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Verto is committed to preparing global leaders and transforming equity and access in higher education.

650 Students Active
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46 States

  • 3.48 Average High School GPA

  • 31% Pell Grant Recipients

  • 29% Verto Opportunity Grant Recipients Awards are based on family income

  • 29% 1st-Generation Students

  • 34% BIPOC Students (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)


Living our Mission

Verto Education is committed to fostering community and embracing diversity on all semesters. Institutionally, we are committed to implementing hiring practices that result in faculty and staff who are reflective of our diverse student population. We also continue to encourage and create more opportunities for every student, especially those who are underrepresented in higher education and study abroad.

Through our daily practices, we strive to strengthen our community and make all feel welcome, included, and valued. Verto is dedicated to being an organization in which faculty, staff, students, and alumni feel seen, supported, and affirmed. Our community and the following initiatives continue to open constructive dialogue and bring about positive change:

  • Actively diversifying our faculty and staff to be reflective of Verto students and alumni, identifying bias blind spots to create equal representation, high employee retention, upward growth, and productive recruitment
  • Creating an evolving, robust training program for our faculty and staff to better understand and anticipate the needs of all students and alumni through cultural humility and collaborative onboarding experiences
  • Researching and facilitating safe spaces and providing mental health resources for all faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  • Continuing to diversify our students, high school counselors, independent educational consultants, and partner institutions to promote accessibility within higher education through presenting merit scholarships and need-based grant opportunities

If you are an enrolled student or parent, prospective student or parent, or prospective faculty and staff member, Verto invites you to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office Hours and Virtual Events.

Recent Articles

June 18, 2020

Verto Opportunity Grant: Our Belief In Accessible And Inclusive Study Abroad

As the faces of our organization, our dedicated staff are the people who foster student success and make our experiential learning curriculum come to life. We sat down with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead, Malea Malik, and Hiring Manager, Emily Stickle to learn more about how Verto recruits and hires our exceptional staff. They share about Verto’s intentional recruitment and hiring practices and the organization’s commitment to diversity.
June 18, 2020

A Message From Verto Leadership: Stronger Together

Verto Education was founded on the belief that we can all learn from each other. That everyone benefits from getting out of their comfort zone and having uncomfortable conversations that lead to deeper knowledge and empathy.
June 22, 2020

Positionality – What Is It And How Does It Affect My Semester Abroad?

Positionality is where we stand in relation to dynamics of power and privilege. It is the way that each of us with our unique set of identities (our race, class, religion, gender, sexuality, nationality and ability status) affects our social and political context differently.
January 9, 2020

Perspectives From First-Generation College Students

In this post, I’ve interviewed four “first generation” Verto students. First generation students are the first in their immediate families to go to college. Meet these amazing young people who are paving the way for the future of college and study abroad
November 13, 2019

How Do We Achieve Diversity In Study Abroad?

One of the biggest challenges in the field of international education is increasing the participation of underrepresented student groups. Although data shows that study abroad is becoming more diverse, there is still a long way to go. Diversity doesn’t happen by accident.

Partner College Resources for Minority Students

Partner Colleges with over 30% of incoming students who identify as Black or African American; Hispanic; Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; American Indian or Alaskan native; or two or more races (2019):

  • William & Mary – (49%)
  • Temple University (31.8%)
  • Case Western Reserve University (36%)
  • Rhodes College (30% – Multicultural & International Students)
  • Pace University (34%)
  • Richard Bland College of William & Mary (46%)
  • Adelphi University (44.6%);
  • Portland State University (32.85%)
  • Goucher College (38%)
  • University of Auckland, NZ (63% Non-European Students)
  • University College Dublin, Ireland (32%)

Common student organizations on campus you could join:

  • Black Student Association (BSA), Black Student Union (BSU) or African-American Student Association (AASA)
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
  • National Black Graduate Student Association (NBGSA)
  • National Indian Education Association (NIEA)
  • Alpha Pi Omega
  • National APIA Panhellenic Association
  • Latinx Student Union (LSU)
  • India Student Association (ISA)
  • Indigenous Student Association (ISA)
  • Students for Palestine Association
  • Asian American Cultural Association (AACA)
  • Hawaiian and Pacific Islander club (HAPI)
  • Common Ground Alliance (CGA)

Partner College Resources for LGBTQ+ Friendly Students

Partner Colleges that are LGBTQ+ Friendly (Top 50 Nationwide):

Common student organizations on campus you could join:

  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
  • LGBTQ+ Support Group
  • OUTreach
  • Pride Alliance
  • Pride Law
  • Queer Transgender People of Color
  • Gender Spectrum Support Group
  • Common Ground Alliance (CGA)
  • Queer Student Union (QSU)
  • Students for Trans Awareness and Rights (STAR)

Partner College Resources for First-Generation Students

Partner Colleges with over 15% First-Generation College Students:

  • Muhlenberg College (19.9%)
  • Portland State University (37%)
  • DePauw University (19%)
  • Clark University (19%)
  • Muhlenberg College (19.9%)

Partner colleges with great financial aid packages:

Partner College Resources for Religiously-Affiliated Students

Partner Colleges with Religion-Focused Majors/Minors

Common student organizations on campus you could join:

  • Campus Ministry
  • Center for the Study of Jewish Christian Muslim Relations
  • Christians United for Israel
  • Hillel Foundation
  • Muslims Students Association (MSA National)
  • United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities (UCCFS)
  • Catholic Students Association (CSA)
  • Chaltuzim
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FSA)
  • Multi-Faith Council (MFC)

Partner College Resources for International (Non-US) Students

Partner Colleges with over 15% International Student Population

  • Lynn University (18%)
  • University of Auckland, NZ (23%)
  • University College Dublin (29%)
  • Rhodes College (31% – Multicultural & International students)
  • Wooster Colleges (16%)
  • Ohio Wesleyan University (29.2% – Multicultural & International students)
  • Illinois Institute of Technology (42%)

Common student organizations on campus you could join:

  • World Student Association
  • English Language Program (ELP)
  • Cultural Exchange Club
  • Conversation Partner Program

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