A letter from the Founding Team, join us in the mission.

Dear Investors, Parents, and Alumni,

Welcome to the Verto Education team, we’re excited and grateful to have you on board.

When we started Verto Education 18 months ago, we did so because we felt that Higher Education could be so much more.  Education should inspire passion and curiosity.  It should prepare students to succeed in the real world.

This ethos is embedded in our name; the latin roots of “Verto” mean transformation.  Our goal is nothing short of that: Verto Education will transform Higher Education as we know it.  We are rebuilding our higher education system from the ground up, starting with the first year of college.

Our goal at Verto is to create a more connected, empathetic world of engaged global citizens. We are breaking the barriers by creating affordable, accessible semesters where tuition is invested directly in teachers and student experiences.  When everyone has the opportunity for a quality education, we all benefit and live in a safer world. 

Putting a stake in the ground isn’t just good for our students, we also believe it will allow us to build the biggest and most impactful organization, and the largest possible return on your investment.

As investors, parents, and alumni we would like for you to join in our mission to increase accessibility for all students to attend a Verto semester. Offering scholarships will allow us to build a more diverse student population that positively impacts every student.  Over the next year, Verto will begin raising an endowment, and we’d like each of you to help us make this a reality.

With $5,000 you can sponsor a student for 13 weeks on a semester with Verto Education (including accommodation, meals, and tuition).  Here’s how it works:

Because of Verto’s unique financial model, $5,000 will allow us to offer a full semester scholarship for one student.  For an 18 year old, this can change the trajectory of their entire life.  Not only will Verto students have the experience of a lifetime abroad, we’ll also help them get into a better school and support them through their entire college career, often a top 100 university.

With the above in mind, we invite you to make a commitment towards the mission of Verto Education.  We are just beginning to make an impact on our world, and we need your help to make Verto Education a movement. 

From all of us at Verto Education, thank you!  We feel incredibly lucky to be on this journey with you.

-Mitch, Mallory, & Ben

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