Study Abroad
in Ireland

Connect to the World
in Dublin

Soak up the warm and welcoming energy of Dublin and dive into its incredible history, diverse architecture, live music, and sports scene.

Enjoy an authentic Irish lifestyle, plus inspiring courses, one-on-one support, and cultural immersion opportunities.

  • Duration

    14.5 Weeks

  • Accommodation

    Residence or shared Apartments

  • College Credits

    12-16 Credits from Academic Provider

  • Country


  • Cost

    $22,000 USD
    before scholarships & institutional aid

  • Dates

    August 29 – December 10, Fall 2022

    Mid January – Mid May, Spring 2023

Start College With Community

Live with other Verto participants and befriend the many local and international young adults during your abroad experience in Ireland. Our staff is on-site to support you and guide you towards a transformative first year abroad experience.

Take College Courses

The museums, sites, and neighborhoods of Dublin become your classroom as you dive into experiential learning courses offered by our Academic Provider.

Explore Ireland

Your Student Life Coordinator will set you up with everything you need during your semester abroad in Ireland. Explore cultural activities and excursions with your Verto cohort– like a day trip to Kilkenny Castle, traditional Irish music and dance sessions, and more!

Sharpen Your Mind

In the classroom, you’ll enjoy small class sizes, energetic and caring instructors, and hands-on learning delivered by our Academic Provider.
Going to class will actually become the highlight of your day.

Earn College Credit

Earn 12-16 college credits through a selection of fascinating courses offered by our Academic Provider.

Available Courses for Fall 2022


Please note that course availability may vary based on partner college requirements and other factors. All courses and experiences are subject to change.

Rhetoric & Research

The purpose of Rhetoric and Research is to prepare you as a writer for college assignments and for the writing demands in your personal, professional, and civic lives. Students will critically read and write in a variety of rhetorical situations and contexts and incorporate college-level research. Specifically, we’ll learn how writing is:

(i) a communicative act that always occurs within a particular context and with a particular purpose;

(ii) a process (rather than a one-time act) in which reading, feedback and revision helps us realize the full potential of our written works; and

(iii) a communal act, for we always write to engage with an audience.

Students read and discuss a variety of works from different literary genres, focusing on nonfiction and expository texts, reading 30-60 or more pages per week. The course also emphasizes research skills, including evaluating and documenting sources, using MLA style, practicing academic integrity, and job document preparation for employment. Students write several essays in expository and argumentative prose, including at least one research paper, in response to class reading and outside research, for a total of between 6,000-8,000 words.

Environmental Science

This science-based course takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the environmental crisis that confronts us all. Topics include ecological principles, biodiversity, climate change, sustainability, renewable and non-renewable energy, water resources, air and water pollution, and solid waste management. Field studies may include restoration projects, surveys of local ecosystems and flora and fauna populations, and visits to local environmental, agricultural, or scientific facilities.

Cultural Anthropology

The study of human behavior from a cross cultural perspective. Emphasis is placed on non Western societies. Areas that may be covered are social organization, belief systems and ritual behavior, socialization, psychological anthropology, economic organization, social stratification, theory, and other selected topics. A goal of the course is to create a greater degree of cross cultural awareness by attempting to promote an understanding of and appreciation for the richness and diversity of human culture.

Music Appreciation

For the non-music major, this course is designed to provide the college student a foundation for a lifetime of enhanced appreciation and enjoyment of music. Focus content will include the elements, structure and history of music, with significant emphasis on developing listening skills and acquiring a basic repertoire of music from a variety of music literature examples. 

Public Speaking

This course includes basic principles and practices of public speaking: developing proficiency and self-confidence in speaking. Focus will also include organization, development and communication of ideas, structure, style, and delivery. This course covers theory and techniques of public speaking in democratic society. Discovery, development, and criticism of ideas in public discourse through research, reasoning, organization, composition, presentation, and evaluation of various types of speeches including informative and persuasive speeches. The course also develops critical listening skills through performance and evaluation.

Introduction to Computer Science

This course provides a foundation in computer science for students who do not have prior computer science and programming experience. It provides essential support to permit a student to continue in Computer Science as a potential major course of study but it is also appropriate for all other students as well. Topics include the basics of computer systems’ organization, the software development life cycle in specific problem domains, the research resources available for problem solving, and the social and ethical aspects of technology. Additional topics include an introduction to the algorithm and program development process using high-level structured programming languages with hands-on computing facilities, and problem-solving using critical thinking and computational thinking skills. The course begins with an overview of the context of computing, computational operations, the computer organization and design, the basic algorithm and data structures for problem solving, the storage and transmission of data, the presentation of information, and the limitations of computing. Students learn about the design and implementation of computational systems, and the values of abstraction in critical thinking, in computational thinking, and in problem solving.

Introduction to Theatre

A survey course designed to foster appreciation for the theatre by students not majoring in drama, and to solidify a foundation for drama majors. Topics include the purpose of theatre, significant milestones in theatre history, basic elements and principles of production, dramatic literature, criticism, and trends in contemporary theatre.

Social Problems

This compulsory course examines a range of problematic issues facing society. Conflicting perspectives, research findings, theoretical explanations and societal responses will be discussed regarding such issues as: distribution of resources, national security, the environment, race, gender, family, the medical industry and the justice process.

Western Civilizations II

This introductory course focuses on the origins and development of civilization in the western world from the 17th century to the present. Topics include European encounters with the new world, the scientific revolution, the age of enlightenment, the development of the state, the French and Industrial Revolutions, their impact on society, the rise of nationalism, the emergence of modern society, imperialism, World War I and II, the Cold War and contemporary Europe.

Discover Yourself

Participants walk away from their time in Ireland with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits via our Academic Provider; through one-on-one counseling and mentorship, you’ll build the confidence, self-awareness and clarity to thrive in college and in life.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Work with your personal Academic Success Coordinator and College Counselor to develop your game plan for an impactful college career. You’ll get a head start on how to manage your time, study effectively, and adapt to life on campus.

Find Your Purpose

Get clarity on your future goals as you contemplate what you’ve been learning and the type of impact you want to make on the world. Your Student Life Coordinator will help you reflect on your experiences through group activities and one-on-one check-ins.

Scholarships & Institutional Aid

Travel is a vital part of every individual’s education, and Verto is committed to increasing equity, access, inclusion, and diversity in study abroad and higher education—regardless of your financial background.

About half of Verto participants receive scholarships, institutional aid, or both. For eligible participants, Verto can reduce the Ireland cost by up to 90% through Verto’s Opportunity Grant. You can also apply for institutional aid, external grants, and scholarships to further reduce your abroad experience cost.

Learn About Scholarships & Institutional Aid

Details About Verto Dublin Experience


In the Residences, Vertoans will live in double or triple occupancy rooms with other Verto participants.  The residence is approximately 15-20 minutes walking distance to the study center.

  • Single beds in double room (which may include bunk beds)
    • 1 wardrobe per student
    • Linen pack provided
    • Fully furnished bedrooms
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Wireless internet access throughout residence
  • Shared kitchen or kitchenette and common space


Meals are not included. Equipped shared kitchen facilities will be provided. 


Participants are responsible for airfare to/from Dublin. Verto staff will meet participants at the Dublin airport on the designated arrival date, and provide transfer to housing within the specified arrival times. 

Vertoans have the option for independent travel within the country pending permission from the Verto team.

Sample activities may include: Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Irish Emigration Museum. Day and overnight trips will take Vertoans outside of the Dublin city limits to explore other areas of Ireland. Possible trips may include Howth coastal town, Causey Farms to partake in Irish traditions like making soda bread or learning the bodhran, and a weekend trip to Galway, Cork, or possibly even Belfast, Northern Ireland! 

As Vertoans will live in the heart of the city, getting around by foot will become a part of their everyday experience. The City Center of Dublin is exceptionally walkable and participants will find both the city and the public transport used to explore outside the city center very easy to navigate.

Spending a Full Year with Verto

Choose between spending 2 semesters in Dublin, or doing your first semester in Dublin and the second in another incredible Verto location!


Recommend €500-800 euro/month. 

Your monthly budget should include food, travel, and other personal expenses. 

This budget will vary based on your personal spending habits, particularly your budget for independent travel. Talk to your family about expectations for budgeting before you arrive.

The Cost of Your Experience Includes:

  • All accommodation while overseas
  • Airport Pick-up on arrival day
  • All scheduled events
  • Books and other course materials
  • Travel Medical insurance

The Cost of Your Experience Does Not Include:

  • Internal Airfare or other independent travel
  • Daily Meals and Snacks
  • Souvenirs and gifts
  • Laundry 
  • Visa fees
  • Optional activities and associated equipment
  • Food, travel, and accommodation when traveling to, from, or between Verto abroad locations
  • Airline change fees or new tickets for flights to and from abroad locations

Visa, Passport & Age Requirements

US passport holders will not need to obtain a student visa prior to entering Ireland. Participants must be 18-years-old by August 15 for a fall abroad experience, or by January 3 for a spring abroad experience.

Verto will provide participants with supporting documents which they must show physical copies of upon arrival at Dublin Airport. Obtaining the student visa will take place after arrival in Ireland, and staff will support individuals with this process.

All passports should be valid for at least 6-12 months beyond the end of the abroad experience. This time frame varies by Irish Consulates. Please check the Irish Consulate’s website for your jurisdiction for up to date information.  If this is not the case, participants should renew their passport as soon as possible.

Non-US passport holders should check with the local Irish consulate and will need to obtain the proper visa to participate.*

*Verto Education is not responsible for any individual’s inability to obtain the correct visa for any given abroad location, and cancellation fees will apply if an individual is denied the proper visa. Verto Education cannot overturn any decision made by any Consular or Embassy official.

Why the Verto Dublin abroad experience?

The Dublin abroad location is a great fit for young adults who are excited by…


City Life with a Small Town Feel 

With a population of about 500,000 people, Dublin is a small city, easily traversed by foot. You’ll quickly fall in love with the cobblestone streets that make up the historical city center and the many outdoor cafes.

Ranked as one of the top 10 Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe 2020 by GoOverseas, Dublin is known for the friendliness of its residents, diverse architecture, fascinating history, endless entertainment, ease of navigation, and cozy places to grab a great meal or hot drink!

History & Architecture

Originally founded by Vikings, Dublin has tons of rich history and old treasures to be discovered. There’s a beautiful mesh of old and modern architecture within the city center. You will find tons of historical buildings built in styles including Neo-classical, Industrial, Anglo-Norman and Byzantine! Plus, did you know— there are over 30,000 castles that you can explore during your time abroad in Ireland!

Live Events

Dublin is a bustling city with tons of live events to choose from.

Live music is huge in Dublin and you can find pubs and cafes with a wide variety of music styles, from traditional Irish music to covers of the radio’s hottest hits!

Are you a sports lover? Catch a live match in Dublin and explore some sports that may be new to you like Rugby, Horse Racing, Gaelic football, and more!

Food & Cafe Culture

The Irish are known as coffee lovers and there’s no shortage of cafes where you can kick back with a hot drink and great book!

When it comes to food, Dublin is truly a melting pot, with diverse cuisines and fusion restaurants! Whether you’re looking for tasty Irish classics, bustling food markets, or fresh seafood straight from the coast, Dublin will have a great restaurant for you.

Student Residence Housing

You’ll live in a residence rooming with other Vertoans. There may be other university students living in the building. You’ll also get to flex (or acquire) your culinary skills as you’ll be responsible for your own meals. Don’t worry – basic kitchen tools are provided! It’s a great fit for young adults who have eating preferences that can be difficult to accommodate in larger group settings.

Literature and The Arts

With numerous books festivals and a world-class new city library, Dublin is one of 6 UNESCO cities of literature. It has a rich literary history as the home to famous writers such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and Samuel Beckett, just to name a few!

Dublin is also home to many theaters and world-class playwrights.

Safety & COVID-19

The health and safety of our participants is always our top priority. We’ve developed stages of planning to address the specific concern of COVID-19.

Review Verto’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

How to Apply

Verto’s application is quick, free, and non-binding!

Fill out Verto’s 10 minute application:

After your application is submitted, you will be matched with an admissions counselor who can answer any and all of your questions. Learn more about the decision and onboarding process here:

P.S. Did you know that Vertoans can use their Verto app to apply to our 70+ partner colleges for free?! Learn more here.

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