Here at Verto Education, we believe that every student should have a chance to travel the world, and no student should let college debt inhibit that opportunity. Verto was designed to give students the opportunity to see new countries while graduating in four years at the same cost, if not less than your typical semester of college. We’ve designed a program where traveling can actually save you money on college. 

With that being said, we know that college is still a major financial investment so we wanted to share some ideas about how to ask your friends, family, and community to invest in your college experience. We want the life-changing experience of traveling with Verto to be accessible to students of all financial situations, and we’re actively working to explore every resource out there to help you get one step closer to their Verto semester.

Below is a guide on how to raise funds towards your semester with Verto Education. By creating a compelling campaign, you can receive small donations to secure the initial deposit, and then adjust the campaign’s monetary goal to include costs for the semester’s tuition.

Platform Options

We recommend using GoFundMe, but you can use any trusted crowdfunding option. GoFundMe is widely known and trusted with low fees.

GoFundMe Overview: 

Payment fee: 2.9% + $0.30 per donation
You can withdraw immediately, and deposits take 2-5 business days
GoFundMe Guarantee protects donors and beneficiaries from fraud

Example Campaign Template & Tips for Success

Campaign title: (Your Name)’s Educational Travel in (location)

Photos & videos: High-quality photo/video of yourself, and Verto’s Youtube video

Tell Your Story:

“Hi, my name is ________ and I am ___ years old. I plan to study abroad in ________ in September 2020 for three months for a full semester of college credit with Verto Education, learning about (your semester’s fundamental topics). This trip is my opportunity to be fully immersed in a different culture and develop a more well-rounded view of the world. My goal is to raise $500 to secure my deposit and begin my world exploration on the trip of a lifetime.”

Additional Campaign Tips


Create a video of yourself speaking to your passion for studying abroad and how important a Verto semester will be for you.

Provide something to your donors (access to your personal blog, a work of personal art, something unique that you can give back)

Create hashtags like… #abetterfreshmanyear #holidaygiving #myroadtoverto #worldtraveler #highereducation

Customize your URL to match your campaign title

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Post to your social media, asking anyone and everyone to like, share, and donate to your campaign.

Add updates to your campaign, letting everyone know your progress.

Reply to each donation with a personal thank-you message

Final Thoughts

Let your donors know exactly what their contributions are helping you achieve and be sure to express gratitude for their support. Just like any college or university, you can also use FAFSA to contribute to your first semester of college abroad with Verto Education. With creativity, confidence, and a little perseverance, you can achieve your financial goals and make studying with Verto Education a reality.