Applies to: All Spring 2022 Verto Education Programs (Italy, Spain, UK, and Costa Rica)

Verto requires all students participating in Spring 2022 programs to be vaccinated against COVID-19. All students enrolled in Spring 2022 programs must provide Verto proof of their CDC-approved COVID-19 vaccination. Students must also meet the criteria for being considered ‘fully vaccinated’ as recognized by the governing authorities in our program locations.

Additional information:
Verto’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement is a direct reflection of the government-enforced COVID-19 travel requirements, restrictions, and protocols present in our program locations. Over the past 12 months, Verto has seen government authorities – across all of our program locations – introduce and modify various forms of travel restrictions and requirements specific only to unvaccinated individuals. Verto has also seen increasing and changing social mobility limitations for individuals not recognized as ‘fully vaccinated’ by the government. In many of our program locations, government mandates prohibit unvaccinated individuals from accessing campus locations, non-essential businesses, and various forms of public transportation. Unvaccinated travelers face the ongoing risk of mandatory quarantine periods – based simply on close contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases. The landscape of these limitations for unvaccinated individuals undermines Verto’s ability to support and accommodate unvaccinated students in our program locations at this time.

COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Expiration Dates’ and Booster Shots

Verto’s COVID-19 vaccination policies reflect country-specific travel restrictions and requirements present in our program locations. As such, Verto’s vaccination policy requirements are periodically updated in order to reflect new country-specific details or criteria respective to recognition of ‘fully vaccinated’ status for students. The governments of England (UK), Italy, Spain and Costa Rica have each indicated that additional details and criteria related to their countries’ recognition of ‘fully vaccinated’ residents and travelers will be added in the coming months. In specific – beginning in Spring 2022, many international countries will only recognize travelers as ‘fully vaccinated’ if their most recent COVID-19 vaccination shot (‘final vaccine shot’ or ‘booster shot’) is less than 9 months old. Recent announcements regarding this requirement indicate that 9-month vaccine ‘expiration dates’ will go into effect beginning in January 2022. Any travelers in these countries (including Verto students) with COVID-19 vaccinations older than 9-months will need to receive a booster shot in order to be remain considered ‘fully vaccinated’ for the purposes of in-country travel restrictions and requirements.

What does this mean for Verto students?

Verto’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy requires that all students meet their program country’s requirements for recognition as ‘fully vaccinated’ for the duration of the dates of their program.

As such, all Spring 2022 students must ensure that their vaccination shot dates and vaccination status allow them to remain considered ‘fully-vaccinated’ for the entirety of their time abroad for the Spring 2022 semester.

Students should review the date of their most recent COVID-19 vaccination shot and understand that if the 9-month vaccine ‘expiration date’ of their most recent COVID-19 vaccination shot occurs anytime before the end of the Spring 2022 semester, they are required to receive a booster shot before departing for the program. This will allow them to remain considered ‘fully-vaccinated’ for the duration of the Spring 2022 semester.

As COVID-19 vaccinations (and ‘fully-vaccinated’ status) – are required for student participation in all Spring 2022 Verto programs, all Verto students participating in Spring 2022 programs must ensure they complete the following steps:

  1. Upload required COVID-19 vaccination documentation into the Verto Student Portal.
  2. Confirm that Verto COVID-19 vaccination policy requirements are met by verifying that the date of their most recent final vaccine shot (or booster shot) will not ‘expire’ before the end of their Spring 2022 program.