Complete an International Semester Before Coming Home to Wilkes

Wilkes University partners with Verto Education to provide an exciting first year of college.

Wilkes University students with Verto spend their first semester overseas before continuing classes at Wilkes in January 2022. During that semester, students engage in epic educational activities.

  • Travel overseas with other new Wilkes students
  • Earn college credit and complete your first semester
  • Stay on track to graduate from Wilkes University in 4 years

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Your application to Wilkes University qualified you to participate in the Verto program. Upon meeting the program’s GPA and credit requirements, you are guaranteed transfer admission at Wilkes for spring 2022.

Read on to learn how to accept your spot in the Wilkes + Verto program.

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Confirm Your Interest

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A step-by-step guide to joining the Wilkes University + Verto program

Verto Semesters

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New Student Resources

A helpful collection in preparing for your first semester

Enrollment Checklist

Here’s a step-by-step guide to enrolling in Verto.

If you have any questions, email us at or schedule a call with an admissions counselor.

  • Step 1: Submit Your Interest Form

    Fill out the Interest form and a Verto admissions counselor will follow up with more information.

    Complete Your Interest Form

  • Step 2: Choose a Verto Semester

    Verto offers several unique overseas semesters in epic destinations around the world.

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  • Step 3: Submit a Deposit to Secure Your Spot

    Submit a $500 deposit by June 15th to confirm your spot in the semester of your choice (fully-refundable if you are taken off the Wilkes University waitlist.)

    Submit Your Deposit

  • Optional: Talk to a Verto Counselor

    If you have any questions at any point, we’re here to help. We can help you select your semester, tell you more about Verto, discuss financial aid, etc.

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  • Step 4: Prepare for the Adventure of a Lifetime

    Before the program starts, you’ll get paired up with a mentor to do 1-1 goal setting for what you want to accomplish this semester!

    Our staff will walk you through getting a passport, booking your flights, and getting ready to live in your destination.

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First Semester Abroad Programs

All Verto programs combine serious classroom academics with expeditions, hands-on projects and service learning that bring your education to life.

Our admissions counselors can help you decide which semester is the perfect fit.
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My experience with Verto Education was a life-altering one and arduous one. However, I could never be more grateful for what it has taught me. I realized things about myself that I didn't know before. I plan on returning back to my initial homestay, the Dominican Republic has a place within my heart. I learned a tremendous amount from the NGO's and really felt that I was intellectually fulfilled. The classes touched every aspect that interested me.

SamanthaVerto Education Student

We had so much fun and learned so much regarding public health, development, identity, and sustainability and now I will be changing my ways coming back home and implementing a lot into my life back home. Wouldn't trade my experience for anything else and this was such a better freshman year. Loved it a lot and would highly recommend.

HelenVerto Education Student

My 3 months in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica were an amazing time. Had so much fun and having courses that tied directly to what we saw definitely enriched the experience. Learned a ton about myself and got to be meaningfully immersed in other cultures. Program highlights include homestay, meeting students from all over the world, living without electricity, and many side adventures. Great combination of fun and learning.

MatthewVerto Education Student

Answers to Common Questions

What Does Verto Education Cost

Current semester program costs are listed on our individual program pages and start at $10,000 per semester depending on the location(s) chosen, before financial aid and grants.

What does tuition cover?

The Cost of Your Semester Includes

  • All accommodation while overseas
  • All scheduled events and programming
  • All ground transportation such as transport between locations, for weekend trips, and class excursions.
  • The cost of the semester does not include airfare to/from the program at the beginning and the end of the semester, as well as any internal airfare or transportation outside of Verto programming. Students are also responsible for souvenirs, optional activities and personal expenses.
  • Meal plans are included in the price for some but not all of our semesters. Please see each semester page for the specific details.

Which general education credits does this semester cover?

Each semester is different, but Verto Education has worked directly with the Wilkes University academic team to ensure that no matter which one you choose, those classes will map directly to your general education credits.

How can I still graduate in four years?

Verto Education is a semester of college, without the lecture halls. You’ll earn general education credits just like you would a semester on campus and still be able to graduate in four years.

How old do I need to be to study with Verto?

We can accommodate students 17 to 22 years old who meet our eligibility requirements. Most students are between 18 and 20 years old. For our England and Italy semesters, students must be 18 years old by the date of departure.

Safety & Risk Management

What safety and risk management measures are in place?

As a leader in our industry, Verto Education and our partners take the health and wellbeing of our students extremely seriously. We have comprehensive risk management and crisis response systems and go to great lengths to educate and train our leaders in first aid and screen each of our participants. In fact, nearly all of our full-time operations staff, including Program Leaders are certified as Wilderness First Responders.

To complement these efforts, we partner with International SOS, one of the world’s leading providers of global medical and emergency services. All participants traveling with Verto have access to benefits provided by ISOS.

Please note, the membership provided by ISOS is not health or travel insurance.

Learn More About our Safety and Risk Management Policies

What happens if I get sick and have to come home early?

By planning ahead, reading all material, and following the rules, the vast majority of our students are able to complete their chosen programs. We encourage all participants to purchase a travel insurance policy that allows for more flexibility and covers cancellations that occur outside of the refundable period of our cancellation policy.

How will family be able to communicate with me while on the program?

Phone and internet service are often readily available to our students. However, there are portions of our programs during which students will need to go up to two weeks without access to phones or internet. We encourage students to limit communication with their parents to a phone call or message no more than once per week. This ensures group cohesion, the building of trust among students and leaders, and allows for the most culturally immersive experiences. We suggest that students and their parents create communication plans that set clear expectations around the frequency of and reasons for contacting each other. In urgent situations, students and parents have access to our 24-hour emergency line, which they can call for immediate assistance.

How are prescription medications handled?

It will be the responsibility of the traveler to make sure you bring enough medication for the duration of your entire program and to let us know what you are bringing. Please remember some countries might not have the meds you prefer. If you normally get a smaller dosage than you will need for your entire program, you will need to apply for a “vacation waiver” from your doctor, as sending prescription medications overseas is usually met with difficulties when it arrives into the country and often does not make it to the recipient.

Do I need immunizations?

We are here to help with this, but legally cannot provide direct medical advice on vaccinations and inoculations. However, we suggest you review up-to-date vaccination and inoculation info. When you participate in our programs, we provide you with an included membership to International SOS, our partner for global emergency and medical services. ISOS is a great resource for specific regional information and travel consultation. Prior to travel, you should review these websites, consult with your local travel clinic, and discuss your travel plans with your physician. Be aware that some immunizations involve a series of shots or medications, so don’t put this off for the last minute.

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