while you serve your neighbors. And ​​​​​​some days, just have fun. That’s campus life in your beautiful haven.

Did you know, Belhaven means “beautiful home?” When you make it yours, you’ll find yourself in a community that nurtures your educational and spiritual growth. Founded in 1883, our welcoming campus blends classical architecture with modern design and technology.

A number of off-campus learning opportunities exist. These include an American studies program in Washington, D.C.; an Australia studies program; a Latin American studies program in Costa Rica; the Los Angeles Film Studies Center; the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, TN; a Northern Ireland studies program; an Uganda Studies Program in Africa; a Middle East studies program in Amman, Jordan; and a summer study program at the University of Oxford, England.

How to Apply to Belhaven
Enroll with Verto Education and Start College Abroad

Apply today or reach out to a member of our Admissions Team to begin your journey with Verto.

Gather All Required Documentation
  • Final HS Transcript
  • Mid-term Report
  • (Optional) Test scores from SAT, ACT or CLT
  • Other documents may be required on a case-by-case basis
Work with your Academic Success Coordinator

Once you have arrived at your Verto Program location, work with your Academic Success Coordinator to compile your documents and prepare and submit your Verto Partner Application.

To earn guaranteed admission to Belhaven through the Direct Transfer Pathway, during your time with Verto you will need:

  • 2.0+ GPA
  • Minimum 12 credits

Our Engineering program is a 3-2 program, encompassing 3 years at Belhaven and then 2 years at MSU or Ole Miss. Students graduate with a Math degree from Belhaven and an Engineering degree from the other school chosen.

Students are able to apply for holistic review to the Engineering & Math Dual Degree through the Verto Partner Application.

Yes! Belhaven welcomes both fall and spring transfers from Verto.

While you won’t be eligible for the guarantee, we still encourage you to work with your Verto Care Team to prepare and submit a Verto Partner Application for holistic review.

You are still eligible for the Direct Transfer guarantee to Belhaven! The 2.0 GPA requirement is cumulative of all college transcripts.

Yes, international students are eligible for the Direct Transfer Pathway to Belhaven!

If you have questions around the application process, work with your Verto Care Team. If you have Belhaven-specific questions, you can connect with [email protected].

Once you arrive to your Verto location, you can begin working with Verto staff to prepare your application to Belhaven. Applications are typically sent following mid-terms, so your mid-term report can demonstrate your progress towards Direct Transfer eligibility.

  • Final HS Transcript
  • Mid-term Report
  • (Optional) Test scores from SAT, ACT or CLT
  • Other documents may be required on a case-by-case basis

An application lasts for a year and it can be deferred for one semester. Connect with your Verto Care Team to update the application with the new term.

We know that Verto’s students transfer to us after an abroad experience that has given them opportunities to mature personally, as well as academically. They are ready for college and the transformation it brings.
Michael Hawkins
Director of Traditional Admission
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