We’re so excited to announce a new program offering for students. Our On-Campus semester has everything you’ve loved about Verto, just with a new twist. Unlike our In-the-Field semesters, where students move around between countries and learning sites, our On-Campus semesters offer an immersive experience with a singular home base in an amazing city. 

The On-Campus semester is designed specifically with your wants and needs in mind so that you can choose the semester that is best suited for you. 

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What’s the difference between In-the-Field and On-Campus semesters? 

On-Campus semesters generally cater to students who might desire more independence and routine. With an On-Campus semester, students live and study out of an urban campus and the city becomes their classroom. This contrasts with our Field Semesters where cultural immersion takes place in a variety of cities, villages, and rural areas in different countries. 

The coursework during an On-Campus semester also tends to be more similar to typical collegiate courses, compared to the mostly project-based learning that takes place on a Field Semester. Students On-Campus can get a genuine international university experience but with all the support and exciting opportunities of a Verto education. 

We like to think of our On-Campus semesters as a choose your own adventure book. Students will have tons of options for immersion and adventure: joining student groups on campus, going for study tours and excursions, and participating in residence programming. But unlike our Field Semesters where immersion activities are built-in to the daily programming, the On-Campus semesters are semi-structured, offering autonomy and free time which can be used as students see fit. 

Students even have the opportunity to use weekends for independent travel so that they can see other parts of the country (or continent!) on their own.

With an On-Campus semester, students get to be the driver in the front seat calling the shots and choosing their next adventure.  

On-Campus In-the-Field
Routine and immersion in one cityTravel through multiple countries 
City life and campus baseTraveling classroom in city, village, and rural areas 
Semi-structured free time and option for independent travelClose-knit travel with cohort
Study tours & excursions offeredExperiences built in to daily programming
Immersion opportunities available (like joining student groups/clubs on campus, etc). Immersion incorporated (i.e. homestays ) 


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All About the New Offerings

With our exciting new programs, students can get an authentic experience of what it’s like to live and study abroad in world-class cities like London, Madrid, Milan, and San José. The city becomes home as students become immersed in the campus and neighborhood. 

Currently, we offer four semesters each with its own academic focus: STEM in Costa Rica, History/Spanish in Spain, Business/Politics in England and Philosophy/Italian culture in Italy. In each semester, students will take one English course and select three other courses. For example, in London, you might choose to take International Business, Politics of Great Britain and Europe, and Identity, Politics & Equity. 

All students also participate in the College Readiness Curriculum/ Purpose Finding workshop which carries throughout the semester.

The courses are taught by local, English speaking faculty trained in the Verto style of teaching. The faculty and on-site staff are in communication in order to provide optimal support and ensure students’ success in and out of the classroom. 

Students get to experience what they’re learning first hand as classes may take place at a museum, memorial, or in a different neighborhood. 

Housing is just like the housing of other international students in the city; in Europe (Milan, London and Madrid) students live in flat-style student housing. Apartments are within a 20-30 minute walk or metro ride from campus, a common part of the European University experience. 

In San José, students live in residence hall-style housing, sharing double or triple rooms with other Verto students.

Students gain access to epic trips and experiences they likely wouldn’t have on a typical semester in the U.S. Highlights of each semester include an AC Milan Soccer Game in Milan, tour of Parliament in London, a traditional flamenco performance in Spain, and a hike through Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs in Costa Rica. 

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The Verto Way

No matter which semester you choose, you will enjoy the same core benefits and values of a Verto Education experience. Both semesters offer the amazing opportunity to gain academic credit and admission to partner colleges so that you can have a more rewarding and experiential path to graduation. 

In all our semesters we prioritize small class sizes and supportive relationships between staff, professors and students. Our experienced staff is on-site 24/7 to provide for the needs of first-year students. Learning is always grounded in real-world issues that inspire participation and discussion, and students benefit from the added bonus of faculty-led study tours and cultural engagements. 

To build a strong community ethos, students enjoy team-building activities during the first few days of the semester. They integrate what they are learning in and out of the classroom in their Purpose Finding workshops so that by the end of the semester, students have a better sense of self and move into their next phase of life with confidence and purpose. 

Each of our programs inspire a semester of growth through mentorship, community, and immersion. 

We believe in making international study realistic and accessible and want our students to find the perfect year for them. We’d love to chat if you want to learn more about how we can make a semester or year abroad possible for you.