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Congratulations on Your Verto Enrollment!

Your Student Onboarding Advisor will assist you along the way, but be sure to read your email carefully and abide by deadlines. If you have any questions from now until your departure, feel free to reach out to your designated Student Onboarding Advisor. Not quite sure who your Student Onboarding Advisor is? Check your email or contact us at studentonboarding@vertoeducation.org to find out!

What’s Next?

You’re in! Welcome to Verto Education

Must Do: Schedule a Call with your Student Onboarding Advisor

After receiving your deposit, your Verto admissions counselor will ensure you’ve completed all enrollment tasks. Allow up to 72 hours for the admissions team to process your enrollment. Afterward, check your phone for a text from the Student Onboarding Team with information about your assigned Student Onboarding Advisor. They’ll be your main point of contact from now until departure for all questions, concerns, and next steps. Don’t see the email 72 hours after your deposit? Check your spam/promotions folder or email studentonboarding@vertoeducation.org.

Your Checklist

There’s a lot to do when you’re planning for a transformative academic semester! Along the way, you’ll also receive email invites to virtual events, reminders of pre-departure tasks, and preparation tips for your academic adventure.

Log into the Student Portal to view your program checklist!

Additional Resources

College Counseling, Financial Aid, & More

Your Advisor can connect you with Verto resources as needed—just ask! Check out some of the resources on this page to learn more.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Enrolled Students

How do I access my Verto Student Portal?

Once you’ve deposited, allow your Admissions Counselor 72 hours to finalize your record. Afterward, you’ll be invited to our Verto Enrolled Student Portal via email. You’ll set up your account using a password reset link, then sign in here. Watch our introductory video to learn more about the student portal.

I missed a recent communication about my upcoming semester—where can I find this information?

Starting 3 months prior to your departure, you’ll receive updates from the onboarding team. If you’re having trouble receiving your emails, please check your “Spam,” “Junk,” or “Promotions” folder, or alert your adviser right away. You can also email us at studentonboarding@vertoeducation.org for more help!

We will post many of our communications on the Verto Student Portal, so all you need to do is navigate to your General or Community Feeds in the portal to see recent communications.

Where can I find more information about Verto's response and scenario planning regarding COVID-19?

At Verto, transparency is one of our core values. After a very unique and challenging 2020, Verto Education reintroduced our in-person semesters in Spring of 2021. In order to do so safely, we expanded our risk management planning in alignment with our worldwide partnerships.

Read more about Verto’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please familiarize yourself with Verto’s vaccination policy and update your vaccination information in the Student Portal.

What's included on my Verto semester?

What’s included varies depending on your semester location. Please be sure to reference your semester location page for details.

Where will I live?

Accommodations vary depending on semester location, see specific location pages for details.

All accommodations will be fully furnished with beds, wardrobe, linens, etc. We carefully check each location to make sure that it meets our safety standards.

Will I have a roommate?

On a Verto semester, students are paired with one or more roommates. Depending on the selected program and the accommodations, students can have multiple roommates.

While we do our best to accommodate cohort and roommate requests for semesters, we cannot guarantee or share roommate assignments ahead of the semester. Verto students report that they enjoy befriending other students and meeting new people in their accommodations – it makes the semester even more transformative!

Can I travel on my own during a Verto semester?

Specific policies for independent travel vary by semester. We require that all students who plan to leave the city of study fill out the Independent Travel Form to get approval.

Who books my travel to and from my semester?

Students are responsible to book travel to/from each semester location. Verto will provide an arrival timeframe, and our team will be waiting for you at the airport!

What dietary options are provided (vegan, gluten-free, etc)?

We can cater to most dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan diets. It is very important that you notify your adviser of any allergies or special dietary needs as well as write it on your medical forms. Please know that we may not be able to accommodate all dietary/allergy restrictions, depending on the need and your semester location.

Some of our semesters are self-catering (i.e. kitchens available to cook for yourself), and this could be a good option for students who want more control over their diet.

Can parents, guardians, and family visit?

Academic and attendance policies remain in place for students regardless of visitors; students are expected to attend class, complete coursework, examinations, and assignments as scheduled. Families who visit students during the semester may be disappointed in the amount of time they are able to spend with their student due to the demands of their study program including courses, experiential learning activities, and weekend trips. Students whose families visited in the past have experienced more intense homesickness as a result of the visit.

Families are welcome to visit at the end of the semester. Once students have completed their coursework and other academic commitments, they will be able to host their families and travel freely. For families that make the trip, there will be an open house in which they can meet program staff and students will share some of what they have learned throughout the semester. From there, families can decide how to spend their time together independently. Details on end-of-semester family receptions will be provided by August 1.

Virtual Family Weekend/ Open House

In addition to bi-weekly emails providing details about the students’ experience, we also facilitate a weekend of virtual opt-in events for families like student-led campus tours and cooking demonstrations.

Do I need to be able to speak the local language?

No – except in the case of our foreign language courses, all courses will be facilitated in English. It helps if you’re able to speak a bit of the local language, so it’s in your best interest to learn a few key phrases in advance of your semester!

What are Verto's Payment & Cancellation Policies?

We’re so excited to welcome you on your Verto semester! But we get it, sometimes life gets in the way. At Verto, it’s our mission to help you have the most fulfilling and successful first semester or year of college possible. It’s also our mission to ensure that you’re prepared to excel during the rest of your college career, which starts with planning ahead and understanding your commitments, so make sure you’ve reviewed all details on our payment and cancellation policy here.

Looking for information on payment plans, FAFSA, or financial advice? Head to our Financial Aid page.

What are Verto's Withdrawal & Financial Appeal Policies?

You can read more about Verto’s withdrawal policies and process on the Withdrawal & Financial Appeal Policies page.

Do I need a laptop/computer for the Verto Semester?

Yes – you will need a laptop or tablet in order to download your books and complete your coursework.

Enrolled Student Resources

Applying for or Renewing your Passport

You are required to have a passport with 12 months validity beyond your intended stay (end of semester). If you do not have a valid passport, it is recommended that you begin the application or renewal process immediately. Here are some resources to get you started:

Student Visas for Select Programs

Students holding a US passport and participating in Spring 2022 programs with Verto should not need a visa to travel to any of the program locations, as the programs are 90-days in length. However, if you meet any of the following criteria, please reach out to studentvisa@vertoeducation.org for additional support:

  • You entered the Schengen Zone (most EU countries) as a tourist on your US passport within the last 180 days. Students that participated in a fall 2021 Verto or other study abroad program may fall into this category, unless you traveled with a student visa.
  • Students with non-US passports, including TPS and students with Legal Permanent Residence (LPR/”Green Card”) residing in the United States.

Additional questions about visas? Email us at studentvisa@vertoeducation.org!

Additional Guidance for Passports

G3 Passports & Visas Services: We recommend this service if you need additional help navigating the passport process.

Uploading a Valid Passport Scan

You will be required to upload a valid scan of your passport information page to the Student Portal, with your full legal name (name on passport – typically first, middle, and last), passport number, passport gender, and expiration date. Click here to see an example of a valid image upload. We must be able to read all the required fields on the passport scan or photo.

Applying for Financial Aid

Verto accepts Federal Grants, Loans, and eligible scholarships to help you finance your Verto semester. Get started by reviewing the Verto Financial Aid webpage.

When completing FAFSA, be sure to add the correct school code:  

003707 (this will populate as your school of record, Richard Bland College of William and Mary)

Verto Scholarships

Learn more about scholarships awarded by Verto Education for transformative semesters here.

Applying Federal Aid to your Verto Tuition Balance

The first step is to make sure that you’ve added the School of Record school code to your FAFSA. Once your aid has been awarded and disbursed (typically within 30 days after the start date of classes), follow the instructions below to apply your aid to your Verto tuition balance.

Please see the instructions below:

After you’ve followed the steps to add RBC to your FAFSA, you’ll need to formally accept your financial aid and set up direct deposit in order for federal aid to be disbursed. As a reminder, all financial aid (grant or loan) funds will go directly to the student / family first. You are then obligated to complete any outstanding balance due to Verto using those funds.

  • Follow the steps to accept your Financial Aid from your RBC Banner account here.
  • Read more about how to apply your Financial Aid award to your Verto semester here.


Verto released an official COVID-19 Vaccination Policy in compliance with the local officials and governments in each destination to ensure we are abiding by all laws and regulations. Please refer to Verto’s Vaccination webpage for more details. 

At Verto, we are unable to legally provide recommendations for other vaccinations. However, you can plan ahead by speaking with your doctor, and making an advance appointment with your local travel clinic.

Travel & Medical Insurance

Students are required to have emergency medical insurance during the Verto semester. For international semesters, Verto will purchase this insurance on your behalf. Prior to your departure, your insurance information and benefits will be emailed directly to you from our insurance provider, CISI.
Learn more about travel insurance.

Staying Healthy During Travel

Additional Resources Regarding Health & Safety during travel:

Identifying Your School of Record

Your School of Record is Richard Bland College of William & Mary.

Finalize Your School of Record Enrollment

US Residents: Through Verto’s School of Record, Richard Bland College, students are issued financial aid, credits, and final transcripts. It’s time to complete the short Verto-RBC Application Form. It’s open January 30 prior to departure for Fall students and August 30 prior to departure for Spring students.

  • Select your Verto semester as the term (for example, if you are a spring 2022 Verto student, select spring 2022)
  • Select First Year Freshman or Transfer Student (then a drop down will populate to ask if you are a Verto student—click “yes.”)
  • Complete the rest of the form with your information and click “submit.”
  • Last, but crucial step: When your HS releases your official HS transcript at the end of your senior year, arrange for an official copy to be sent to RBC via apply@rbc.edu.

Non-US Residents on an International Verto semester: Complete the short Verto-RBC Application Form It’s open January 30 prior to departure for Fall students and August 30 prior to departure for Spring students.

  • Select your Verto semester as the term (for example, if you are a Spring 2022 Verto student, select Spring 2022)
  • Select First Year Freshman or Transfer Student (then a drop down will populate to ask if you are a Verto student—click “yes.”)
  • Complete the rest of the form with your information and click “submit.”
  • You will need to submit a translated, tabulated copy of your transcript. International test scores are helpful but not required depending on how many credits of English they’ve taken. You do not need the financial certification, passport, or official bank statement, since you will not be traveling to the U.S.
  • Last, but crucial step: When your HS releases your official HS transcript at the end of your senior year, arrange for an official copy to be sent to RBC via apply@rbc.edu.

Set up your School of Record Account

Once you’ve completed the enrollment steps above, it may take several days (or even a few weeks during busy seasons!) for the school of record to process your submission. Not to worry, Verto will be in communication with your school of record to follow up as needed. When you are officially enrolled through their process, you’ll receive information about your new school of record email and account. You’ll need to take some steps to set up the account, which you may use for financial aid information or to complete your Verto FERPA.

Follow the steps below to set up your account:

Step 1: Log into Banner. After completing Step 1 and being admitted to RBC, you’ll be provided with an R# (Verto’s and RBC’s Student ID number). Your username is your R#. Your Pin number is your 6 digit Date of Birth (mmddyy).

Step 2: View your RBC Email by navigating from Main Menu > Student > Personal Information tab > View Email Address. Check out this video tutorial for more assistance with these first three steps.

Step 3: Create your Email Password through Statesman Account Management (SAM). Use this video tutorial to guide you through this process.

      • Start here.
      • Enter your User Name and Password and click Log In.
        • User Name is your RBC email address
        • Password is your R# plus ! plus lowercase first letter of last name
          • Ex: Richard Bland’s password would be R000000!b
      • Follow the prompts to register for SAM. Use the arrows to navigate through the registration.
        • Enter your Student ID number (starts with R)
        • Answer at least 5 of the 10 security questions
        • Once you have answered at least five questions or more, click Continue.
        • Enter an alternate email address (other than your RBC email address).
        • The system will send a one-time use passcode (OTP) to your alternate email address.
        • Log into your alternate email to get the OTP from the email.
        • Enter the code in the box and your alternate email is now registered.
        • You are now registered with SAM. Click on the link “Click here to try to continue logging in”.
      • The registration is complete and the SAM homepage appears. Change your password to something else at this time by clicking Change Now.

Step 4: You can log in to your RBC Email account here.

Academic Accommodations

Should you require Academic Accommodations on your Verto Semester, please complete this form or contact RBC’s Disability Services at office.ada@rbc.edu.

Verto College Counseling Services

We’ll prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime … but we also want to ensure you’re prepared for the rest of your college career (and beyond). That’s why we partner with 65+ colleges and universities.

Not sure where you want to go to college? We get it! It’s a big decision. Our team would love to meet with you and help you narrow your search.

Heart set on an institution that isn’t a Verto partner? We’ll work with you to help you navigate the deferral and transfer process.

Get started now by speaking to your advisor. 

Resources for First-Time Fliers

You’re not alone! Many Verto students are flying for the first time when they head to their semester destination. Talk to your Student Success Coach about their experiences with international flights for some advice, or check out this Step-by-Step First Time Air Travel Guide.

When to Purchase your Flights

“When should I buy my flight?!” We’re excited to start traveling, too! However, we ask that you wait to purchase your flight until Verto issues official flight recommendations, 3 months prior to your departure date. This is in order to mitigate your financial burden and ensure that you purchase flights for the most updated itinerary. Once Verto has released the flight recommendations for your semester above in your student portal, it’s time to book!

Your flight recommendations will include suggested flight itineraries and a window of time for arrival/departure. It is your responsibility to purchase your own flight and arrive during the window provided.

Independent Travel

At Verto, we love to travel, talk about travel, watch others traveling, think about traveling … we’re travel people. That’s great news for you because there is a team of experts and alumni with lots of advice to share! Check out these resources for traveling before, after, or during your Verto semester:

      • Verto’s Guidelines for Independent Travel:
        • While on a Verto semester, you may have opportunities to travel independently. These opportunities are not guaranteed, as Verto organizes many group activities and required experiential learning outside the classroom. However, depending on your program, it’s likely that you will have a few days throughout the semester for independent travel.
        • If you choose to travel independently during days designated for this purpose, students will be required to complete an Independent Travel Form that is submitted to and approved by their Student Life Coordinator. This allows the SLCs to keep track of students’ transportation plans, accommodation plans, and when to expect a return to the group.
        • For students under 18 years of age, you will be required to have written permission from a parent or guardian prior to independent travel.

Upcoming Events

See and register for all of our upcoming events for enrolled students here!

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Want to know what’s happening on the ground? You can!

Read Verto’s student blogs to learn more about the experiences of Verto alumni!

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