Are you concerned about paying 40k+ for a college education?

There are other options. Taking a “gap year,” in which students travel, find themselves, and consider the impact they’d like to make on the world has gained popularity with today’s students. At Verto, we asked ourselves, what if students could do all that (and more) and still graduate in four years? In other words, how could Verto students take a “gap year” without the “gap?”

Unlike a traditional “gap year,” Verto students forge their own path in the world without postponing their four-year plan. On a Verto semester (or two!), you’d be earning college credits that we guarantee will transfer to one of our 45+ partner colleges (we’ll even help you apply), and moving toward your original graduation timeline. Verto semesters are a unique opportunity to gain all the great benefits of a gap year – life experience, traveling, purpose-finding, serving your community and world, and discovering more about yourself – without the “gap,” so you can get out and reach your potential sooner.

How does that work with today’s global challenges? 

Between the news, an upcoming election, a global pandemic, social injustice, and a rapidly changing world, it can be hard to make sense of it all. Today’s students are tasked with resolving past, current, and future problems, while coping with the sometimes harsh realities of online learning and social distancing. As a student, it’s not how you pictured starting college. If you’re like the hundreds of other Verto students joining us for our Hybrid Semester this fall, you’re also ready to start making an impact! So, let’s move forward together. To be a responsible global citizen and make an impact, the first step is to educate yourself on the issues and challenge your own point of view. The Verto Hybrid Semester is designed to get you started! You’ll cultivate a sense of community with peers, instructors, support staff, and guest teachers from all over the world. You’ll take engaging and experiential courses on culturally relevant topics like Global Health and Truth and American Politics. You’ll become a thinker, scholar, leader, and dynamic community member. In combination with virtual learning, Verto Hybrid students meet in-person for a two-week experience in California this November, where they’ll continue their experiential learning and form lifelong networks of support.

How does it work? Take a look at some of the unique features and benefits of a Verto semester or year that aren’t included in a traditional “gap year.”

global impact year

Invest in your Future without Paying 40k+ 

Take on the world without taking on debt

Verto semesters cater to you as an individual, helping you to forge a four-year plan that works for your goals…and your budget. By participating in a first semester or year with Verto, students can save thousands of dollars in tuition, apply to partner schools without paying additional application fees, and use federal financial aid toward a uniquely meaningful educational experience.

field classroom
jade and teacher

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

Avoid the stress and isolation of planning and leading your own gap year

You’re ready for independence and to move forward with your life. But you don’t need to travel the world alone to make it happen. Verto semester itineraries are full of unique experiences – join a discussion with the staff at the Australia Zoo to talk about conservation, learn an ancient language from local program leaders, or interview top industry professionals in your field of choice, to name a few – and all you need to do is bring your whole self and your open mind to the table.

Lifelong Support Networks

Verto support meets you where you’re at and helps you reach your highest potential

Verto semesters are immersive, challenging, and transformative experiences. Our alumni emerge with confidence and a readiness to take on the world, but they also leave transformed by the relationships they’ve built. Armed with Verto faculty, program leaders, academic support staff, college counselors, and bonds between peers, Verto students always have someone to lean on. It’s a network that extends beyond the classroom, beyond the semester, beyond the year. It’s a lifelong network of scholars who work together to achieve their dreams, whatever those may be.

Support networks
making meaning

Making Meaning of your Experiences

Experiential education connects academic curriculum to your actual life

There’s never been a more perfect time to become a global citizen. Understanding and developing skills like cross-cultural communication can help you make sense of the world and become a leader for others. If there’s one thing we know from the hundreds of Verto alumni, it’s that change starts from within, and positive impact can only be made once you’ve truly inspected your own purpose and place in the world. Both in and outside of class, Verto students are guided through opportunities to discover themselves and their purpose in life, make meaning of the lessons, and apply their knowledge right away.

Not Just Another Zoom Call

The Hybrid Semester is designed for real students to forge real communities

Our Hybrid semester is composed of two parts: a virtual community and an in-person summit experience. While classes are primarily held virtually, students take relevant, dynamic courses via a discussion-based curriculum. They’re immersed in their small cohorts – no lecture halls here – and are encouraged to actively participate in every single session. Verto Hybrid semester students have access to all the same support staff that we offer for in-the-field programs, including expert and engaging instructors, academic support staff, and Program Leaders. Program Leaders go above and beyond for each student, from individualized meetings to crafting extracurricular activities and events for their groups.

not a zoom call

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